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Beat Zombies 2.2
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Beat ZombiesBeat Zombie is a horizontal version of shooting type of handtour. Players play in the game a savior, in the end is approaching,escaped zombie besieged and constantly get more advanced weaponsand more powerful skills, eventually killing zombies and clean,save the world.Differences from general shooting game ,it’s in addition to anarray of violent zombies kinds of firearms, but also prepared avariety of powerful skills domineering exposed for players to makethe game simple shooting philosophy, into the action game elementsto make the game the greatly enhanced playability and excitement,give players a more hearty feeling.
Universal World War II 2.2
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History of poetry masterpiece, themilitarycommander of the absolute record. As hand travel a FPSlike,"Universal World War II" to subvert the traditional shootersingleperson depends on the player fighting game mode. Playersduring thebloody battles at the same time, there will be beauty inthe sideguard loyal guards, and the players fought side by side,withdouble firepower fiercely against the enemy! Many small playersingeneral even without hands, just aim, its own beauty dishesguardshot! Beauty is a hero to save humanity, but there is nobeautywill guard heroes hero. If this woman was, who needs!"Universal World War II" faithful reproduction of the classicbattleof World War II, respectively, in the five battlegroundagainst theGerman, Italian, Japanese fascist aggression. Gorgeousbattlescenes, but without losing the war Jagged and deep, but fullof coolfirearms traces of history. At the end of the 70thAnniversary ofthe victory of the war at this time, let us use thiscondensationteam's hard work and wisdom of the game, to the greatmartyrs weremy highest respect!