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Work Log 4.6.4
Features: ★ Supports NFC for clocking in and out ★ Upon arrival tojob site, app can send reminder alert to clock in/out (able toprogram multiple locations). ★ At predetermined time, app can sendreminder alert to clock in and out ★ Multiple ways to clock in andout including: Clock in/out with a simple touch of your fingerOption to clock in/out by typing ★ Track hours for salary employees★ Able to program different hourly rates for various locations/jobsites ★ Able to set different shift differentials. Including dayshift, evening shift, night shift, weekends, and holidays. ★ Changeand calculate retroactive salary for entire list or selected month★ Search, sort, calculate, edit, delete days under special notes ★New interface which allows for various color selections and colorthemes to correlate with different shifts ★ Able to manually modifytime log. ★ Option to automatically back up data to the device. ★Clock widget for ease and accessibility for clock in and out ★Customize settings for unlimited number of jobs ★ Able to togglebetween jobs on the list with ease ★ Automatically adjusts forshift differentials and displays them in custom colors assigned byuser ★ Able to add in bonuses, tips, and deductions on an as neededbasis ★ Able to add in bonuses, tips, and deductions on a permanentbasis ★ Able to enter in vacation pay, sick pay, and holidays ★Calculates mandatory deductions such as state tax, federal tax,state disability (according to user settings) ★ Able to calculatetravel expenses per day or per month ★ Capable to back up to GoogleDrive or drop box ★ Able to send data by e-mail in an Excel or text★ Calculate daily, monthly, or annual salary ★ Mark month / day asPaid or Unpaid. ★ And more... Work Log, Work Time, Time Shift,Shift Hour.
Real Darbuka 1.9.9
The most realistic darbuka,darbouka,doumbek,tabla APP FOR FREE.Properties: - Powerful touch - High-quality graphics. - Over 14high-quality Darbuka sounds. - Riq, Tabla, Balaban, Bandir,Darbuka... and more! - Oriental loops - Including multitouchdrumming darbuka for more realistically. -high-level effects reverband delay. -A belly dancer will dance when you play on the darbuka.-Ululation. Recommended - For high quality connect the device tospeakers or headphones. The darbuka is an arabic drum also known asalso chalice drum, tarabuka, darbuka, debuka, doumbek, dumbec,dumbeg, dumbelek, toumperleki, or tablah. more info: darbuka is asingle head membranophone with a goblet-shaped body used mostly inthe Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, and Eastern Europe. TheAfrican djembe-wassolou is also a goblet membranophone
com.bibas.workclock 4.1.9
ברוכים הבאים ל'שעון נוכחות'.הדפסת שעות העבודה וחישובי שכר . כוללמיקום gps.כל חודש אתם חותמים על דו"ח שעות בעבודה לפני קבלת התלוש.אזלפני שאתם חותמים למעסיק - תבדקו אם לא "התבלבלו" בחישוב ורישום השעותשלכם!האפליציה הכי מעודכנת והכי מדוייקת לחישובי שכר ושעותעבודה!*האפליקציה מתעדכנת לפי השינויים בחוק בזמן אמת.שעון נוכחות חכםפשוט ונוח לשימוש:*הדפסת שעות העבודה לפי כניסה ויציאה.*הוספת מיקוםgps בכניסה וביציאה באופן אוטומטי והצגת נוכחות במפה.*הדפסה ידנית שלשעות העבודה או הדפסה אוטומטית על ידי העברת האצבע.*חישוב משכורתיומית חודשית ושנתית.*כולל שעות נוספות,הפסקות ושבת.*כולל החזרינסיעות.*אפשרות להעביר את נתוני שעות העבודה למייל.*הפרדה של חודשיםוניהול נוח יותר.*מיון הרשימה לפי שעות שכר ותאריכים.*הפרדה של משמרותהעבודה.*מעקב אישי על ימי העבודה וימי חיסורים.*הוספת דיווחי ימימחלה.*הוספת דיווחי חופשות כולל תשלום וללא תשלום.*סידור המשמרותבאופן ידני ואוטומטי.*גיבוי ושליחה למייל כקובץ אקסל.*לא גוזלת סוללהבזמן הפעלת השעון!*חישובים שעות העבודה והשכר במדוייק.*האפליקציהמתעדכנת לפי השינויים בחוק.עם אפשרות להגדרה אישית לפי תנאיהעבודה.קיימת גרסת PRO בלינק הבאhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bibas.worksclocksWelcometo the Clock presence.Print working hours and wage calculations.Includes gps location.Every month you sign a work report hoursbefore receiving the coupon.So before you sign the employer - Checkif "confused" in calculating and recording your hours!Haflitzihmost updated and most accurate calculations of wages and hours ofwork!* The app is updated according to the changes in the law inreal time.Smart timekeeper simple and easy to use;* Print workhours by entry and exit.* Add GPS location at the entrance and exitautomatically the presence of the map and display.* Manuallyprinting or printing office hoursAutomatically by moving yourfinger.* Calculate monthly salary and an annual daily.Includingovertime, breaks and Saturday.* Includes travel expenses.* Abilityto transfer data from email hours.* Separation of months and easiermanagement.* Sort the list by the hour salary and dates.*Separation of the work shift.* Personal follow-up on work days anddays of torment.* Add sick reports.* Add holidays including freereports and free of charge.* Arrange shifts manually andautomatically.* Backup and send email as Excel file.* Does not takethe watch battery while playing!* Calculations and real wagesaccurately.* The app is updated according to the changes in thelaw.With the possibility of personal determination by the workingconditions.There is a PRO version at the linkbelow https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bibas.worksclocks
SMS Scheduler 1.8
SMS SchedulerHave you forgotten to wish someone a happy birthday oranniversary because every time you thought to call or write wasinconvenient for you? Has anyone ever asked you to "remind melater" and later you forgot to send that important reminderSMS/text? Now you can send those important SMS/ texts on time to afriend or a group of friendsin your contact list withoutinterfering with your busy schedule. "SMS Scheduler" is a FREE appthat allows you to program in your SMS/text as well as set the dateand time you want it to be sent. No more forgetting your wife'sbirthday.No more forgetting to say "congratulations" to your friendon their graduation day.Let the app do the work for you.**Features** FREE app Unlimited texting characters Simple yet sleekdesignWill not drain your cell phone battery Ability to program theapp with important events and then forget it. Let the app do therest.
Math Rush 1.0.6
think you smart ?How to play:30 seconds - start time.+3 seconds -for every right answer!-3 seconds - for every wronganswer*difficulty Increased longer you play.*Unlimited Mathproblems.