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qinz.tripeaks.solitaire.tripeakssolitaire 1.7
TriPeaks Solitaire is a class free pyramid like card game that usesa set of poker cards. TriPeaks solitaire is a popular patience gamethat is played with poker cards on a board. If you love windowspyramid like TriPeaks Solitaire game, you're going to love TriPeaksSolitaire by Qin Zhenjie! Playing free TriPeaks solitaire is a goodway to have a good time You have to strategically move the cardsfrom each pyramid tower to win the game and become a true Tri PeaksSolitaire master! Features: - unlimited undo - skin change(cardbacks, backgrounds) - support drag & drop and tap control -animated cards motion - play data statistics - HD images andtotally free - Support phones and tablets - free hint function©2015 Qin Zhenjie. Hope you like TriPeaks free card game
qinz.mahjong.hd.free.game 1.6.2
Kungfu Mahjong™ is a free mahjong matching game using tiles. thisdeluxe version is like a solitaire game. Select 2 mah jong tileswith the same pair, They will match and blast.Eliminate all thetiles on mahjongg board which is match, you will pass the degree.this free game need strategy luck and patience, but relaxing.Thisfree mahjong board game is also known as Mah jong, majong. matchingpairs of identical mahjong tiles is a enjoy. Features: # MP3background music and sound effect # Beautiful 3D game backgrounds.# free hint Function # HD high quality mahjong tile sets. #Optimized for Landscape mode. # Unlimited undo # 300+ board layoutskeep your mind active Hope you like our free mahjong deluxe version
Bubble Shooter 1.9.22
Bubble Shooter is an free shooting bubble game. an classic oldstyle ball match-three game.
Solitaire 1.10
Solitaire is a free solitaire 5 in 1 game that uses a set of pokercards.this card game have 5 free game inside.Klondike is the mostclassic card game that we played for a lo-ong time. Same scoringsystem, graphics, cards decks.Spider solitaire the same as windowsclassic spider poker card gameFreeCell solitaire just as olddesktop PC FreeCell that we played for a long time Pyramidsolitaire make combinations game card add up to 13 to remove cards.TriPeaks solitaire is also known as Tri Towers, Triple Peaks orThree PeaksGame Features:- unlimited undo- free hint function-Support phones and tablets- skin change(card backs, backgrounds)-support drag & drop and tap control- animated cards motion-statistics- HD images ©2015 Qin Zhenjie.Hope you like this freecard game
Spider Solitaire 1.8
Spider Solitaire is a class free card game that uses a set of pokercards.spider solitaire is a popular patience game that is playedwith two decks of cards.If you love windows Spider Solitaire,you're going to love Spider Solitaire by Qin Zhenjie!Playing SpiderSolitaire is a good way to have a good timeWeave your way through 1and 2 suit and move up in difficulty 4 suit and become a trueSpider Solitaire master!Features:- unlimited undo- free hintfunction- Support phones and tablets- skin change(card backs,backgrounds)- support drag & drop and tap control- animatedcards motion- statistics- HD images ©2015 Qin Zhenjie. Hope youlike this free card game
Classic Solitaire 1.3
Play the most classic solitaire game deluxe. The download ofclassic solitaire is FREE of charge. If you like classic desktopsolitaire, you will love this free solitaire game.classic solitaireis also known as Klondike or Patience. 2015 Qin Zhenjie. Hope youlike our classic solitaire.
Mahjong 1.0.7
Mahjong is a free tiles matching game made by Kungfu Mahjong™. thisdeluxe version is like a solitaire game. This free board game isalso known as Shanghai Mahjong. matching pairs of identical mahjongtiles is a enjoy. Select 2 mah jong tiles with the same pair, Theywill match and blast.Eliminate all the tiles on mahjongg boardwhich is match, you will pass the degree. this free game needstrategy luck and patience, but relaxing. Game Features: #Beautiful 3D game backgrounds. # free hint Function # HD highquality mahjong tile sets. # Optimized for portrait mode. #Unlimited undo # 800+ board layouts keep your mind active # MP3background music and sound effect Hope you like our free mahjongdeluxe version
Solitaire Girl Dress Up! 1.1.29
Dress Up type of Solitaire is base on Tripeaks Solitaire. Find goldcard, help the girl to collect gold cards, earn beautiful clothes.Dress up like a princess. Make your wardrobe full.Tap cards fromthe board that is one lower or one higher than the card in the basepile. Challenge awaits you in this magical Solitaire game. You canenjoy for a long time because there are 450+ levels and with newlevels to join in. Puzzle challenge levels and celebrate yourTriPeaks victory. Dress up Girl Solitaire is completely free toplay but some in-game items such as jokers will require payment.You start with pants and a T shirt.You can take it off and put onnew clothes. Solve puzzles and become a super fashion girl. GameFeatures: - Dress up a girl type of game - Lots of skirts and shoes- Free to play - 3D cards & Effect - Big and easy to see card -Offline play - Multi-Language supported - Lucky cards to Enjoy. -Easy to play and simple to use Download Dress Up Girl type ofSolitaire for free! Play it now and enjoy!
Tripeaks Solitaire Free 1.1.33
Play the popular Tripeaks Solitaire Penguin game for FREE on yourphone! Tripeaks Solitaire Penguin is a fun solitaire card game thatcombines elements from TriPeaks Solitaire.The object of TriPeaksChallenge is to clear all of the cards from the three peaks. Justtap on the cards that are one rank higher or lower than thefoundation card. If you run out of moves, turn over a new card fromthe deck. You earn points for each card you place on the foundationcard and extra points for clearing each of the peaks. Game features: • Save fishes • Feed Fishes • Lock and Key • Lucky cards; •portrait modes; • Special bonus system; • Random deals, each handis fresh; • Hints can help everyone to play it; • Many challengingAchievements; • Social sharing; • The game is localized into 11languages; Download Tripeaks Solitaire Penguin and play it now!
Solitaire match cowboy 1.1.25
Solitaire match western cowboy is an entirely new card matchinggame. Your goal is to match cards that with the same value to clearthe game decks. remove all the cards from the pyramid tower. Insolitaire match western cowboy, you can simply remove similarcards, Also you can make color matches, even suit matches to game ahigher score. There are more than 180 classic levels that you canenjoy for a long time. This pyramid type of board game is yourperfect choice for playing relaxing cards game. Cowboy Solitairematch is an entirely new type game. The cards are designed to use3d technology. Play cowboy solitaire, no hurry, no rush, justenjoying. GAME FEATURES: - Unique game mechanics - 3D card andeffects - Use various bonuses - Step-by-step tutorial - Subtlesound effects - Offline play - multiple language support Have a tryright now, You will love this perfect solitaire match game.
Bubble Shooter 1.1.36
Play bubble shooter game which is based on an classic game. We havedesigned more than 400 level of puzzles in this game. you can enjoyfor a long time. in addition to the classic type of bubble shootergame. You can collect birds' feathers. There is a dress upsubsystem in the game, Use feathers to buy new clothes and dressthe girl up with modern clothes. The goal of the game is to savelittle birds by shoot bubbles up. make combinations of 3 or more tomake them burst.You can change base bubbles or make them into afireball, then bomb a region. Game Features: 1. 400+ fun levels 2.Earn clothes by puzzle levels 3. Dress up subsystem 4. lots ofboosters to enjoy 5. Free game and offline play Download bubbleshooter right now, You are going to love it!
Bubble Shooter 1.5.39
Play classic bubble shooter game, Download and play bubble shooterright now!
Solitaire 1.0.3
Classic Solitaire is a timeless card game experience, from themakers of the ORIGINAL Solitaire game! The classic solitaire is apuzzle game that requires logic and strategy to clear the table.You’ll love adding this free game to your collection of solitairegames! How to Play: Pair cards that equal to 13. Jacks = 11, Queens= 12, and Kings = 13. Here’s a quick view of what our app offers: -Classic Solitaire experience - Thousands of randomized deals - Funand exciting animations - Smooth and polished gameplay We guaranteethe best quality solitaire card game. We’re always improving andadding new features to the game! LEARN MORE ABOUT CLASSICSOLITAIRE: Brain training and casino fun meet in this free game!Celebrate your Solitaire victory with our exclusive winninganimations at the end of every deal. Our Solitaire game gives youthe unlimited and unrestricted amount of card game deals…there’s nowaiting for the next level to unlock! Solitaire fans and othercards games fans will fall in love with this new Classic Solitairegame. SOLITAIRE FEATURES: FREE CARD GAMES Free games of Solitaire;offline play included UNLIMITED DEALS Get unlimited deals forSolitaire fun anytime, anywhere. Random deals mean each hand isunique. MIND GAMES Classic Solitaire is a fun and challenging wayto train your brain. Can you solve every puzzle? GAME CUSTOMIZATIONSolitaire is simple and fun, with Undo & Hints so everyone canplay Download Classic Solitaire, completely FREE.