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Free AIA Files(Make app in free) 10.3
You will get free projects in the form of huge collection of AIAfiles and can use in different platforms. These are free andprofessional apps easy to use. in one tap you can download projectfile and earn online free with playstore. Just install this app andget new app code file in free and upload on app sharing sites. youcan direct download this software in no money. Simple and easy touse free aia , with game aia file included, Game aia is like dicegame aia, pool game aia so the functionality and user interface youcan add more as per your choice to rank your app high. This appexcluded earning app(Auto impression, earn money online type) filesdue to prevent suspension of accounts in these type of apps. As youknow generally game app is good earning wise so try to include thatone in project files. Just download and create your ownApplication.You Can Use These Aia File To Create Your Ownapplication. One more thing for project modification you can do isIn aia files you can make android code for button and decorate itwith the help of particle extensions, materialistic button colorsor floating buttons. you can easily get android code for login pageas aia file, android code for calculator as project file,androidcode for sending sms and many more new exciting application rawcode. You can make also make Camera app, status app, QR code andlove calculator app, GST calculator , Ghost hunter and other appaia files, android code to play audio file aia. Only you need toupload these aia files on site , change the interface of UI ,buttons so that your app will be attractive include extra featuresif you want and publish that. This will boost your earning as wellas knowledge and is a easy way to make apps. We Hope You Love it.*Coming Soon!!!!! More AIA Files Android Studio Application &Game Project File Html5,css and java related games free files aiafile for game * Disclimer- AIA files are taken from differentsources For any feedback/suggestion you can write us
Life Hacks (hacks and facts)- 1.9
Life Hacks (hacks and facts) Real life hacks Simple life hacks Lifehacks for home Life hacks to make life easier Facts to make lifeeasier Everyday life facts Awesome facts Awesome life hacks andfacts Collection of hacks, facts, tips and ideas Useful hacks andfacts Everyday life hacks World is the better place to love andlive. Make it more better.Stay ahead as an upgraded version withlife Hack and improve skill everyday. Gain knowledge and do smartwork. It's a information app which improve IQ along withentertainment. Get ways to do your daily work easily in Life hack ,Online purchase hack, offer , deal, improve your confidence, mathssolve website, useful website list, movie download wbsitelist,window hack, travel hack, Hair treatment , MS word and otherprogramming language. Hack and much more. Just have it and use itin daily life. You may use this hacks in bargaining , grocerypurchase and improve time management. These hacks makes your lifemore easy and comfortable. Be an expert in tips, tricks, shortcut,skill,to increase your productivity and efficiency. quick and easyLife Hacks that you can put in your life rituals. tips and tricksto optimize your life the fullest. You can post also share hacksand tips on, will will publish that withyour name if selected. We are eager to hear from you suggestionsand ideas-
Android Code (Mobile secret codes) 2.2
Android Code new 2019 (Mobile secret codes,secret code, mobilecode, secret) in more section check your 2G , 3G, 4G(LTE) balance ,data balance check and more named with mobile service providercompanies details. Unveil secret about your android phone. Unlockhidden features on android. Android secret code is an offline appthat includes the secret codes of all android phones .Check allworking codes on your smartphone. Detect device manufacture,Operating system version, backup all your media files and manymore. These phone secret android codes is free and give usefulinformation about your smartphone and are easy to use. secret codeis basically predefined mobile utility codes for multi purposes.these code, secret and multi function and sometimes hazardous toit's good if you first read all instructions or search it on netSo, if you are curious about this then you will surely take aninterest in your device's hidden codes. These codes are enteredthrough keyboard of mobile phone or dialer. Functions they unlockor show related with many components of mobile phone. Mostly theyare set to default state and hidden for good reason like factoryreset and other features. Explore the world with curiosity ,we areupdating it with all recent android device. This Phone secret codeapplication has a simple and attractive interface. This app worksoffline, as the user interface is simple anyone can use it easily.It's easy to intract with secreat code of mobiles and we are poringin continuously. We tried to cover all mobile device and codesincluding Chinese mobile phones, Now you can discover these code todrive in deep in mobile are cautious to use, likefactory reset , sd card data delete, So use this command on yourown risk. May be some of the command don't execute or need specialpermissions. You can access many features by these USD codes ,apply them free. These features give you access the fullest to yourmobile and reveal more secrets about the phone architecture andavailable features knowledge. This android ussd codes list like pdfor special codes for specific mobiles you can easily get throughthis app as category wise list is provided. Unlock this opportunityand use hidden and confidentially important codes. These lot ofinformation of device is freely available to you. Share these codeswith your friends and loved once and enjoy. So these android secretcodes are basically a hack tool are to basically reveal hiddenproperties of mobiles,android codes and hacks enable you toincrease and use your device efficiently. You can also say itmaster code or technician code just because it give you differentthings and hardware interaction as well. Maybe you have seen manyandroid apps of this type , as codes provided are not used forevery operator, maybe some of the codes will not execute or need tospecial command or permission to execute, we will update once anysuch setting is taken in consideration. So,after appling thesecodes you will get the android device more intelligent and smart.This Phone code application has interactive interface and offlineapp provides a guide to reveal secrets of your mobile. We have madeit's UI more interactive and simple , this is a free app you canuse offline as well as online. The code includes mobile touchscreen test code,touch screen test code,mobile phone codes andtricks, android check code , you can use it as android devicemanager can check IMEI number, device id, android version ofsoftware and many more. This simple interface can be filtered bymobile name, or you can choose your mobile easily. So, EveryAndroid user can be explorer, we have listed a ton of dialer codeswith mobile name specification. Smartphone manufacturers tend tokeep the technical stuff hidden from general public as they don'twant to confuse or overburden normal people, thankfully these areaccessible through codes. Upcoming updates:- iphone secretcodes,iphone test mode code.
Remember My Password (Easy to find saved password) 2.2
Easy way to remember saved password,Remember My Password is a freepassword manager to retrieve it. When you will install the app,youwill get all your saved password at different website, can alsoenable the save my password option for particular websites. It isimpossible to remember all passwords of different accounts butthere is a solution to retrieve forgotten password and that is afree password manager Remember My Password. make your accounts,saved and remember forgotten password. See which site you havegiven permission to save password so that accounts, saved andsecure , also read our do and don't for setting secure password.These are the password saved by you, when you select save mypassword option. Install this free app to secure your digital life.The best way to secure your id is to use different passwords foreach site but it is not so simple to remember all of them and thebest option is to use a safe and secure password manager. Alsodon't use weak or most used password like 123456, qwerty,Passwordor passw0rd, letmein so there is a easier reference given in theapp regarding password selection. This is the best passwordapplication which can show your saved password like a passwordvault where you can manage password for apps and site , that isalready saved by you. This password manager app let you design appspecific password or site wise password save , view or remove. Youcan also see sites or apps which are in not remember password oropt to do so. This is a google account password management app,through this you can view your saved password, sites for which youopt not to save password and can also manage password by removingor adding that. This app is also useful for those who easily forgettheir password or difficulties in remember password of severalaccount , just login and see what the last password you haveset.You can also reset your password via given link in tab. So easyto maintain things. This Remember my password app act like apassword manager, also give tips in tabs to how to choose strongpassword. So download and install this free app and enjoy ; )Disclaimer:App is not officially related to Google Accounts.Foryour convenience password reset option is also available in app.This application works to see/modify your saved password by youonly, and doesn't store your password.
Online Super hero movies game(Hero quiz at home)
Super hero movies game(Hero quiz at home) Do You Call Yourself anSuperhero Quiz Fan? We challenge that! Guess the Super hero andComplete the Infinity War Quiz. You will be given a picture and youwill have to guess the Infinity War character. * This game is themost advanced quiz game, so are you a true fan of heros? It is mostin depth Superheros & Supervillains guessing game!what do youthink what it takes to accept a challenge? Well, if you accept, go& fast download this game now and test your knowledge aboutsuper hero game,DC and others. Guess superheros such as Superman,Batman,Thor,Iron an, Spider man and many more have!you can downloadand enjoy great comics books from our current monthly offeringsplus, legendary classics library.What's more, you'll be able tosnugly manage and read your entire collection anytime, whetheryou're at your desk computer, laptop or on the move using yourAndroid device. Experience the amazing world Kindly do not forgetto provide the rating for this quiz game as per your quiz gameexperience and you can also suggest improvements in your feedback/review comments of this game. get your favorite hero in this quiz.Quiz has multiple level offline, so the quiz works in offline aswell as online. It is a coin system game , that makes this gamemore addictive. Your correct answer earns some coin. Guess orreveal the answer will cut your marks in context of coin. So gameis not to easy to win but addictive to play.You’ll enjoy this asmany movies like iron man, avengers, ant man, marvel moviescharacters are included in this game. You can share any level toearn some coin and the final result. We are poring in more levelsto make this game more entertaining and joyful. This is just a stepto involve you to the characters you like most. Challenge yourComic Superhero knowledge. This game is for everyone Boy,Girl,Kids, Adult...who ever the fan of comic world and fantacy. Achive a new level of joy and happiness . One of the best triviagame, resolve all the questions of guess the superhero by theirIcon, specificity and more to explore. You will love this gamebacause of its guess the name system i.e not so easy neither sohard.Totally and absolutely free quiz game with more levels, hintcoin for when you stuck, different superhero series, challenge yourfriend with sharing any level. Enjoy the view. Ask your friends toenjoy the comic world with this hero logo game. This may not be thebest game you have played but you will enjoy this fun. Don't forgetto share the score with your friends to see who's the biggest fan!Install our awesome app, read the questions about superheroes,comics and productions and try to answer them! How much do youremember? Key features: 1:Hint throw solution 2:Solve questionoption 3:A lot of levels and take less space 4:Activating andtraining the memory of children on the skills of understanding andperception 5:Funny and entertaining for children & young underschool age 6:It Helps children to develop the skill of memoryanalysis and structure
Word game for child baby(make writing letter fun) 3.1.7z
Word game for child baby. This app is specially for child whoarelearning alphabets and words. Just see in the pics the wholewordand type that.. UI is simple for use and also a coin systemforevery right answer, you can share your app , and evenquestions.Sharing your question will increase your coin. You canguess or cansee answer for some coin and earn coin to tweet orshare thequestion. Every right answer will give you extra point.Happylearning!!.
Special Birthday Gift Ultimate(special Notes) 1.3
Birthday Gift Ultimate(Unique Birthday Gift) is a beautiful giftconcept Gift your loved one the number note of their Birthday,Anniversary or special occasion. You will rarely find it somewhere, but here you can search in our database or just click to notifyme when it is available. We will update you through mail. So,request you to patiently fill the contact information for futurecommunication. May be you are here because you are thinking thatwhich gift is good for birthday.. May be that is gift for he, giftfor she or a baby product gift. You will easily get most commonproducts that people use to give in birthdays , either that isprinted mug, frame , love products ..even at some part of worldthere is potato gift in trend ,where people use to send theirmessage written on that. But you may be searching for a giftproduct which is more meaningful and made only for you. This is aconcept where we have notes (rupee) old or new, you can search inthis app whether the notes of your choice is available or not. Youcan even write us if your note is available to us in future. Justfill the form after search for that. We designed the app as if yourbirthday note not found, you can easily select other options forsame date and month. this will appear below the panel when yousearch that one. Remember this a unique gift and yes it signifiesthe word just for you.] Tell your dear one that you love so muchthat you collect such a rare thing for him/her. No additionalissues, just search that or tell us if we notify you if that willbe available in future. Birthday gift is always special foreveryone. birthday gift is a unique and made for you gift place.It's time for fun and enjoy and wishes, spread the joy withfabulous birthday rupee number gift. Make your birthday gift morespecial for your loved one. Just make this special dayrememberable,gift this unique product a birthday rupee note thatyou will not get easily, but you can get it easily here.Application is easy to use,also steps given for easy use and youcan send us mail anytime for further query. How this work:- Selectyour date , we have these number in ddmmyy format. If you get yourchoice just send us your email and contact so that we can send thespecimen in photo for your approval and process with furtherprocess. What thing you can choose:- You can choose your birthdaynumber in ddmmyy format and also can request for update or notifyin future if not available. You can also see our other products forgift purpose. How we arrange that- We have a group of people whouse to collect old or new notes, as these are in transactions , sowhenever we get a notification we contact our members to providethe required note, and intimate you via mail. The note pics forhealth is shared to you via mail communication for your approval,and finally dispatches it on your address. It's more likely thatyou don't get many of the notes in database, as we are improvingour database but not reached to the apex. So request you to put anotify request so that we come back to you once that is available.Also for easy reference we display notes available of same datasame month of different years also. For any query you can write uson:-
Hollywood top movie Guess Game 3.2.7z
Hollywood top movie Guess Game This is a Quiz game , game is a IQtester as well as educational and entertaining. Guess the answer ,show the answer and share the answer tabs are available to makegame more entertaining. Enjoy the game!!!
Famous top movie of actress name(Game of Joy)
Famous top movie of actress name(Game of Joy).. Guess the topmovies of Hollywood and Bollywood actress name . This game has goodinteractive UI along with simple guess system. You can easily sharethe questions with your frds and family members. Also it has easyguess system that you can use for further levels. To make thesystem easy we put coin system, that you can easily increase onyour question share or tweet, while on guess you have to spendsome. Famous top movie of actress name(movies GK Question) is easyas well as attractive free app. We tried to make it morecomfortable and UI more engaging by putting coin system . We puttop famous actress movies to make this game more entertaining andeasier. Challenge your friends and see who can solve the most iconsor find the appropriate answer, share with dear ones and enjoy.This is a Quiz game , game is a IQ tester as well as educationaland entertaining. Guess the answer , show the answer and share theanswer tabs are available to make game more entertaining. Enjoy thegame!!!
Expert Quiz Game (IQ Master) 3.2.7z
Expert Quiz Game (IQ Master), Enjoy the game to recognize thefamous celebrity , world leader , presidents ,star and historychangers. This is a Quiz game , game is a IQ tester as well aseducational and entertaining. Guess the answer , show the answerand share the answer tabs are available to make game moreentertaining. Enjoy the game!!!
Smile math Quiz 3.1.7z
Smile math Quiz( Math solver with Emoji)
Baby games for girls and boys Child Education 1.0
Child Education (BabyPhone) , This game has three parts.Forentertainment we used different animations, videos and Gifs.Thisapp has mainly two educational part in which recognize colorandrecognize shape including to this we added entertaining callbyteddy, monkey and other characters. Birthday gift part andcallingparts are basically for involving and entertainmentpurposes. Playthis Sweet game with your Baby for fun and education,This app isfree to download and play, we made this app foreducation with Joypurposes. We used cartoon characters liketeddy,monkey, Rabbit,Panda to make this Game app more engaging andentertaining. Also weused car, tractor type animations for colourrecognition purposes.We are eager to hear your suggestions on1985kumarankit@gmail.comto make this app more educational forchildren Upcoming modules:-Painting basic things and abcd book
ICON Finder app Game 4.3.0z
App icon guess Game , Recognize the icon of app and logo and winthe points. you will earn points in every step also can share theapp questions with your friend and family on social network. Iconquiz is pretty simple as you already see the icon somewhere andeasily recognize many of them These pics guessing game are awesomeand involving. This game is addictive and we tried our level bestto make this game easy as well as tough. So many icons you will geteasy references and also there are hard questions included.Challenge your friends to see who can solve the most icons. So, Doyou like logo quiz, trivia games you find this app prettyamazing and entertaining. We tried to include many more brands, asshown by their trade mark or logos. Icon finder app is easy andinteresting as in many questions you will get matching type companyname related to the logo and icon. We here include top brands andtheir fabulous logo. We used famous icons , so that you can testintelligence including fun as GK questions. Don't forget to clickguess or share the question on social media platform if you stuckin any level.You will earn coin in every right answer and share andcan spend these on guess the answer. We are poring in morequestions . This icon finder game is pretty simple as this hasicons you see in your daily life , in house hold products, vehicleslike car bike or famous brands or social media.Challenge yourfriends and see who can solve the most icons or find theappropriate answer, share with dear ones and enjoy, Feel free towrite us on
Wishes sticker app(Wish special one on occasions) 1.0
Wishes sticker app , just add sticker in your communication appanduse it in chat apps. Add sticker pack in communication appsandchat. App includes birthday wishes, new year wish, valentinedaywish , Christmas day wish sticker. Make your loved one happyandshare love with joy with sticekrs. Just surprise your partnerandloves people with these unique stickers. You will get lovestickers,birthday stickers,funny stickers , Add the stickers in oneclick,they are pretty easy to add and use , just amaze your friendswiththis latest feature of chat. Say happy Birthday is now oldthing ,occasional wishes,funny stickers have this new way toexplore. Thisis library of wish stickers with new feeling of wishandsharing.Please enjoy sending t stickers with your friendandfamilies. These are totally free and happy has no cost.Thesestickers are supreme stickers to congratulate wishes andthesecustom stickers are made for particular occasions, you willfindcustom stickers for different occasions. Since stickers areintrend because this a new way to wish others or congratulateothers.You can easily know how to use sticker for communicationthis a avery easy process that is just a two click away. These arestickersfor text messages, you can greeting others , easily showmessagesin a lucid form. These stickers are best way say i care foryou. Weare poring more stickers.
Matching Card Memory Game 1.4
Matching Card Memory Game(entertainment match). Just a babymindgame of mixture of memory and card game. we tried to make thisappentertainment and puzzle full. Matching CardMemoryGame(entertainment match) game is specially designed for kidsforentertainment and engaging purposes. we put animal and somefunnycharacter to make this app more friendly and engaging. Yourideaand suggestions are most appreciated @
Big Business ideas in Hindi (business ideas) 1.2
Big Business ideas in Hindi (Business plan free guide) . Thisappwill give you clear guide to earn offline as well as online. Ifyouwant to earn online or searching ways to earn money, we listedheremany for your use. We keep this app in Hindi so that it accesswillbe easy and facts are clear . you can earn money onlinebyfollowing the steps, as we discuss ecommerrce, dropshipping,dropshipping companies in india, sell online guilde, sellphotosand music . You are an entrepreneur or a known business manthisapp will give you a new idea to earn online. How to make app,whatis server or cpanel and other interesting money earning wayswithknowledge we put in this app. In business ideas in hindi wetriedto make this app more concise and free for use and even somemorephotos are attached to make your reading more comfortable.Theseare low investment business ideas , many of it has moredetails sothis app has answer of your questions like how to startbusiness,what are the best business, business that can start inlessinvestment, how to open a startup or other details. SinceeCommerceindustries are booming we included how you can start yourownbusiness of ecommerce make a website, what is cpanel and wheretodropship type fundamental questions. How you can avail dropshipandother good droppshiping companies servies in less price.throughdropshipping you can open your own store easily of mobilephones,love products online toy store , gift or any services. Foreasyrefrences we introduce site name along with price margin.BigBusiness ideas in Hindi (Business plan free guide) , this is neofthe best business idea app ,start your own business with thisideabundle earn some earn some extra handsome income,therecommandation in this app is pretty easy to follow and easytounderstand. App contains articles is basically dependent onyourquestions like how to start your business, how to makewebsitefree, how to open a eCommerce site, how to earn onlinewithout muchinvestment, what is server, how to become rich byselling ,how toget good domain name and how much it cost, smallbusiness owner andan entrepreneur can benefited by these ideas. Italso includesCommon business idea mistakes, Business idea andBusiness Strategyin hindi that easy to understand. IN Big businessideas in hindi wetried to discuss how to earn online or offline ineducation ,advertising, wedding , security , franchisee,consultancy,photography and Blog or online support job. Yoursuggestions andideas are appreciated @
Love Story With Snake Ladder Game 1.2
Love Story With Snake Ladder Game Have you played the snakeladdergame, obviously many of us payed it. This is a different gamethansnake and ladder as this is love story with snake and laddergame.As in snake and ladder game there are up and downs, here alsointhis game there are up and downs. These up and downs are becauseofsome reason, Live if you purposed a girl you scored someposition,if her family agreed again you scored some position. Butif herneighbors saw you before that it is a down. So we include awholestore here including financial and love affair , family,parents,all we included to take a glance of your love life. How toplaythat:- It's almost like snake and ladder but in love ways..upanddowns for a reason ..Enjoy it Will this app work in offline:-Yes,This is a offline app and free, play with your loved one tomake itmore joyful We included music with the situation of up anddown ,which you can choose to be off and on if required. Featuresof thegame :- Free and play offline(Offline game) Multi user game(Canplay with 4 players) Situation wise music Story associated withthegame By playing this game you will feel free as is associatedwithlove story everyone feels and thinks of. For moresuggesstionplease write us on :- Upcomingupdate:-Play it with computer and more best GUI
Free Screen Recorder(Easy way to record screen) 1.3
Free Screen Recorder ,(Easy way to record screen), Just a easywayto record your video . Videos that you are making for yourchannelvia mobile or taking log of what ever mobile apps functionis. It'seasy to use as you will find all recorded video in oneplace andcan easily see the app running and stop the app with themobileupper row or plane. So you will get it very easy andefficient asevery time you can manage your videos and easily startannd stopthis app. You can screen capture,video capture with thisscreenrecorder as per your screen recorder is easy andsimpleUI. this is a open source screen recorder, free app and yourvideostores on a simple and more accessible position. So, This isafree, stable, high-quality and simple user interfaceapplicationthat is totally free . Say Big Yes to simplicity and UI,. Recordsmooth and clear screen videos and use them in your blogforpurposes like educational purposes or take error log. You canuseit as video capture device to make your videos for commercialornon commercial purposes and can edit the video also accordingtoyour need and availability. This screen capture software icanbeused as a video grabber for your video sharing sites andsometimeseasier to handle than software for screen recorder for pcbcaz youwill record easily and can have more time to add extraeffects ormodify the videos. We are eager to hear from
free photos (free to use images) 2.0
free photos is app for Free celebrity photos for Commercial useThisapp provides you photos from different free sources, that youcanuse in your app building or website building project, as notmanyphotos are available for free commercial use withoutattribution ,we included here the celebrity photos where noattribution isrequired. You can apply these photos in apps or blogsites. Thesefree photo download is available for any application.This is not acelebrity photo app, we add more clicked photo oncewe find it freeand in demand. You can make free photo sites, freephotowebsite,free image sites with information or best userinterface, oryou can make story app of entertainment picture withmore includedpictures. Through this app you can download celebrityphotos freefor commercial use, you can also add it in favorite andset aswallpaper. We tried to make this photos as original so maybe somephotos are not good to set as wallpaper without propercrop. This isa royalty free or under Creative Commons CC0: Freefor commercialuse, no attribution required. Add value in your workwithout anycopyright to your apps or blog with these images. Youcan edit theimage , crop the image however you want to use it inyour project.Make your app or blog or website more engaging anddentertaining.Are you searching photos for commercial use for yourprojects apps ,which should be free from any price. Do you want toearn online viaapps , slide show photos or distributing curiousfacts about something and someone. Person , place or thing or youare searching mostfamous celebrities photo online free. Here yourquest ends. Thanksto website and photographers or painters toavail those photo freeto us for commercial use withoutattribution. We are poring newphotos regularly, As these photosare free for commercial use , youcan use it in projects, modify itas required with some ethicalconstraints. You can or other sites to see photosdetail uses and do anddon'ts. You can get here free photos forcommercial use , eitherthat is blog website or wallpaper app orslider app with info, youcan use the photos anywhere for improveseo and content of yourwebsites or apps. Disclaimer:- These photosare taken fromdifferent free resources, Like and othersites.Mainlyin these attribution is not required but it isappreciated if yougo on these sites and encourage the realphotographer ordistributor for sharing these photos in Public. Bygoogle reverseimage search you can easily get the resources ofthese images.
Zip UnZip 1.1
Zip UnZip is a useful but simple application to manage files informof zip or send them via mail or communication channel. This isaawesome app to use files in convenient way . You can also viewthecontents of a zip file with unzip it, extract all the items ofzipfile. In this app you can manually choose the path. Need evertocompress/package or extract the package the app is here like 2in and unzip file an all-in-one, just give path and initiatetheprocess. We are eager to hear you on
word world game (connect the words) 3.1.7z
word world game , Guess the word and enjoy the game. It hascoinsystem and you can share the questions to social media channels.These levels are easy as well as involving. Don't forget tohitguess icon for a tough level. UI or interface is put as simpleascan be. we are poring more data to it to make game playmoreinvolving and matchless. This game is for all age group andeasy tounderstand and play . We are poring more levels. We areeager tohear suggestions/ Queries @
Country animal Game (National animal and icons) 3.1.9z
Country animal Game(National animal and icons), Have you enjoyedtheflag quiz of country so there is an other level waiting foryou.Every country has some icons, some national icons, nationalanimal ,national anthem and much more. This quiz is related withnationalanimal or bird. You may be aware of that Lion is the mostcommonicon as national animal of majority of countries. Is theinformationis new for you than try this app game , It has manylevels and don'tforget to hit guess button if you get the levelhard. For making theapp more engaging and full of entertainment ,we add coin system tothe questions , in which you will get somenew coins for the answer,and you can redeem that for any guessinganswer or letter. It's nota easy game , because it's a GK game.Challenge your friends familyby these game, easy share button isgiven for your social platformsharing . You will get some coin forsharing this app. We are eagerto hear from you write yoursuggestions and feedback
Saying on Life(Wisdom words) 1.0
Saying on Life(Wisdom words). Words that make you feeltheenergy..the words which helps to make you out from sorrow.Wordswhich are spoken by great men in pictorial form. Wise manwords.
world is small 3.1.7z
world is small (Get all the world in quiz)
Bank balance check 2019(one source for all) 1.3
Bank balance check and customer number 2019 (Information inyourhand) is a utility app to make you work more simple and easy.Areyou searching for easy and beast way to know your accountbalanceof your bank, searching for customer care number of banks.It'sjust a easy way to know your balance electronically just bycall ormessage you can do it easily by your resisted mobile number.Bankbalance check and customer number 2019 is an informative appforeasily handle bank related inquiry without much effort andissues.just forward message in given format with your bankregisterednumber or call on given bank number for balance enquiry.For youreasy reference bank name included with balance enquiry,customercare number and many other details are shared , which youcan findin one go. For android code, ussd related and more you canvisitour other app. Bank Balance Inquiry or Bank Balance Checkerapp isan app to help you to check account balance, customer carenumberof top banks, easy to check your account details, accountbalancewith registered mobile message or phone call and more. Easyway todo your banking needs without any delay or visit stores, withtheuse of Bank Balance Inquiry , or balance check app you canviewyour account balance with miscall, can message to seeaccountinformation , customer care number of banks, on singleclick. Itseasier way to get banks service and also to save money bynot tovisit ATM, Banks or online bank websites. Just use these USSDcodesand numbers and get all information in one tap. You will getbankbalance check number, answer of how to check bank balancewithaccount number, bank customer care number,bank balance statuswithjust a misscall and message. We are eager to hear from youmoresuggestions and feedback , write us @