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Oddbods 1.0
Oddbods needs to collect cherries byRunningand Jumping.To prevent hunger, the hopping Bird needs to eat apples in ordertosurvive. Please help the cute Oddbods by running and jumpingacrossthe level. Oddbods like to eat apple but you have to overcomemanyobstacles like mushroom, rocks and trees that prevent Oddbodsfromeating his apple. If you begin to play it, you will be addictedtoit and fully immersed into the game environment. It'smorechallenging and fun than it seems!Features:- 105 different Levels- Clean and colorful graphics- Smooth user interface- Phone and Tablet support- Music and sound effects- Play for all ages- Game is free, no purchase required.- This is a very enjoyable game!!Download this game now, it's free!!*** Have you enjoyed playing. ***
ringtones call 1.0
Tired of tones that you have on your Android phone? If I am weary,the solution to your problem is to apply a free ringtones Android!Do not hesitate a moment and get these melodies immediately!Ifyou're looking for some nice ringtones So you're in the rightplace, because this best app can give you everything you need andmore. Once downloaded ringtones Android, will listen to thesewonderful sounds for hours, and will not be able to stop! I woulddefinitely like a lot of new mobile ringtones to the point that youwill not respond to your calls so you can listen to these tunes foras long as possible. You can adjust this Alraiamh tones as thesound of an incoming call, SMS ringtone, or alarm sound - with theintroduction of free ringtones for Android options beyond theborder!Now you have a chance to Tzaar to your friends that you havethe best ringtones more than ever! So, better late than nevercomes!Application features:=============- Set the tone for theAndroid / Contact tone / voice alarm / voice message short- Set themeter to turn the sound- Adjust the button widget favorite soundsin the main screen of your phone.Notes:======1. '' set the alarm ''It will not affect existing alarms, only the new that you havecreated. You can delete existing alarm and create a new one.2. Toset widget: Long click on your home screen> Add widget>Choose free ringtones for Android from the menu> SelectSoundDevice compatibilityThe free app has been tested on tabletsand smartphones
gumball in the scouts 1.3
Gumball in the scouts is a game. TheGumballwould like to collect more apples. But there are manyhindrances /obstacles; lock, toadstool, etc. Help the cute bird byrunning andjumping.Tap screen to jump and avoid obstacles.this game is best game ass all game of aventur lik gumball ,hoppingbird , best friends , gumbaz dont search in tubmate orfacebookabout this game and thanks