matsukesoft Apps

Kanten on the KeiTruck 1.8
Control your truck and shoot Enemies withKanten!!Chain the combo and get big point!!!You can play 4-multi player battle on one Device!!( "Kanten" means Japanese traditional food. It is like a Jelly)
Wipe out with Beams !! 1.5
Wipe out the looming monsters with a beam ! ! Easy exhilaratingbeam and explosion action ! Touch the place where you want to shoota beam ! Then , I will explode . It is simple . When you slidewhile you touch , you can wipe out the beam . Of course I willexplode . It is exhilarating . While careful to durability of magicforce and water tower , please heartily wipe out the demons . It isdifficult . Either a certain period of time , it is when the watertower is destroyed the game is over . It is impermanence . Willcontain a stretch to Nagiharau and combo bonus . It is in whatfancy .
Shift_Shooter 1.12
Break on through the barrage. This shooting game you can beoperated with one finger ! This game has two game mode. Singlemode: Stage clear type mode of going broke various nemesis. Let'sput the new skills in hand to defeat the enemy . Battle mode: Youcan play 2-multi player battle on one Device!! You can fight byselecting a skill in the same way as the single mode .
MPRocket! 1.2.2
[MPRocket!] Left and right of the screen corresponds to the rocket! Operation is easy! Aim the end of the white space of all 100stage over! - It can be operated even one finger in the option . -If the operation is heavy , please lower the setting from theoptions of quality .