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Kids Garden - FULL 1.7.6
Your application to start learning basics in 11 languages. Startlearning the letters, the numbers and more of the basic in yournext language. By this great app your child gets an extra portionof educational puzzles. There are 180 puzzles available in 5different categories (Alphabet & Numbers, Animals, Vegetables& Fruits, Kids in Motion, Transportation). in 11 English,Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Polski,Dutch, Turkish and Italian. "Kids Garden" is a very rich, funny andeducation game for kids and adults as well and contains 180 puzzlesof: ✔ Letters and numbers: A-Z letters with sounds & 0-9numbers. ✔ Animals and birds: 36 animals and birds with their namesand sounds. ✔ Vegetables and fruits: 36 vegetables & fruitswith names of the fruits/vegetables. ✔ Transport: 36 colorfulvehicles. ✔ Children in motion: 36 motions of children. We, atForqan Smart Tech, have always sought to provide the best for yourchildren through applications designed, and directed each age groupseparately, our belief in the feature each evolutionary stagepasses by your son, but in order to lend life skills and thementality to learn and grow and play correctly and properly, and tocommunicate with his peers and the environment surrounding it.
Kids Education - Free 1.3.1
Educational app for kids as well as adults who want to learn basicsof foreign languages. A wonderful application for 3-6 years kids,This game proves to be the best kids game to help your child grow,learn, have fun, and even give parents some time off. With fourfun, colorful and educational sections, "Kids Education" has 96puzzles specifically designed to contribute to, exercise anddevelop your child's cognitive skills and general information."Kids Education - Free" Developed by a kids’ father and a child'smental development specialist, "Kids Education" aims to be aseducational and beneficial as possible; and being fathersthemselves, these developers know how important -and tricky- it canbe to keep children interested while learning. This highlyeducational app is also suit children with special needs, teachersand other professionals working in the field of child development.With "Kids Education - Free" your kids will learn: ✔ Letters andsome basic words, e.g. numbers, colors and animals. ✔ Number andcounting. ✔ Colors. ✔ Vegetables and fruits (with sounds) ✔ Namesand sounds of animals. ✔ To detect objects with relations such as:belongs of, related to, opposite, similarity, shadow. Some of thepuzzles are coming with sounds to make it more educational and morefun for kids to learn while they play. The application is dividedinto 4 sections: 1. Basic Skills: Learn about colors, know thesizes, detect the shapes, occupations & professions, learn thefruits, learn work tools, devices & more. 2. ABC Math: Have funby matching, counting & listening numbers, meet the numbers andmatch the letters, improve your kid constructional abilities bybuilding cubes and finding similarities. 3. Animal World: learnabout animals names, their foods & house, matching animal toface, marine animals, know insects and birds. 4. High Skills: Enjoylearning about colors mixing, know the emotions, know the basicbody parts, and detect relations between objects,such as opposites.Know the directions and spatial relations and extractions ofmaterials, all & parts and more. Features: ✔ 96 Puzzles ✔ 800High quality pictures ✔ 30 Funny & dynamic feedback ✔ 200 Highquality sounds Reveal your child's brilliance and help their braingrow- download "Kids Education - Free" today. Enjoy!