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Party Bus Simulator 3D 2018 1.0.1
Do you like bus simulation games?If your answer is 'yes', Party BusSimulator 3D 2016 is a new simulation game for all who want tobecome a real bus driver. In this game new York city have a specialbus services which is free public transport where they pick you upand drop you at the party venue as this Bus is specially for publicholiday like Christmas or new year's eve etc.Realistic traffic andpeople animations this game will make you feel like driving a realbus with party going on in the bus itself before reaching thevenue. taxi is also the option for people but still many peoplewill use our bus services for transportation to reach in properdirection because this services is free of cost. There are many busroutes to complete across the city. Take the passengers from thebus stops and drive them to the party destinations in thecity.Party Bus Simulator 3D 2018Enjoy the realistic physics thatmake this Bus simulator stand out from other Bus Driving Games.Ifyou're a fan of the racing games, bus driving might feel a bit slowfor you.Features of bus simulator game:- full 3D city environmentlow-poly.- many routes to complete in the town.- real traffic feelwith great controls - Multiple view controls- multiple cameraviews- Mission based simulation game.Download one of the best 2018bus games and enjoy It's FREE!
100 Crazy Doors Escape 3.0
Advance to the next floor by solving thepuzzle!This game is to break out of the rooms.Solve the hidden mysteriesdoors to open the door and escape from the room.● How to play- Collect items and tap on the screen.- Try to open the door to solve the puzzle.● Feature- Features escape games which are perfect for free time.- All stages selectable.- Auto-save.Addicting puzzles!Complete utilization of your devices features....Different themed floors!Constant updates of New’s FREE.....
Prom Spa and Salon Girls Game 4.0
Our Spa Salon makeover and makeup game is released, I know how muchyou like and enjoy the Prom party night makeover game every timeyou play. We would like to thank all the girls for waiting so long.There are so many nice and beautiful spa items, a lot of colorfulMakeups, and you could makeover and dressup the girl who looks likenot too beautiful girl. After you spa, makeup, dressup her, youwill find how beautiful and gorgeous she looks and will be readyfor her first prom night party! She must be a delicate prom nightqueen after makeover! In this version , you can paint her with thenice eyeshadow, lipstick and blusher. In the luxuriant room, dressup her with so many nice prom party night dresses, you will findone dress which you like best, after spa, makeup, and dressup, shewill be a wonderful girl and go to her Prom Party night to enjoydancing. This will be most memorable journey for any girl in life!In the Facial Spa room, you could make the girl more relaxing andclean her face by doing face wash and removing dark circle andcleaning blackheads this is really a Facial SPA experience like arealistic salon. After that, she will come to a beautiful makeuproom, choose eyeshadow, lipstick and blusher. Game is FREE! . Youwon't be spend single penny in this game and you could own so manynice items. Yes, of course. It's a all free girl and kids games. Soyou parents don't worry about this as it's safe for girl and kids.If you'd like my game, please rate us, 6f4a857d8c
Plane Simulator 3D 2018 1.0
We are more than happy to release our new simulation game. Thistime we are moving from ground to sky ... after success of Train ,delivery van , bus and now plane. Plane Simulator 3D 2018 offersyou the most realistic flying experience with 3D graphics andanimations where you act as an pilot of the game!Start theengine,unleash your inner courage and feels the power of realisticplanes while flying through various stunning locations.PlaneSimulator 2018 lets you explore the world of flying in a qualitynever seen before. The game features massive highly detailed planeswith ultra realistic physics. Take your seat in the cockpit andconquer the sky now!Their is choice of war and fighterplanes.Flight Simulator: Fly Plane 3D is an awesome new 3D AirplaneSimulator game, become the pilot and fly your commercial jetGuideand steer your plane through all of the way points to ensure youhead to the correct destination, go through all of the way pointsand land at your destination airport within the time limit to earnyourself more pilot stripesGame Features:- 10+ mission types frompilot training to master class- Realistic flight physics and 3Dgraphics•Realistic airport ambiance with air towercommands•Ridiculously cool graphics and carefully craftedanimations•Choice of controls with three types of steering optionsincluding a steering wheel, buttons, or accelerator basedmovementsFree For Download !!!Play free
Roller Coaster VR 2017
roaster coaster rides games VR ( virtual worldgames are gaining popularity over celebration cinema . Since thepopularity of google card board is gaining virtual games arebooming.When we of first thing of virtual reality game first think we getto our mind is roller coaster games where roller coaster runs anduser gets great virtual games experience.roller coaster games are basically a simulation of Roller Coasterin beautiful theme park near city area in an amusement park. Thissimulation is available in Virtual Reality as well as SimpleMode.Roller Coaster VR 2017 Simulator is free android game in which youcan enjoy ride.How to Play:- Select VR/Simple Mode.- you must have Gyro sensor device- setup your device into VR glasses like 4DUD or Card boardGlasses- Aline your device into center in such a way that both screen ongame looks like one- Check for lens to set proper focus- You can move forward/backward and left/right just rotating onyour axis- Also you can visualize in different direction up/down viewSimple Mode:Game Play is. just swipe right/left to view right/leftFeatures:- Virtual reality games based on 3D city Environment.- Gyro-meter based 360 degree rotation based device.- virtual reality glasses such as 4DUD and Card board VR- No time Limit, unlimited play and funThis demo is compatible with 4DUD VR Glasses, Card board, DurovisDive, Vrase, Samsung Gear VR, Carl Zeiss VR one, Archos /Colorcross and other DIY Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or MicrosoftHololens etc.Free Download Now!!
Basketball Brainvita 1.0.3
The aim of the game is to achieve the gamewith only one ball remaining. Will you find the good moves tosucceed in this ?To drop a ball, just jump it with an other ball !You'll find here all classic boards, to allow you to start witheasy ones if you're not a regular on this game.For the best of you, the board editor will allow you to play onyour own invention.Have a good game !
Hijab Style Makeup Salon 1.0.8
Hijab Style Makeup Salon game can even be used as a reference foryou to apply real hijab make up.Features- there are 3 playingmodels to decorate with different hijab makeover,makeup,dressup.-makeup on your face Create exciting gorgeous look.- Huge selectionof colors for eye contact lenses, lipstick, eyeshadow,blushes andmore.- dressing up for girls with lots of clothes and accessoriesat your choiceGreat Muslim wedding makeover games for Muslim girlsand see how hijab will look on you.You can share your Hijabcharacter on all Social Media like Facebook,Whatsapp ,Viber etc.Youcan also share your Hijab character via mail and SMS.
Engineering unit converter pro 1
Engineering unit Converter Pro accurate unit / metric conversion inan extremely easy to use.this free app is the best tool for work,school, scientist, engineers and mechanical students.we havefollowing conversion available in current versionAngle Area DigitalStorage Electric Current Enthalpy Flow Rate Force Fuel ConsumptionLength Mass Power Pressure Speed Temperature volume time This appis 100% free to use.
Extreme Stunt Biker 3D 2018 1.0
Want a taste of spine-tingling adventure? Get a bulk of thrill andexcitement with this new bike stunts game! Get past uneven terrainswith the most blood curdling hurdles, and discover your excellentstunting skills. Complete the missions and become the new stuntbike !Step up and display your courage through twists and turns,all while wearing your favorite bike gear. Dodge risky obstaclesamid dangerous hills through an amazing, realistic landscape. Flythrough the obstacles with nitro boost. The thrill isaddicting!Extreme Bike Stunts 3D 2018 features!•Realistic fantasycity rife with stunts to perform•Extreme precision drivingsimulator•Nitrous boost option to speed over obstacles•Awesome 3Dgraphics
Subway Surf Race VR 2018 1.0
A hurricane has hit City and flooded the subway system! Lucky foryou, you brought your surfboard. Jump in front of the wave and ridethrough the subway tunnels without falling! The game uses yourdevice's accelerometer to track your balance.Play in VirtualReality mode with your Cardboard or VR headset, or in mobile mode.
Construction Loader 3D 1.0
Get a feel of the logistics of construction with your ownconstruction loader truck! Drive and control your loader toexcavate, dig, haul, lift, load, and dump all kinds of buildingsmaterials into your own magnificent dump yard. We bet you’ve neverlaid your hands on a loader tractor; it’s time to test your drivingand superior motor skills. Precision and care is also required.Pace yourself--don’t drop what you’ve worked hard to scoop out.Bring the excitement of driving and managing heavy vehicles to yourphone!Construction Loader 3D Features:•Realistic controlssupporting superior physics•Modern Construction loadertrucks•Realistic heavy vehicle driving experience•Most realisticconstruction site environment•High-quality 3D graphics
Wild Animal Hunting 3D 1.0
Hunting wild jungle animals is fun when one is a professionalhunter as an amateur will endanger his life in trying to killfurious beasts.This game is a brand new real hunter and snipershooting experience which you might not been able to get in yourreal life. Those who cannot risk their life hunting wild animalscan enjoy real hunting experience and note animals simulator byplaying this game.You are avatar with a special precise sniper gunto shoot furious wild animals. For the time being you have threeoptions, you can kill bear, stag and wolf but in next versions youwill be able to kill fast animals like cougar, bobcat andtiger.Animals feel jungle as their perfect sanctuary. When someonegets into it they take it as an invader. So the sniper should holdhis breath and be patient. While hunting bear and wolf be aware,they will become alert hearing the sound of bullet fire and willattack on you and if you will not hurry the survivor beast willtake no time to kill you and the game will be over.While stag orreindeer run away hearing firing sound. The target of snipingrunning animals is a little challenging. So use your army snipershooting skills to kill these animals before they attack or runaway with Wild Animal Hunting 3D . You have to select one animal ata time and then go into the levels which are three in number.Embarkon a lifetime hunting and sniper shooting action adventure andGoodluck!!!FEATURES- An ultimate hunting action.- Game play is simpleyet entertaining.- Efficient gun control.- True to life huntingexperience.- High fidelity cool 3D graphics.
Limo Car Driving 3D Simulator 1.0
Are you in for a limo driving game? Do you want to experience howit feels driving a limo and parking it? Well try one of the bestlimo car games. Limo driving games like this one may entertain youto the fullest, especially if you are an aspiring driver or youwant simply drive a limo for one day. With the effects in this freelimo driver simulation, you will be amazed of how interestingdriving this vehicle may be!EXCITING LIMO DRIVING Being a limodriver is one of the most interesting things you can do. With thegraphics and the stunning effects in this game you will get thereal feeling! The feeling of power and size! People hire limo forparty and fun, now you can have it on your mobile device.IT WILLNOT BE EASY – BUT YOU’LL LOVE ITDriving a limo is not easy. It isstill one of the longest vehicles in the world. You think you willmaster it, but have you ever tried to see how difficult it is todrive. So get ready for the fun and enjoy riding the long drivingmonster.LIMO CAR DRIVING CITY SIMULATE FEATURES:- car drivingfeatures - great limo simulation- 3d driving experience- limo cargames like no other- stunning limousine vehicles- great soundeffects- easy controls………………………………………………………………………………………….See whythis is one of the best limo simulation games for mobiledevices.Limo parking and limo driving has never been easier.Limousine simulation and driving in the city is one of the bestthings you can do!
Plants Vs Garden Hidden Object 1.0
Do you have it all to master this lovely free hidden objects game?Try to find the tons of different objects we carefully crafted. Seewhy we have been called as one of the best free hidden objectsgames for this year. If you love mystery and hidden games you willdefinitely adore this one!EXCITING HIDDEN OBJECT GAMEThe mostimportant thing in any of the new hidden object games is to showgreat analytics skills. If you love mystery and finding clues, thisgame is for you enjoy the finding journey. The plants we may demandfrom you to find are unique and not seen before. But, you’ll lovethe artwork, we are sure of that!LOCATED IN A GARDENYou will besurprised of how hard a free hidden object game can be if it islocated in a garden. The garden is a really appealing and thegraphics are amazing, but the green color will make it ultra-hardfor you to find everything. Do it as fast as possible to get thebest score.PLANTS VS GARDEN HIDDEN OBJECT FEATURES:- great featuresof a hidden object games free - lovely UI and surroundings thatwill challenge you to the fullest- new free games hidden objectswith unique plants and garden theme- hints available- appealinganimations and audio-visualeffects……………………………………………………………………………………One of the most appealinghidden objects games you will try this year.If you have love forplants and gardens you will additionally love it.Find the object byclue and hintsFind them faster to score biggerGet it free NOW!
Champ The Sudoku Puzzle Solver 1.0
We all love Sudoku games. They are challenging brain training gamethat can test our thinking abilities and intelligence, and they arefun. There is nothing better than winning a Sudoku puzzler that isentertaining and ultra-challenging. We think we have it all in oneof the best online Sudoku games we have created - Champ The SudokuPuzzle Solver!SUDOKU MASTER GAMEPLAYDo you have it all to becomethe Sudoku puzzling master? In this Sudoku game we have createdsuch gaming experience that you will have hard time turning it off.There are different challenges, but it is coded in that way that itcreates a feeling that you can beat it, but you must give your bestSudoku skills and thinking.ONLINE SUDOKU GAMING LIKE NO OTHERThegraphics and gameplay in this Sudoku are unquestionably fun andentertaining. The typography, graphics, smooth controls and abilityto undo your moves are making it a unique Sudoku solver and puzzlergame. WE HAVE ULTRA-CHALLENGING SUDOKU PUZZLESOur team workedreally hard to make unique Sudoku puzzles that you will have hardtime solving. So, this is not only a great game for Sudokustarters, but it is also a great game for Sudoku experiencedplayers that are looking for a new challenge. CHAMP THE SUDOKUPUZZLE SOLVER FEATURES:- real interesting Sudoku features-excellent gameplay that keeps you interested- lovely controls thatenhance the Sudoku gaming experience- top notch free Sudokugame………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Challenging andcaptivating online Sudoku gameCan be played on almost any mobiledeviceAmazing new challenge for Sudoku apps lovers
Bullet Train Simulator 3D 2018 1.0
FEATURES-Awesomely Realistic 3D graphics-Cab Views for allTrains-Train derailments-Kid friendly-Realistic Train Sounds-EasyControls-Regular Content Updates-No In-App Purchasing-Optimized forIntel x86 mobile devicesIndian Train Simulator 2016 is perfect funfor both adults and kids who love Trains & Train Games. Pick uppassengers from stations, or carry some freight. Control yourfavorite historical or modern trains perfectly recreated in 3D. Sitinside the trains, passenger cars, or simply view the train fromthe ground as it comes towards you. This professionally made TrainSimulator has something for every Train fan.
BMI Calculator Pro 1.0
What is bmi calculator pro and how it will help you?bmi calculatorpro is a free app that allows you to monitor BMI ( Body mass index)and percentage of fat in your body.Ideal weight maintenance app forhealth conscious people. - app calculates the ideal weight youshould gain.To use this app your need to know few things about yourself:gender, age, height weight.App supports both metric andimperial formats.This calculate following things.BMI (Body MassIndex)Weight to hieght ratio ( what should be idea weight andheight for healthy living)Body fat percentage ( How much percentageof fat in your total body)weight loss percentage ( amount of weightyou need to loose it will show your over weight number)
BOAT PARKING 3D SIMULATOR 2016 is a fun game.In which you can steer your own cruise ship or boat indifferent3D environments and make a proper parking using the singsshown inthe game.Drive and steer your BOAT into different ports aroundtheglobe.This game is a realistic simulation game that putstheplayers at the helm of a big and beautiful boat driver andusinghis skills he have to park the vehicle at allotted locationandearn rewards if a player hit the boat the game ends so you needtobe very careful and avoid accidents in order to complete thestage,as a captain of your own ship you need to perform a multitudeoftasks. Drive you boat through massive ports full ofotherships.Be Careful captain that you don’t bump your ship intoanythingelse. Watch out for other boats ships and other oceanships. enjoythe dynamic ocean waves and realistic ship motions.BOAT PARKING 3D SIMULATOR game features:- Big and small boat to steer- Different missions and different port- Time challenging task- Real water physics with waves and parking sings- real world environment, visually stunning- Free super addictive and realistic simulatorDownload Free Fun Game!!!
City Crazy Taxi Ride 3D 1.0
City Crazy Taxi Ride 3D Game gives you feel of New York CabDriverCity Crazy Taxi Ride 3D Game is new free Simulation Game.This game is about doing your duty as a cab driver. You will begiven mission and time to fullfill the task. You often use a taxibut never was on a taxi driver seat?if you like a crazy taxidriving hurry up just jump into the game and enjoy crazy driving inNew York city.Sit behind wheel and fasten your seat-belt.Drive asfast as you can.To increase the speed and make it consistent try toavoid accidents.pick passengers and drop them to their destinationwhich will be shown in GPS navigation system of taxi.More passangeryou pick and drop them of to the destination your skills areimproved and your earning will grow to.- Full HD 3D taxi simulator-3D big city environment.- 20 Exciting Levels.- Pick up and dropoff passengers.- GPS with Map for City- Powerful Taxis forupgrade.-Crazy difficult missions- Cab Driving Experience.DownloadFree!!!!
Gangster crime simulator 1.0
Gangster crime simulation is a games inspired from Exciting autothief simulator and Miami crime simulation.This game is based onsame old story just new graphics,big town updated games play.Rich3d physics effects and graphics special effects with 3dsimulation.New map and missions with large amount of guns andvehicles to collect from.Try all the available weapon arsenal!Thisgame brings you the feel of hoods street wars with gangster!! YOOOMY MAAN YOUUU FEEEL MEEE. I am Gonna Hitt you Baad Myyy BROTHERFROM ANOTHER MOTHER This are kind of word you feel like sayingwhile playing this games. New Vegas and mexico bridgeport and allbig crime based city full of gangsters, cops and special forcesoldiers. I FEEL YOU MYYY MAaNYooo you play this and leave yourfeedback.Download Free Today!!!
Halloween Bubble Shoot 2017 1.0
Do you love playing bubble shootergames.Halloween Bubble Shoot 2016 is a festive version of have to shoot a bubble of same color in order to break therestand clear the top.This game have extra boosters and powers which you can purchasewithin game rewards coins.If you you love bunny and you are big time Halloween fan thisgameis for you.There are total 55 levels it will increase the difficulties asyougo ahead.Enjoy all new bubble shooter this 2016.Download now and enjoy !!!We appreciate your feedback and reviews on this game.As it will help us to improve our new version christmasbubbleshooter 2016 and Easter bubble shooter 2016Thank and enjoy the game!!!!
Extreme Flying Motorcycle 1.0
New concept of flying gamesmotorcycle lover will enjoy the flyingbike game.Download and play Free!!
Roller Coaster VR 2018 PRO 1.3
Get Ready for Roller coaster in awesome environment.After greatsuccess of our first version we have came up with all newenvironment with temple , statues and jungle theme have the best VRexperience this new year.roaster coaster rides games VR ( virtualworld games are gaining popularity over celebration cinema . Sincethe popularity of google card board is gaining virtual games arebooming.When we of first thing of virtual reality game first thinkwe get to our mind is roller coaster games where roller coasterruns and user gets great virtual games experience.roller coastergames are basically a simulation of Roller Coaster in beautifultheme park near city area in an amusement park. This simulation isavailable in Virtual Reality as well as Simple Mode.Roller CoasterVR 2017 Simulator is free android game in which you can enjoyride.How to Play:- Select VR/Simple Mode.- you must have Gyrosensor device- setup your device into VR glasses like 4DUD or Cardboard Glasses- Aline your device into center in such a way thatboth screen on game looks like one- Check for lens to set properfocus- You can move forward/backward and left/right just rotatingon your axis- Also you can visualize in different direction up/downviewSimple Mode:Game Play is. just swipe right/left to viewright/leftFeatures:- Virtual reality games based on 3D cityEnvironment.- Gyro-meter based 360 degree rotation based device.-virtual reality glasses such as 4DUD and Card board VR- No timeLimit, unlimited play and funThis demo is compatible with 4DUD VRGlasses, Card board, Durovis Dive, Vrase, Samsung Gear VR, CarlZeiss VR one, Archos / Colorcross and other DIY Oculus Rift, HTCVive or Microsoft Hololens etc.Free Download Now!!