MOML Application Viewer(basic) 1.76
This is "basic" version of MOML Application Viewer.- The basicversion does not include some permissions which are related toprivate data or personal information.- Some MOML pages may not workproperly or popup permission error message box.- You can use "MOMLApplication Viewer(devel)" for full permission.The "MOMLApplication Viewer" is an application for browsing MOML(MobileObject Markup Language) pages on the web or SD card.You don't needto build android application for testing MOML pages if the page isin a web server.Just run "MOML Application Viewer" and type pageurl.If you are not familiar or never heard about MOML, you canstill look around by using default sample URLs.MOML ApplicationViewer automatically saves your recently entered URLs by latestorder. It can be deleted by long press the URL list item.You canreturn to the first URL list page at anytime with "Quit" menu inoption menu. (press device menu key.) The "Developer Console" menuin option menu is a very useful debugging tool.You can view logs orsources of current running MOML Pages.MOML Application Viewer alsoprovides “momlappviewer:” URI scheme.You can call MOML page on anyother app or webbrowser.ex)momlappviewer: