Metric Conversions 1.0.8
Unit Converter - Free App - Convert Metric to Imperial - CurrencyConverter - Fast - Offline AccessDescription***NEW*** Free UnitConverter App from Metric ConversionsSuper quick access to over30,000 everyday unit conversions in 45 different languagesBroughtto you by the most popular metric conversions website in theworldNeed to convert a unit from metric to imperial or vice versa?The most popular metric conversions website in the world,, has created this quick and easy to use FREEconverter app with a comprehensive range of conversions such asmiles to kilometers, kilograms to pounds, dollars to euros andcelsius to fahrenheit. Whether you are in the supermarket, on atrain or at a restaurant, you can access over 30,000 calculationsat your fingertips, making everyday conversions simple, both onlineand offline.FEATURES:Over 30,000 unit conversions in over 45languagesOver 160 currencies with live exchange ratesEasy to useinterfaceCreate a conversion favourites list for quick accessAccessunit conversions offline when on-the-goSwitch between conversionunits with one clickConvert to fractionsObtain conversion resultswith up to 8 significant digitsCONVERTERS:Weight Converter(kilograms, pounds, stones, grams, ounces and more)TemperatureConverter (celsius, fahrenheit, kelvin, rankine and more)CurrencyConverter (over 160 currencies with live exchange rates)LengthConverter (miles, kilometres, feet, yards, centimetres, inches andmore)Area Converter (Square feet, square metres, hectares, squarekilometres and more)Volume Converter (US & UK Gallons, litres,US pints, UK pints, cubic feet and more)Speed Converter (miles perhour, kilometers per hour, meters per second and more)TimeConverter (seconds, minutes, hours and days)Angle Converter(Milliradians, sign, seconds, radians, degrees and more)PressureConverter (Pascals, inches of mercury, bar, inches of water, torrsand more)Energy & Power Converter (calories, therms,newton-meters, kilowatt-hours and more)The Metric Conversions UnitConverter App is FREE to use.ABOUT is themost popular metric conversions website in the world.* A simple touse online conversion website for a multitude of units includingtemperature, length, area, volume, weight and currencies in over 45languages, the site is well equipped to offer this comprehensive,free and easy to use unit converter app.*Source: Alexa
Floaty Finder 1.0.1
Real time live information for the Cowes floating bridge. Find theposition of the floating bridge (and whether it's working or not)