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Mobiefit ACTIVE: Train, Track & Get Fit 4.4
*Subscribe now and insure your training for free!* Achieve yourfitness #goals with Mobiefit ACTIVE, the easiest way to loseweight, improve your running pace and track performance. With anall new pricing the Mobiefit ACTIVE 5K, 10K, half marathon and fullmarathon training programs are now available at Rs 125 per month.Newest addition to Mobiefit ACTIVE is the ‘Weight Loss by Walking’program, aimed to help you burn calories with a combination of slowand brisk walks, along with backwards walking and climbing stairs.Available in Hindi and English, Mobiefit ACTIVE is the first Indianapp with celebrity-led training programs featuring Fitness Icon GulPanag, ideal for beginners as well as experienced runners.►►TRAINING AND DIET PLANS◄◄ Get ready to run a marathon, become ahabitual runner or simply stay fit by walking with Mobiefit ACTIVEtraining and 3-month diet plans. Available via in-app purchase,with carrier billing support. • Weight Loss By Walking Shed 6 Kgsin 3 months by simply walking! A step-by-step training plan anddiet for effective weight loss with a combination of slow and briskwalks, along with backwards walking and climbing stairs. • Starter5K Ideal for absolute beginners, this 9-Week program trains you torun for 30 minutes – or around 5 km distance – continuously. •Starter 10K Set your sights higher in this beginner-friendly 10Ktraining program. 12-Weeks of running to train you to run for 60minutes continuously. • Starter 21K The perfect way to reach yourhalf-marathon goal. Intense 14-Week training to help you run yourfirst 21K run. • Elite 5K Are you a 5K newbie? Start this intense9-Week program to finish a 5K run in less than 30 minutes. • Elite10K Step up your 10K running game. Get the right diet and trainingplan to finish a 10K in under 60 minutes in this 12-Week program. •Elite 21K Got half-marathon goals? The perfect diet plan andintense 12-Week training program to improve your 21K pace andperformance. • Mission Marathon 42K Conquer your full marathongoals with the ideal diet and training plan. Complete a 42Kdistance with this 18-Week program. All programs come with a3-month diet and nutrition plan, designed by one of India’s leadingcelebrity fitness experts, Shwetha Bhatia. ►►DAILY RUN & STEPTRACKING◄◄ Don’t need to train? Simply start running or walkingwith a tap and track your route, daily steps, calories burnt, speedand distance. ►►COMPETE WITH OTHERS◄◄ Win rewards and goodies everymonth by competing with mobiefit Runners around the world inexciting monthly challenges. ►►YOUR RUNNING COMMUNITY◄◄ Get usefultips and advice on jogging, workouts, warmup drills from experts aswell as news about upcoming marathons and other running events.►►TRACK ACHIEVEMENTS◄◄ Get a quick snapshot of your best distanceand pace records as well as see your overall stats. Share training,daily run and challenge run activity with your friends to inspireothers! ►►CELEBRITY FITNESS ICONS◄◄ India’s leading fitness iconsmotivate you to keep pace with our training program. Gul Panag willtake you through every session, helping you improve yourperformance and overall health. ►►TREADMILL RUNS, WEARABLES &MORE ◄◄ Connect your Android Wear device through Google Fitsupport, pair your Strava account or other wearables like Misfit,Fitbit, Jawbone and Withings to sync all runs seamlessly. Get paceand inclination tips when doing your training runs on a treadmillso you can stick to your training even when it’s raining. In a fewweeks you will be hitting the tracks regularly, burning calories,losing inches, shedding kilos and strengthening muscles, to befitter and faster with Mobiefit ACTIVE. For any feedback, queries,or feature requests write to us at
mobiefit BODY Home Workouts + Diet Plan 4.9
Get that dream body with mobeifit BODY, the home-workout app that’sa perfect fit for all your #fitnessgoals. Especially designed andmade in India and for the Indian body type, mobiefit BODY gives youthe chance to work out from anywhere at a time that’s convenientfor you! With the customized training program and a 3-monthnutrition kit and diet plan, the mobiefit BODY programs are idealfor weight loss, helping you torch calories, get stronger, andstart a healthier life! The no-equipment bodyweight workouts areperfect for beginners and anyone who wants to lose weight, gainmuscle, build six-pack abs or simply get fit. Available in Hindiand English, mobiefit BODY is the first Indian app withcelebrity-led training programs and diet plans featuring FitnessIcons Bani J and Anoop Singh. MOBIEFIT BODY PRO EXPERIENCE Get ridof extra fat from your belly, arms, butt or thighs, and get a solidcore workout with the mobiefit BODY 3-in-1 Pro training programs.All programs come with a customised diet and nutrition plan,designed by one of India’s leading celebrity fitness experts,Shwetha Bhatia, keeping Indian tastes and ingredients in mind.Subscribe for just Rs. 250 per month and get access to fourtraining programs with a money-back guarantee. ► Ultimate Fat LossLose up to 9 kg in 3 months with this weight loss training programand nutrition plan. Get your daily workout schedule and a specificdiet plan to start losing weight. ► Build Muscle & StrengthGain weight and build stronger muscles with this bodyweight workoutroutine for beginners, plus 3-month nutrition kit and diet plan forbeginners. ► Mission Six-Pack Get those enviable six-packs and asuper-strong core with our focused training program and acustomised diet plan to help you develop ripped muscles. Thetraining programs are tailored to your ability. Not everyone can do50 squats, push-ups or crunches from the start! The Free FitnessTest tells us your current fitness level, and the app creates aworkout routine that’s perfect for your level. Using your devices’sensors, mobiefit BODY automatically counts reps and tracks yourworkouts for pushups, crunches and squats. Made for India, ourpopular local fitness icons & celebs show you the exact way toperform any workout and stay with you through the program! ►►TRAINWITH MR WORLD◄◄ With a Mr World 2015 title under his belt, actorand pilot, Anoop Singh showcases his incredible flexibility,body-building expertise to help you build a world-class physique.►►WORK OUT WITH TV ICON◄◄ Bani J (MTV Roadies alumni) is one ofIndia’s most loved TV personalities, and a great inspiration foryoung people looking to get fit! Start training with her to get theperfect body! ►►BE A CHAMPION◄◄ Test yourself in pushups, crunchesand squats in new thrilling monthly challenges to win awesomeprizes, and get featured on our YouTube channel. ►►TEST YOURFITNESS◄◄ Not sure what program to start with? Take the freeFitness Test within the app, and let us recommend the right programfor you, based on your calculated BMI and body-age. ►►FITNESSFEED◄◄ 100+ in-app videos from dozens of fitness icons, includingAnoop and Bani, at no extra cost! Plus a workout progress tracker,and daily updates through health and fitness news articles andvideos. mobiefit BODY not only tells you which workouts to performfor the day, but also gives you a nutrition plan for holisticfitness! Boost strength and build a better body and get rechargedwith our training and nutrition plans. Burn calories, start losingweight in just 7 days, gain energy to keep getting stronger. Forany feedback, queries, or feature requests write to us
mobiefit WALK for Weight Loss 2.3.2
Losing weight may be one of the hardest thingsto do, but mobiefit WALK makes taking that first step easier. Builtspecifically for people who want to lose weight, protect theirheart, beat diabetes and recover from injuries. Whatever yourfitness goal, take that first step with mobiefit WALK.Our unique scientific training program makes it easy to meetfitness goals such as managing diabetes, healthy weight loss,recovering from injuries or surgery, improving your heart’s health,or competing in walkathons!►► Count steps with ease ◄◄Love seeing how many steps you took in the day? mobiefit WALK cannow count that automatically thanks to background step tracking,and this is added it to the monthly mobiefit WALK challenges.►► Built by experts ◄◄This walking app has been made in India, in collaboration withrenowned physiotherapists and sports scientists. It follows thewell-recommended 6-days a week approach of the American College ofSports Medicine (ACSM) which is great for heart patients.►► Weight loss guide ◄◄Don’t have the stamina to hit the gym or go for a run? Burn plentyof calories by walking every day - a brisk walk is just as good asa jog when it comes to losing weight and torching those peskycalories.►► Recover from injuries ◄◄Returning to full fitness after an injury is especially difficult.That’s why the low-intensity walking program makes it easy tobounce back to your fittest self after a break - whether it is dueto injury or illness.►► Fights against diabetes ◄◄Walking is one of the most effective ways of keeping diabetes atbay, and it also is the prescribed workout for those suffering fromthis disease. Walking helps beat obesity by slowly making you moreand more active, and getting rid of that lazy feeling.►► Meets your fitness needs◄◄Choose from three difficulty levels: from the least strenuous Lightto the slightly intense Moderate and to the Advanced program meantfor those who are already active.►► Healthy and happy heart ◄◄Those who walk just 20 minutes every day have been shown to have ahealthier heart at an older age. Walking improves the condition ofthe muscles and provides better blood flow to your organs.►► Walk to win prizes ◄◄Not only does mobiefit WALK help you burn calories on your dailywalks and boost your fitness, you stand a chance to win awesomeAmazon vouchers and more in monthly challenges.►► Track your progress ◄◄Keep an eye on your progress with each passing day and stay oncourse for your daily step goals thanks to the in-built pedometeror step counter. Track & analyze total steps walked, distancecovered, calories burnt, and duration of your walks.►► Your walking coach ◄◄Get timely updates, stay motivated and learn to walk with the rightposture with voice instructions in Hindi and English. Our in-appcoaches will take you through each session, and guide you on idealregular and brisk walking speeds.Walking regularly is the key to maintaining a healthy weight, andalso helps you manage and prevent heart conditions, high bloodpressure, obesity and type 2 diabetes. Keep yourself active, fitand ready for any daily tasks - great for senior citizens who seekto improve blood circulation and muscle coordination.Walking not only helps you get physically fit, but improves yourmood and is known to make you calm in a manner similar tomeditation. Take a walk into the simplest and most effective way tostart your fitness journey.For more details, visit, or you can also shareyour experience, feedback and suggestions withwalk@mobiefit.comDon’t forget to leave a review after installing the app. Follow‘mobiefit’ on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram to keep up with all the latestfeatures and updates for all our apps.