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mbrace 1.1.2
WHAT IS MBRACE?mbrace is a fun new way to meet interesting people in your cityforjoint activities and events, flirting, parties, friendshipandmore!HOW DOES IT WORK?You can easily swipe through user profiles – besidesmultiplepictures you can see mutual friends and shared interests tofindout what you have in common.If someone has aroused your interest, you can “like” him orher.Your like will always be anonymously. If the other personhappensto like you back, you have a match! mbrace then makesanintroduction and lets you chat inside the appBesides liking someone, you can also perform a small“challenge”the other person has chosen. If the other person likesand acceptsyour challenge submission, mbrace lets you chat insidethe app aswell. Also, you can define fun challenges that othersneed to do inorder to get to know you. Be creative!WHY MBRACE?Exclusivitymbrace is an exclusive network where exisiting members candecidewho gets access. This way we offer a trustful atmospherewithoutcreeps or people that annoy you.Choicembrace lets you choose the way you indicate interest –anonymouslyvia a like or openly via a challenge. You are in controlof whomyou want to interact with.Funmbrace is an easy and entertaining way to meet interestingpeopleand make new friends. Using the challenge feature you canbecreative and funny in the way you represent yourself.AuthenticityThrough facebook connect and our application approval processweensure that mbrace is kept free of fake profiles andshow-offs.Just real, regular, cool people like you and me.
Roundhere 2.29.0
Roundhere allows you to follow localupdatesfrom your neighbourhood and to get in touch with people inthearea!The app bundles nearby people and their posts - no matter ifyouare at home or wandering around the city. You will easily keepupwith local happenings and news, directly reach & meetyourneighbours or get spontaneous help and local expertise:- DISCOVER YOUR DISTRICT through local tips&recommendations, new shops & bars and eventshappeningnearby- REACH YOUR NEIGHBOURS in the same house or next door with adirectinstant message without the need to swap numbersbefore- GET HELP within minutes for urgent questions about local topicsorif would like to borrow something for your house- FOLLOW CURRENT HAPPENINGS and news around your house andextendedneighbourhood as they happen- MEET YOUR NEIGHBOURS to find out who lives in your houseandnearbyHave fun!