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崩壞大冒險 2.6
眾多漫畫角色,各式新穎玩法,多種技能搭配,海量福利爽領,想要什麼陣容自己搭,打造最強次元團隊,稱霸第一! 【遊戲介紹】暗潮湧動,打破次元的寂靜!勇士集結,掃除黑暗的威脅!master,騎士王已遵從召喚而來,吾身即為汝劍!二次元卡牌手遊《崩壞大冒險》,本命激戰,機甲霸屏!作為主角桑的你,賭上一個作為戰5渣的榮譽與夢想,與名為【機械皇帝】的敵對勢力鬥爭,通過調教,進化,養成,餵食等多種玩法,在碎片時間中隨之獲得長足的成長。秉承男神掰彎和萌妹當道的綜合美學,簡單!粗暴!有趣!耀院、鈴蘭院、聖•凱撒學院、秋葉•乃啼學院,一起組建編隊,決戰機甲次元:前進!【遊戲特色】 ** 千萬ACG玩家喜愛!最具人氣的二次元動漫手遊! ** ** 全新玩法,瘋狂HIGH起來!機甲覺醒大變身啦! **** 華麗的技能特效打造比肩原著動漫的視覺性享受!** ** 百種英雄技能組合,追求自我的最高榮譽!** **經典動漫人物悉數登場,坐等master你來調教哦!** ** 基情武道會,多樣搭配,場場不一樣的戰鬥體驗! ** **量身打造,全服master爭奪至尊“萌王”最強資質!** 【Contact us】https://www.facebook.com/DimensionalWars/ Many comic roles, allkinds of new games are played, with a variety of skills, massivewelfare cool collar, what you want to take your own team, to createthe strongest dimensional team, dominate the first! 【gameintroduction】 Anchaoyongdong, breaking the dimension of silence!Warriors assembly, remove the threat of darkness! master, the kinghas complied with calls from Knight, My body that is Ru sword! Thesecond element card hand tour "collapse Adventure" and Ben battle,armor Pa screen! Sang struggle as the protagonist of you, as a beton the honor and dream fight 5 slag, and called [the emperor]mechanical hostile forces, through tuning, evolution, develop,feeding and other games are played, will get considerable time inthe debris growth. Adhering to men of God breaking bend and swaythe overall aesthetics Meng Mei, simple! rough! interesting! Yaohospital, Lily of the Valley Hospital, St. • Caesar College, is thecry • Akiba Academy, with the formation of formation, battle armordimension: Forward! [Game Features] ** ACG ten million playerslove! The second element of the most popular cartoon hand tour! **** new play, crazy HIGH up! Mech awakening Makeovers it! ** **gorgeous special effects skills to create visual enjoyment par withthe original animation! ** ** one hundred kinds of hero skill,pursuit of the highest honors of self! ** ** classic cartooncharacters full debut, waiting for you to master tune Oh! ** **Budokai base situation, with a diverse, every game is not the sameas fighting experience! ** ** tailored full-service mastercontention Extreme "Wang Meng" the strongest qualification! **[Contact us] https://www.facebook.com/DimensionalWars/
Blaze of Fantasy 2.6
Numerous manga characters, various novel modes, the variety ofskill packages and mass benefits. Just organize your own battleformation and build the strongest team to be theDominator![Official FacebookFanspage]https://www.facebook.com/BlazeofFantasy[GameIntroduction]Ceaseless darkness breaks the peace of dimension!Warriors are gathered to sweep the darkness! The Knight King hascome upon your summon to be the sword of you, my Master! Fight withyour goddess and rule the mecha world in the manga card game Blazeof Fantasy!As the protagonist, you'll bet all your dreams andhonors to fight against [Mechanic Emperor]. Through Train, Evolve,Cultivate, Feed and other plays, you'll get much growth in piecesof time. With the principle of bending God and in the age of cutegirls, the game is simple! Crude! But interesting! BrilliantInstitute, Orchid Institute, Divine·Caesar Institute andAkihabar·Nighty Institute build a team together to fight in mechadimension: Forward![Game Feature]** Fancied by million ACG players!The most popular manga Mobile Game! **** Get HIGH of brand newplays! Awake in a mecha with huge Shapeshift! **** Magnificentvisual effects are as enjoyable as the original animation! ****Hundred mixtures of skills to chase the highest honor for yourself!**** All classic manga characters wait to be found and trained byMaster! **** Exciting championships with various formations andunique experience! **** Exclusively created for Master to be theCutie Moeoh of all servers! **