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Sokoban Chicken - Push Box Puzzle 2.1.0
The objective of the Sokoban is to move all boxes to the designatedstorage areas by pushing them. However, this will not always beeasy. You will need to force your brain and logic as much aspossible. This will keep your mind active.In the Sokoban Chickengame, you control a chicken and the chicken only push one box at atime. The level is over when all of the boxes are placed to storagesquares.Sokoban is here with new and different levels.Features:*100 free levels.* Support both portrait and landscape mode.* Usingfinger gesture control.* Also using control buttons.* Ability tosave.Don't forget! All levels were solved. Therefore, each levelhas a solution. You should not give up.
Clocked Clock - Kids learn clock 1.1.2
Your child is going to learn reading and using analog clock withfun.* 5 difficulty levels* Easy start the test for kids* ScoringsystemQuestions has 5 difficulty levels in Clocked Clock game:VeryEasy: 1 hour periodEasy: 30 minutes periodNormal: 15 minutesperiodHard: 5 minutes periodVery Hard: 1 minute periodChoose thedifficulty level accoding to your child's knowledge. For example ifyour child only knows the numbers, start the "Very Easy" level. Thechild will just match the numbers with the actions of thehour-hand.