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Black Blocks 1.0.0
Simple Block Breaker Game about luck andalittle thinkingSmash as much block as possible at to the same time to gethigherscore.
Runner : Cave Adventure 1.0.1
Cave Runner is an easy to play butchallengingrunner game. Be ready for an adventure in the caves. Runthroughdifferent levels, avoid obstacles and collect golds as manyas youcan.How to play:Tap the screen to jump. That is all you need to know :)
FEATURES:• Fast paced gameplay• 3 Difficulties• More than 80 Levels• Cute Pixel Art• Easy Controls
Merge a Dot - Dots Puzzle 1.2.1
Bored of playing the same type of puzzle games? Here is a brand newfree to play puzzle game for you. Merge a Dot is a simple, easy toplay puzzle game. Simple logic; merge the dots with same color anddon't let the dots to fill the entire screen. "Get addicted! Thisis one of those challenging puzzle games for which you will scratchyour heads to for your moves!" ( How To Play:Tap a dot to select it, then tap any of the highlighted tile tomove the dot. If 3 or more dots come together horizontally orvertically, they merge. Merge the dots and don't let them fill theentire screen. Game has 2 different modes: 1)Classic Mode: Veryeasy to play. Difficulty increase very little as you progress. Goodfor starters and who likes easy puzzle games. 2)Expert Mode: Startsthe same way as Classic Mode but it becomes harder and harder asyou progress. Good for experienced players and who like challanges.Expert mode is locked by default. To unlock the Expert Mode youneed to make 500 or a higher score in Classic Mode. *Easy to playpuzzle game which trains your brain. *Demystify smartly builtpuzzles *You can play the game for a short period of time for abreak *Or you can play it to beat highest score and compete withyour friends *No time limit, take your time and do the move *Simplebrain exerciser *Supports Google Leaderboards *Clear and simple UI*Game works for android 2.3 and above devices *Autosave; exitduring the game and your progress will be saved automatically.Internet & network state permission is asked for ads andleaderboards. Important: To access leaderboards and save yourscores, you need to sign in Google Play Game Services in the menuscreen.
Chase of Boxes : action platformer 1.0.10
Chase of boxes is a little action platformer game about amancollecting boxes. Collect boxes and use them to solvedifferentpuzzles in this little game.