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Mp3 Songs Player 1.24.7
MP3 Songs Player is one of the Best Mp3 Players which can performall your Musical expectations. Its your easy way to listen to yourfavorite music MP3 songs; where you can enjoy with several featuresbetter than a classical mp3 music player.MP3 Songs Player comeswith with powerful equalizer, favorite songs manger and quicksearch in your music library without networks. It's very simple touse this audio player. Several ways to browse and play your musicby albums, artists, genre, playlists, folderThe best music playeris MP3 Songs Player which allows you to use calendar to scheduleyour playlist of MP3 song by day and Month.Choose MP3 Songs Playeras your default music player.Have questions or need help? Thank you so much for your guidance andsupport
Video Downloader For Facebook 1.0
Video Downloader for Facebook is the easywayto download and save videos from Facebook directly to yourdevicethat you can watch it later and share it with your friendsviadifferent apps.With this apps you can save through your Facebook account,videosuploaded by you, your friends/pages and videos that you aretaggedin.How to use:1. Login and browse, in your Facebook account.3. Play the video that you want to save.4. Click download to save video in your device.Features:1- Easy to use and safe.2- Light weight.3- Allows you to download your favorite videos and watchthemlater.Important Notes:- This app is NOT affiliated with or endorsed by theFacebookofficial network.- Any unauthorized re-uploading or downloading of contentsand/orviolations of Intellectual property rights is thesoleresponsibility of the user.- This application works only for Facebook.Contact us for suggestion and feedback.
페이스북으로부터 동영상 다운로드받기 1.0
페이스 북에 대한 비디오 다운 로더 직접 나중에 그것을보고 다른 애플 리케이션을통해친구들과 공유 할 수있는 장치에 페이스 북에서 동영상을 다운로드하고 저장하는 쉬운 방법입니다.이것은 당신이 당신의 페이스 북 계정을 통해 저장할 수있는 애플리케이션으로, 비디오는, 친구 / 페이지 및 당신이 태그된동영상을 업로드.사용 방법 :1. 로그인 및 페이스 북 계정으로 이동합니다.3. 저장하려는 비디오를 재생합니다.4. 다운로드 장치에 비디오를 저장합니다.특징 :(1) 사용이 간편하고 안전합니다.2- 경량.3 - 당신이 좋아하는 동영상을 다운로드하고 나중에 볼 수 있습니다.중요 사항 :-이 응용 프로그램은 제휴 또는 페이스 북 공식 네트워크에 의해 승인되지 않습니다.- 지적 재산권의 내용 및 / 또는 위반의 무단 재 업로드 또는 다운로드는 사용자의 책임입니다.-이 응용 프로그램은 페이스 북에서만 작동합니다.제안 및 피드백을 위해 저희에게 연락하십시오.Video DownloaderforFacebook is an easy way to report directly to it laterdownloadvideos from Facebook to a device that can be shared withfriendsthrough other apps and save.This is an application that you can save through yourFacebookaccount, videos, friends / page and upload the videoyou'retagged.How to use :1. Go to login and Facebook accounts.3. Play the video you want to save.4. Save the downloaded video on the device.Characteristic :(1) Easy to use and safe.2 lightweight.3 - you can download the video that you would like to see inthefuture.Important note:- This app is not endorsed by or affiliated with Facebookofficiallynetworks.- Content and / or unauthorized re-upload or download of aviolationof intellectual property rights is the responsibility oftheuser.- This application only works with Facebook.Please contact us for suggestions and feedback.