makario Apps

Gifinator 2.0.4
Gifinator is an animated gif creator that is super easy to use!Just touch the screen to take pictures, tweak your animation, andshare your gif with your friends!Now anyone can have fun with stop motion!
WordKick 1.1
WordKick is a fun new word game that'sincredibly simple to play. The goal is to change onefour-letter word into another four-letter word by changing only oneletter at the time.Casual ModeRelax and complete words without any pressure. There are no clockor move limits in this mode, so feel free to move at your ownpace!Challenge ModeIn challenge mode, you have a limited amount of moves to solve eachword—and watch the clock! The more quickly you solve each word,more time you have. The game is over when you run out of moves ortime.Time TrialCreate as many words as you can before time runs out!
NoDurr 1.0
NoDurr is not Durr, a "shivering bracelet that investgates ourperception of 5 minutes." ('t made by a design studio in Oslo.NoDurr doesn't look as coolas Durr.NoDurr won't make you feel hip and rad and unique becauseyou bought a limited edition of some fancy bracelet no one's heardof.But Durr has sold out and will never return.Like Durr, NoDurrwill vibrate every five minutes.Like Durr, NoDurr will not tell youthe current time.Like Durr, NoDurr has four color options to choosefrom.Like Durr, NoDurr will highlight just how unproductive andlazy you are being RIGHT NOW.Unlike Durr, you can set the vibrationinterval to 15 minutes if you want.Unlike Durr, NoDurr iswater-resistant (since your Android Wear device is).Unlike Durr,your Android Wear device can become useful again by choosinganother watchface.Yeah, we're all bummed that we won't be able tobuy Durr.NoDurr isn't Durr, but hopefully it's good enough.