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Find, compare and book flights and hotels with momondo’s beautifulall-in-one travel app. Search and compare billions of flight andhotel prices all over the world from wherever you are, faster thanever before. It’s free, easy, fun to use and you can save money andtime when booking your next vacation or trip! So why pay more forthe same when you can find the best here? momondo is independentand we’re dedicated to price transparency for all travelers!COMPARE CHEAP FLIGHTS • We search major airlines, low cost carriersand travel agencies to give you the best flight ticket comparisonthere is • With this booking app, you can book a flight directlyfrom your device wherever you are • Price Calendar helps you findthe best airfare deals for your budget by showing the averageprices on different dates in an interactive calendar • Filtertickets quickly and easily by stops, departure or arrival time,airlines, airport, ticket type and travel site • Cheapest, quickestor best flight deal? With one click you can see which ticket is thebest deal for you. All you have to do is choose and you are readyto travel the world! • Not ready to book? Save your results forlater, or share them via email or text • Beautiful and easy to use– finding the perfect air travel doesn’t have to be tricky and dullFIND HOTEL DEALS • Best Price Guarantee is it really the cheapest?Our Best Price Guarantee gives you peace of mind that you'll getthe cheapest price online for hotel rooms. If you find it cheaperwithin 24 hours, we’ll refund the difference • Search all the majorbooking and hotel comparison sites as well as individual hotelwebsites • We find you the very best possible deals, thanks to ourpowerful and hardworking robots • Find last minute deals with theNear Me Tonight feature • Sort results by cheapest, closest, bestreview, or most popular • See the amenities that matter most to you• Guest ratings and reviews – know what everyone else is sayingabout a hotel before you book • Beautiful and user friendly –finding a hotel has never looked this good or been this easy APERSONALIZED SEARCH EXPERIENCE Create your very own personalmomondo profile! • Save and sync your preferences, your searchhistory and all your favorite flights and hotels • Search from onedevice – and book from another LOOKING FOR INSPIRATION? What shouldyour next destination be? Here are momondo´s top 10 most searcheddestinations from the US! 1. New York (NYC) 2. Paris (PAR) 3.London (LON) 4. Copenhagen (CPH) 5. Amsterdam (AMS) 6. Bangkok(BKK) 7. Barcelona (BCN) 8. Rome (ROM) 9. Lisbon (LIS) 10. Tenerife(TCI)