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Fighter Champion 3.0
Do you love kungfu, do you want to become the champion of kungfufighter league?Please join our Fighter Champion to fight with otherfighter.In the Fighter Champion Game, there are 64 fighters, theyare devided into 8 groups, Each group has 2 pair of fightersselected ramdomly to fight each other.The Winner of each pair willcontinue to fight with the other winner.Continue and continue tothe final...The final winner will be the champion of Fighter Leagueand will receive a big award and will be record as the best fighterover the world.I sure that hhen you play this game, you willdefinitely love this game with the graphics, music and gameplayreally bring back the old retro game feeling of the originalkungfu, karatedo game.Game features:- Super expensive graphics-Countervailing games- Extremely attractive- Conquer challengingnight now
Fresh Farm 13.0
Fresh Farm is a new type of farm with fresh view to working onfarm. If you want to be a good farmer and you want to provide thetrue farm's products to your customers, please enjoy to our freshfarm game. In fresh farm game, you will be experienced from afarmer, a gardener to a bussiness man. It's a fresh view of farmerin the industrial world. Main features in game: - Hiring of land,planting, tending and harvesting a lot of farm's productivity. -Construction houses and stores on farm, buying pets, take care ofthem and collecting products. - Buying and selling items andproducts to super markets. - Cutting down trees, glassing gardenand more... - Buy items that decorate the farm with christmas itemsHave a good relax time!
Big Farm Day 6.0
Happy Farm Day(or Big Farm Day) is a game that simulate tasks offarmers who work on a big farm. With Happy farm Day, Players aretransformed into farmers do everything from planting and tendingcrops until harvest, hand-picking and buy breeding animals and careuntil maturity; experienced simultaneously, manually what makes thefood manufacturing and food from agricultural products harvested inthe animal feed crops. This brings the extremely interesting andattractive experiences. Are you ready to play and build their ownfarm in this game? Happy Farm Day is a place where you can buildyour own style. Let's design and decorate your own farm, makes itreally unique and distinct Happy Farm Day game has wonderfulgraphics interface glitter, nice photos of the countryside andrural sounds that makes up a great farm atmosphere.Don't wait toexperience joyful farm life at Happy Farm Day! Features+ This kindof game has been playing by over 100 million people all around theworld! + Build the farm of your dreams with a plenty of buildingsand decorations+ Plant, harvest and produce over 100+ uniqueproducts!+ Produce fresh foods and farm fresh goods+ Take care ofyour lovely animals and raise chickens, cows, and pigs.....+Freeall