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Marbles Shoot 1.1.304
Marbles Shoot is a casual game,really addictive!!Your mission is to clear all the marbles before they reach the endof the path, has many different maps to make the game moreaddictive,more interesting props like arrows, bombs and more youshould learn from game..
Jelly Star 1.1.303
Jelly Star is a new brand Match-3 game,get thebest looking Jelly game on your Android Phone.Goal of the game is to win Jelly Star, pass the levels and try toget all stars in each level. as soon as possible and try to makemore game combos! All these will boost your scoresignificantly!How to play:- Match 3 or more identical Jelly.- Match the Jelly until the board transparency,the Jelly star willappear.- Make the Jelly star down to last line to pass the level.Game Features:- Jelly bomb can eliminate the Jelly around,- Color-changing Jelly can eliminate to any other coloredJelly.- Timing Jelly can extend the playing time.- Lighting Jelly can eliminate Jelly in one row or column.
Farm Mania 1.1.303
Farm Mania is a very addictive connectlinesMatch-3 game.You need to connect the lines of lovely Pets, try tocompletechallenging levels withdifferent missions.How to Play:1. Connect the lines of 3 or more same Pets to make themdisappearon pet puzzle game.2. Get the Special Pet by connect at least 7 pets on currentline.The Special Pet will make a thunder booster.3. To destroy the gray/ice/mushroom/locked cells, make a linebesidethem.4. Moves are limited so be careful to connect the lines!Game Features:1. many addictive levels. Each level are well-designed with fulloffun & creative points.2. Try to get high scores & bonus coins to buy boostersthathelp you win difficult levels.3. Easy to learn, hard to master. Can you get 3 stars oneverylevel?4. Each new mission will have detail explanation when you startanew level!5. Exploding boom, horizon thunder, vertical thunder, lockedpetcages, gray & lock cellscaptured the pets, last magic time.Let's get the most joy time of Farm Pet World!
Fruits Mania 1.1.303
Fruits Mania is the best popstar stylegame,butis very addictive . Tap the cute fruits, fight for higherscores,try to make more combos! Let's play this exciting andaddictivefruits game! Have Fun!!!How to Play:- Tap on two or more same fruits to make them burst.- Achieve the target points to level up.- Find more combos to achieve higher points.- Four Powerful magic props to help you reach target!Game Features:- Addictive Combo model to get more scores.- Free reward coin everyday,Collect coins and go to shop forbuyingprops!- A lot of interesting and challenging level.The fantastic interface will deeply make you love thisaddictivegame,Okay,beginning your fantastic game journey,have anicetime!
Bubble Mania 1.1.303
Bubble Shoot is the best classicmatch-threepuzzle game,now come to Android Platform!Shoot is addictive ,fun, once you play,and you can't stop!.Clearall the bubbles on the screen to level up,and try to get 3stars oneach level.Game Features:- Puzzle Mode: Many challenging levels waiting you!- Arcade Mode: Clear all the descending bubbles.- Make more combos hits - the fire balls rewards.- Have super power - Lightning Ball,Bomb ball, Wild color ball,Ironball, etc.