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Soul: Broken Fighting Calibur 2
All 28 of the fighters on Broken Des'srosterare available from the outset.You can also create your own fighters from scratch usinglimitedcustomization tools to determine their physical appearanceand thendress them up in gear chosen from a massive wardrobe,much of which has to be unlocked.There are no performance bonuses associated with clothingandweapons this time around,which is unfortunate if you really enjoyed that aspect ofSoul:Broken Fighting Calibur,but great if you want to wear all of the matching pieces oftheSanta costume without feeling like your fashion choicesarecompromising your effectiveness.Regardless of which fighter you choose to play as and what he orsheis wearing,Broken, like previous SoulCaliburs offerings, is easy to pick upandgrasp the basics of.You can move in eight directions using the D pad or theanalognub,and face buttons are used to guard and to perform basichorizontalattacks, vertical attacks, and kicks.That's really all you need to know to get started, thoughyou'llfind that there are plenty of more advanced techniques tomaster ifyou check out the character-specific move lists in theusefulTraining mode.Oddly, Destiny doesn't feature an Arcade mode in which to pityourchosen combatant against a number of opponents en route toamatchup with a boss.In its place is Trials mode, which incorporates threedistinctscore-based challenges in Attack, Defense, andEndlessflavors.In the Trial of Attack you're pitted against five opponents andearnscore bonuses for playing aggressively and for landingcombos.The Trial of Defense is a little longer and culminates in abossbattle against Algol from Soul: Destiny calibur,so in that respect it's a lot like that game's Arcade mode.The main difference here is that you score points and earnbonusesfor guarding against your opponent's attacks andretaliatingquickly.Endless Trial is a survival mode of sorts, except that yourfighterregains all of his health between rounds.Seeing how many of the increasingly tough opponents you can makeitpast without ever losing is a lot of fun,but your score isn't based on that.Rather, every time you land a blow you earn points, and there'sascore multiplier that goes up when you hit your opponent butfallsback down when you get hit.The scoring system in the trials means there's some fun to behadreplaying them to beat your best performances,but it's unfortunate that there's no way for you to compareyourhigh scores with those of other players online.
Boxing Fighting Def Jam NY 2
However, the game uses many of thesamesituations and characters from Fight for NY, which is thethirdgame in the series, chronologically.The game's "Boxing Fighting Def Jam NY" story is a prequel tothemain events.The player is still a nameless up-and-coming young streetfighterbrought into the world of underground street fightingafterrescuing one of the game's personalities from trouble withthepolice.However, instead of D-Mob being freed from police custody, likeinFight for NY, it is tattoo artist Manny who is saved fromcorruptpolice officers.Manny takes the player to gang leader O.G., who becomeshis"mentor", who instructs him in how to fight to gain controlof(take over) the five boroughs of New York City.Eventually, O.G. is murdered by Crow, leaving D-Mob to step inanduse the player as his number one fighter.Ultimately, it is revealed that D-Mob was using the player totakeover the five boroughs, controlling New YorkCity'sunderground,and that he was going to leave the player to take the fall,leadingthe police to his exact whereabouts.After defeating D-Mob in the story's final battle, aone-on-onefight at the 125th Street Subway Station,the player decides to leave the underground fight sceneforgood.It is safe to say that, since this is a prequel story,D-Mobrecovers from the fight and, with nobody in New York tostophim,builds his empire that is seen in Vendetta.Character creation is still the same as of Def Jam: FightNY:Takeover.Just like in the original, only male characters canbecreated.You still create your character using the same type ofpolicesketch-artist system.A new addition is choosing your character's home town from oneofthe five boroughs of New York City.From there, the game flows similarly to Fight for NY, featuringmanyof the same fighting arenas and shops with which to upgradeyourcharacter's clothing, jewelry, hair, and fighting moves.The story is no longer told through fully voiced cutscenes.For The Takeover, the story progresses through text andmessagesreceived on your character's Sidekick.Also, since the game uses many of the graphical assets seenin2004's Fight for NY,it does not reflect physical changes seen in some of thecelebritiesfeatured in the game.For example, Busta Rhymes, in the role of Magic, still hashisdreadlock hairstyle, which he cut in late 2005.Also, Ludacris still has his cornrow hairstyle, which he wouldcutin the summer of 2006.
Joe Fighting Rise of Cobra 2
After the events of operation hiss, DukeandScarlett travel to the Arctic and free Heavy Duty,Ripcord and Snake Eyes from the M.A.R.S Detention Center. Also,theyfight the Baroness and bring her to the Pit.In Egypt, the Joes learn that Cobra is taking the Apep's Eye(Gem),and must defeat Firefly.In the jungle, the Joes discover that Cobra is making apyramid-like(zigurat) building in the middle of the jungle.From there, the Joes must defeat James McCullen (who now takestheidentity of Destro) at the rooftop of the pyramidbuilding.Finally, they must defeat the Cobra Commander and Storm ShadowatNorth Magnetic Pole Volcano base.The gameplay is simple.Move forward through linear levels, hold down the trigger andshooteverything in your path.Like robots, there are some tough moments that require you tododgeincoming fire or risk death.Unlike robots, it's just not very fun after the first hour.Destroying the same enemies, conquering the same obstaclesandrunning through the similar levels gets old. Joe Fighting RiseofCobra is a lengthy game and will probably take about eighthoursfor most people to finish.But I wish it was half that length, because it gets bogged downbyits repetitive structure.The game has thrown in some of the vehicles from the oldtoylineincluding HISS tanks and the Trouble Bubbles, which arewelcomeadditions.But instead of having the sensation of driving a Warthog in Halo,itfeels as clumsy as if you were steering one of your old toysbyhand.Part of the problem is the static camera, which is an issue onfootbut tends to be more troublesome once in a vehicle.Playing solo, you can switch back and forth between characterswiththe tap of a button. This becomes a necessary survivalskill.G.I: Joe The Rise Cobra features a regenerative health systemthatrecovers quickly if you use cover (what's the fun in that?)andslowly if you play out in the open like a normal person.On casual difficulty, dead characters instantly respawn. Onmedium,you recover a downed hero at the checkpoint (most levelshavethree).And on hard, once someone dies, they stay dead through the restofthe level.
Warrior Legends Monster Fight 2
Perhaps taking a cue from the Fantasyseries,or more likely realizing that no one cared about whathappened inBlade Battle,Untold Warrior Legends Monster Fight starts anew here with thetaleof a kingdom overtaken by a diabolical warlord who uses hisarmy ofdemons to become emperor.Part of his campaign of seemingly indiscriminate evil includestheextermination of changelings who have refused to joinhisranks.As one of these rogue changelings, you decide to fight back,andthus begins your journey.The plot in Brotherhood was little more than a thinly veiledexcuseto string a series of quests together,which should mean that the more cohesive story in The Warrior'sCodeis nothing but good news.But while the game is filled with fair-to-middling voice actingforall of the characters you encounter,your chosen character plays the part of the silent hero,and none of the supporting characters really step up to fillthevoid of characters you care about.With its preponderance of wicked rulers, demonic foes, andancientsources of unspeakable power,The Warrior's Code would certainly seem to adhere to thesame20-sider-inspired conventions as Brotherhood of theBlade.The game differentiates itself mostly through aesthetics, whichgivethe characters a real overblown, almost anime-inspiredlook.The music, though, still betrays the game's traditionalfantasyroots with a standard-issue orchestral score.There are five different characters that you can choose fromwhenyou first start the game, and though they try to distract youwithcrazy class names like guardian,mercenary, and disciple, they're still just warriors, rangers,andmages, each with the requisite strengths and weaknesses.The game allows for a small measure of charactercustomization,letting you choose skin tone, hair style, and haircolor.This may not seem like much, but even when you're looking atyourcharacter up-close on the equipment screen,there's not enough detail to really warrant much more.Of course, you'll also be equipping your warriors with a rangeofweapons and armor, both of which have an immediate effectonappearances.Download and install Warrior Legends Monster Fight now!
Fate/stay Ultimate night 2
The story is told from the playingcharacterpoint of view.Despite this unfamiliarity, Capta has made its Japonese arcadeandfighter Fate/Unlimited Codes available for the PSP viathePlayStation Network.Most Western audiences are unfamiliar with the manga, anime,andinteractive visual novels of the Fate/stay Ultimate night,which deal with a struggle between powerful magicians andwarriorsfor the Holy Grail.And because the language of punching, kicking, andperforminginsanely special moves is universal,anyone who's ever played a fighting game will feel immediatelyathome with it.It's not going to set the world of fighting games on fire,butUnlimited Codes is a fun fighter that stands on its own.Unlimited Codes assumes that players have knowledge ofthecharacters and events in the Fate stories.Those who come to the game without this background knowledgewillfind it difficult to piece together any real sense ofthecharacters,what each one is fighting for, and their relationships toeachother.Of course, an understanding of the plot is hardly crucial totheenjoyment of a fighting game like this one, butnonetheless,it could have served as a better introduction to theuniverse.As it is, the dull story sequences, which include a lotofmystifying references to ancient orders,schools of magic, and events unseen, are more likely tofrustrateplayers than draw them into the story.The mode you'll probably spend the most time with is theArcademode, in which you select one of 14 characters (an additionalthreecan also be unlocked) and fight through a series ofeightmatches.These one-on-one fights take place in 3D environments, but whileyoucan dodge enemy attacks with a side step,the action otherwise takes place on a 2D plane. There's areasonableamount of depth to the fighting system.Strangely, though, you'll need to ratchet up the difficulty tothehighest possible option before any of this depth startstomatter.On any other level, the AI is terribly passive, which makes italltoo easy to spam your way to victory by using the same attacksoverand over again.The AI doesn't even move around or fight back enough to makethisinteresting in a pure button-mashing sense.It's just dull. This is resolved easily enough by simply settingthedifficulty to hard, but a broader range of difficulty levelsthatoffered engaging combat would have made for astrongerpackage.Install Fate/stay Ultimate night now