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Vim Touch
VimTouch is a open source VIM port on Android.It supports full vim syntax and finger touch gestures to help VIMmuch more usable on touch screens.WARNING!If you got any issues with the latest version. Please download andinstall the v2.5r2 here!!forum/vimtouch-generalFeatures- root permission access- Touch to move cursor- Fling to scroll- Swipe to zoom- Siding Menu File chooser- Two-fingers gesture to zoom in/out- Unicode and multi-byte- Single tap to send "ESC"- Read email attachments- Single instance to open multiple files in vim windows- Real VIM runtime- Customizable VIM runtime (ex: can install syntax, doc,plugins)- 256 Colors
VimTouch Full Runtime 1.0
The Full Runtime is just a plugin package canhelp vimtouch to get full vim runtime files(not the executables butplugins). For example, you can get :ex and :help with full runtime.The default runtime with vimtouch is a simple and size reducedone.
Keep In Pocket (Remote Tether) 1.4
Keep your Tethering phone in the pocket asmuchas possible! If you are using your phone as Wi-Fi hotspot andsharethe mobile internet connection with your other Androiddevices(ex:tablet), this application can help you a lot!It does NOT require root access.When you turn on your tablet, the Wi-Fi hotspot in yourphonewill be turned on automatically and you can get online in 5secondswithout touch any applications/widgets. Everything can bedoneautomatically. And once you don't need the Wi-Fi hotspot,thetethering feature can be disabled without phone pocket out!Keepyour phone in the pocket and enjoy your bigger screendevices.MORE MORE MORE- This program can help to save MORE battery by disablingtheauto-sync when tethering and auto detect the user scenario toonlyenable Wi-Fi hotspot when you need it!- When you receive a incoming, you can see the incoming callnumberon your tablet and let your phone KEEP IN POCKET!- When you receive a message, you can read the SMS message onyourtablet and let your phone KEEP IN POCKET!HOW TO USE ITThe setup is very easy and see below.0. Make sure you can use your tablet to be online throughWi-Fihotspot on your phone.(Use the built-in tethering feature through Settings >Wireless& networks > Tethering & portablehotspot).1. Install this application on both your phone and tablet.2. Press button on the phone and tablet to start follow themessageto start!