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Sibaco Globals India 1.1
Sibaco Globals is pioneer establishmentinceramic industriy in India where there was already animportantmanufacturing business network dedicated to the ceramicsector.From the outset the company opted fot technology andcutting-edgelogistics to compete in an increasingly demandingmarket andconstantly envolving. Its high rate of modernizationmakes thiscompany apert from the rest, precisely because of itsversatilityand ability to react and adapt to customer needs.
To Do List 1.7
Keeping life in order shouldn’t be this hard!To-do list is a free & simple task manager app that helpsyou get your stuff done. This app helps you organize and prioritizeyour tasks and projects so you can stress less and achievemore.From planning an awesome vacation to organizing a bigproject.To-do list instantly syncs between your phone and GoogleDrive, so you can access your to-dos from anywhere.It also allowyou to backup remotly in SD card.Key To-do List Features:• Clean and smart design keeps you focused on your goals for theday.• Easily add, organize and schedule your to-dos from yourphone• Backup your data locally in SD card or live with GoogleDrive.• Password Protected app.• Set due dates and reminders to ensure you never forget importantdeadlines (or birthday gifts) again• Create lists to help sort your to-dos for home, work andeverything in between.• Set recurring tasks for regularly scheduled to-dosIt’s as easy to use as pen and paper, and once you startorganizing your life with To-do List, you’ll wonder how you evermanaged without it.Make every day a success with To-do List. Download the free app& execute everyday tasks like a pro!We’d love to know how we can make you even more productive, so getin touch (
swiss cera 1.0
Swiss Ceramic is setting the pace forthefuture by providing a wide range of luxury products that suitsyourrequirements and your budget, at the best possible prices.Ourbusiness philosophy includes comprehensive andpersonalizedcustomer service, on time delivery and reasonablepricing whichenables us to manage all your needs in style.Our vast experience led us to extend our business activitiesincommercializing the most exotic range of tiles exclusivelydesignedto satisfy your demands for surface coverings: ceramictiles, clayand designer tiles and faucets, chimneys, hobs andmodular kitchensets.Swiss Ceramic inspirational range of contemporaryDesigns,Finishes and color schemes is the perfect combination offromfunction for today's lifestyle.We determined to provide thebest& quality products, and that's the way to guaranteeforcustomer satisfaction
italico ceramic 1.0
It is a matter of immense pride that theFouryear old ITALICO CERAMIC has as achieved its goals with thehelp ofDistributors dealers and customers. Located at Morbi,wemanufacture digital wall tiles that not only meet the customersdemand, but exceed them. We always said in our previousslogan,'... We Design For You ..." We ensured that you get thebest.customers get best products that last long, Dealersanddistributors get best quality business, all in all, you willgetthe best.
Skytouch Ceramic 1.1
We are happy to introduce our self aleadingmanufacturer of Ceramic Vitrified Tiles at Tilesmanufacturing hubof India, at Morbi city in the state of Gujarat,under the name ofSKYTOUCH CERAMIC PVT LTD."We are on the verge of setting ups a state of theartmanufacturing plant of Vitrified tiles with a Size 600mm x 600mmstain free with nano technology as per requirement of dealersandcustomers under the brand name of "SKYTOUCH". Our main objectiveofthe management at SKYTOUCH CERAMIC PVT LTD is GreatCustomersatisfaction that will be ensured by delivering highqualityproducts and services timely.We are in the process of establishing our marketingchainthroughout India and we invite dealers to become a part ofourbusiness chain. Looking forward to meeting with you in person,fora pleasant business association with us in the future.
Sage Quartz 1.0
Sage Quartz is a world of ultimatecollectionof wooden, glass, metal and steel series is wellexperienced andbelive in the best Quality.Ashok Patel and Tarun Patel are the men behind the successofSage Quartz has a vast experience of clock manufacturingandmarketing.Our Company is the best among all in Manufacturing,leatestTechnology, Uniq Design and the best in all.Sage Quarts had intention to best Quality and our effordstocontinuous improvement. we are dedicated, Commited and hard worktoSage Quartz.We have best experianced staff of Wooden, Glass andColourCreativity.Today Sage Quartz is one of the fastest growing company inwoodenclock manufacturing, customers satisaction, focusing onthecreativity, premium production and wide range ofdesignerclocks.
Heelcera Tiles 1.2
Welcome to Heelcera, where you can find the ingenious of Sharpvision, Global Network and Powerful backborne. Heelcera is a Floortiles manufacturing company. Located at Morbi, the ceramic capitalof India. The company carries the vision to cater world class tilesit believes in producing superior quality tiles with a sharp visionon market. It takes a lot of skill to design and manufacture in acompetitive market but the company has a track record of manysuccessful years as a leading ceramic company.
Diliso Ceramic 1.0
We are very pleased to introduce ourselves asa"DILISO CERAMIC" manufacturing Digital Wall Tiles at Ceramic CityofIndia, Morbi (Gujarat). Established By Nobel Group Having MoreThan35 Year Of Experience in Ceramic. We are here to provide theproductwhich is the combination of Quality, Durability and ModemDesigns.We are here to give your innovation in design withqualitativeapproach to insure that you are getting the true valuefor money asfar as our product is concerned.
Belador 1.0
Monal group having long history inceramicworld, In 2009 group decided to divercify business in thelaminateindustry.Belador Laminate brand came in existence in 2010 with rangeofnatural colors, spell bounding taxtures, romantic wood grainseriesto make Belador stand a part.The company has an experience & expertise of more than 5yearsin manufacturing of decorative laminates. The Qualityconsciousness& the technical knowledge of the directors alwaysgive thebetter product in the market.
To Do List - Simple Task Manager 1.1
Keeping life in order shouldn’t be this hard! To-do list is afree& simple task manager app that helps you get your stuffdone.This app helps you organize and prioritize your tasks andprojectsso you can stress less and achieve more. From planning anawesomevacation to organizing a big project.To-do list instantlysyncsbetween your phone and Google Drive, so you can access yourto-dosfrom anywhere.It also allow you to backup remotly in SD card.KeyTo-do List Features: • Clean and smart design keeps you focusedonyour goals for the day. • Easily add, organize and scheduleyourto-dos from your phone • Backup your data locally in SD cardorlive with Google Drive. • Password Protected app. • Set duedatesand reminders to ensure you never forget important deadlines(orbirthday gifts) again • Create lists to help sort your to-dosforhome, work and everything in between. • Set recurring tasksforregularly scheduled to-dos It’s as easy to use as pen andpaper,and once you start organizing your life with To-do List,you’llwonder how you ever managed without it. Make every day asuccesswith To-do List. Download the free app & executeeveryday taskslike a pro! We’d love to know how we can make youeven moreproductive, so get in touch (
Tiles Wale B2B Ceramic Wall and Floor Tiles Store 1.75
The complexity of the ceramic business, from procurement toproduction, distribution, and selling can be distressing. But thisdoes not dampen the spirits of entrepreneurs and innovative minds,who create innovative solutions to facilitate processes andovercome hiccups through their diligent efforts and passion. Itconnects the ceramic manufacturers, distributors, sellers, andother buyers and customers. The intuitive interface and seamlessnavigation make the app helpful and even joyful to use for all,including the buyers and sellers of tiles. Apart from buying andselling, the app includes all india ceramic tiles &sanitarywares manufacturers directory features. TilesWale AppFeatures: Ceramic tiles manufacturers, distributors, and sellerscan place their adverts on this tiles store app, along with thedescriptions that may include size, category and color of the tilesalong with the images. Users can instantly share the products theylike on these popular social media platforms. Users can readthrough the ads, make a choice and can contact the seller directly.The chat feature promotes friendly and productive discussions andhelps the sellers and buyers engage each other and know more abouttheir aspirations, requirements, and capabilities. The ceramictiles categories that are most popular on the website include: 3DTiles Elevation Tiles Digital Tiles Nano Vitrified Tiles PGVT/GVTVitrified Tiles Quartz Tiles Wall Tiles Floor Tiles Porcelain TilesSanitary Wares Bathroom Tiles Kitchen Tiles Bedroom Tiles OutdoorParking Tiles Porcelain Tiles Subway Tiles Step & RiserSanitaryware Tiles Chemicals & Adhesive Kitchen SinkManufacturer Bath Fitting & Accessories Manufacturer CabinetVanity Manufacturer Tiles Display Stand Manufacturer CeramicMachinery Manufacturer Tiles Wale App benefits to the user: Notonly the app helps the community members known about the bestceramic products and tiles through social media posts and shares,but it also helps the honest suppliers, retailers, and distributorsget rewarded for their genuine offerings. The app improves thebusiness prospects, brings more opportunities to the sellers, helpsthem to sell beyond confined regional boundaries, and also helpsthem garner a better reputation. Buyers never had such acomfortable and convenient experience of buying tiles, and theTilesWale app is the first online app connecting the ceramic tilesellers and buyers. There is also a chat facility available. Buyerscan choose tiles easily by contributes their efforts in the aspectsand features, they are looking for, and these may include thegrade, type, color, size and class of tiles. The app considers thelocation of the sellers and buyers to bring to fore a better match.Buyers can easily locate the ceramic tiles sellers nearby, engagein a chat or discussion, and the whole deal can be finalized on thesmartphone itself. The digital TilesWale app is arguably one of thebest ways to sell or buy ceramic tiles in India. The sellers cansave tons of money, as they do not require extensive space andmanpower for selling the tiles online through the app. All they canpost their tiles in the relevant tile segment and category providedon the app. Also, there are no overhead expenses associated. Buyerscan also save on the fuel, parking expenses that they incur whileshopping for tiles physically and can save lots of time as well.The hassles are reduced greatly by the app for all the concernedparties, while the tiles business can now be conducted with theleast of efforts and costs as well by using the TilesWale app. Buy& sell wall or floor tiles online as well as tiles for outdoorflooring. They provide a huge collection of latest digitalvitrified tiles designs. Best platform for tiles delivery online,digital wall tile, ceramic tile manufacturer, exporter &suppliers. Connect with buyers and sellers via the Tiles Wale app.
Free FASTag - Buy & Recharge etoll, Fast Tag guide 1.13
FASTag is an effective electronic toll collection for fasttagrecharge scheme to pay toll online at highway without stoppingourvehicles. Which is a great electronic toll collection systemorFASTag ETC Program for Indian Tollways. We already know theactualreality of fuel for the next generation. No stopping pointmeansless wastage of fuel so ultimately we save the fuel for thefutureby this app. Currently, FASTag is operational at 180 tollplazasacross state and national highway. More plazas will bebroughtunder this program in the future. Features of fast tag: •FASTagsaves the time credibility at the toll plaza for cashtransactions,no necessary to stop the vehicle at tolling center. •FASTagrecharge is very simple and easy too. Everyone can rechargeonlineusing internet banking, debit or credit cards. • The customerwillget the alert on the registered mobile number for allthetransactions done in his/her account. How to use: FASTag islinkedto your prepaid account from which the applicable amount attollplaza is deducted. When your account for FASTag is active, tagisaffixed on the windscreen of the vehicle. Affixed tag isscannedusing Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) technology tocompletethe automatic toll amount deduction process. Fastag appguidelinesfor new users: 1. Fastag full detail: In this section,you willfind all the guidelines like identification of installationarea offastag on type 2 vehicle, identification of installationarea offastag on type 1 vehicle and many more helpful guidelines.2. BuyFastag: You are able to buy fastag here. 3. Support 1033: Ifanytype of fastag support requirement, you are able to contactonthis. 4. Apply fastag: This app provides a direct option toapplyin the bank site and get the card in paytm or amazon alsoyourecharge your card in the bank. 5. Bank tollfree no: Where youcandirectly contact the bank on their tollfree no for anyissuesregarding fastag recharge. 6. Help video: This video willguideperfectly to buy & recharge or every small detail relatedtofastag. The app is updated continuously to enhance features oftheapp for our valuable users as per the latest trend.