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knowledge religion - islam 2
Iaarif Dinak - islam religion knowledge a game interesting and funchallenging your intelligence and your knowledge of Islam and theIslamic information. The best that can be offered to your lovedones is knowledge, this game has been designed to provide all thenecessary Islam in a new way and a great knowledge unprecedented.Can you answer the questions require intelligent and knowledgeableand wide with respect to Islamic information? Challenge yourselfand your friends and earn new knowledge added to your knowledge andlearn things not learned before. Renewed your faith with theIslamic puzzles todayHope you like this islamic quiz app.
Supernatural Stories 1.5
Supernatural stories I gather a lot of occult stories written bypeople in the internet, the most repugnance stories about evocationof ghost or anathema objects and many many weird stuff. Eon storiesthat been as creepy as ever.Same stories talking about precognition, revelation and telepathy that same people have and could see thefuture and other stories manitou a good or evil spirit as an objectof reverence,and same about people that feel whammy I hope youfound it awesome enjoy
Quotes About Love 1.1
Quotes about love is a great application about love , amatory,infatuation and all those king for philander stuff.A lot of quotesthat express love, hate to been betrayed by the one you love andnarcissism with a very amative language.Love is about desire andhoney life, it’s like patriotism but more beautiful.Thisapplication came with many options like- You can share the quoteswith your friends on facebook or google+ or even on whatsapp andsms messaging.- Came with a very nice graphics.- A lot of quotesthat you will enjoy it.We hope that you like our application havefun and enjoy
Heroshima Jumper 1.5
Hero family it' not just a simple group, it's familythanks to theall fans in facebook groupe i hope you enjoy the game good luck
Memory Test : Match Pictures 1.5
Memory Test : Match Pictures is specifically designed for kids toenable them to train their memory while having fun, entertainingseveral themes are available and appropriate to the age of thechild. These memory games are divided into different categoriesaccording to age of the kids.Memory Test for kids a match picturesFun and challenging memory game. Kids are not the only ones whowill find these games engaging, it with help to disclosure theamazing abilities that your kids haveMemory is not just one of manyintellectual skills, it is the most important. This is because itdirectly effects every other intellectual process.The good news isthat Memory is the easiest mental process to train. Bad Memory? Noproblem.By playing Memory Test For Kids you well help you child totrain his brain Play Memory Test : match pictures and help helpyour kids to improve memory while enjoying fun learningactivities.- this game will improve kids' memory skills. - 3different levels of difficulty to keep both kids and adultsentertained. And customizable difficulty.- develop your kidscognition skills. - have 4 cute themes: Halloween, fruit, food andsport- help your kids to recognize objects.- is easy to use. - havea nice HD graphicYou will love Memory kids games, this game make iteasy for kids to improve their short-term memory and speedrecognition skills. Kids love practicing their memory skills whileplaying fun game like the traditional Simon color memory game andflipped card memory match game as well as more original memory gamelike Puzzle Shuffle Memory Game and Meandering Maze MemoryGame.Have fun to play!
Shave Me Electric Razor Prank 1.0
Shave Me Electric razor prankHave fun with your friends and see thelook on their faces when you prank them, the electric razorsimulate a real razor electricity with the phone vibrations we callit virtual shaver.Electric Shaver replicates the look & feel ofa clipper with good graphics, sound and vibration.a real hairtrimmer, clipper, razor.Move it like a real shaver to trick allyour friends! This is a free app.INSTRUCTIONS:- Switch on themachine and will start to vibrate and sound.- Move the screen ofthe device at the head of the victim by the side of the frontcamera and the sound will create the illusion that it is actuallycutting hair. (If the sound does not change, it is because yourdevice does not have the depth sensor).- Finally, when you want tostop the machine, press the off button.Transform your Smartphoneinto a Prank Electric Shaver App!Real Razor Prank clones the seem& fully feel of any electric razor shaver with higher visuals,vibration and sound.Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ andplease send us if you have any questions or feedback!
5 clues 1 word – guess the word 1.0
Five clues one word. Guess the word, train your brain and great forthinking, Guess the word by 5 associations by opening them oneafter another. The fewer associations you open, the more coins youwill earn, Can you guess the words and unlock the levels? Countlesspuzzles from easy to tricky are waiting for you! All of the 4 clueswill have one word in common, the beginning is quite easy but thegame gets harder over time!★ HOW TO PLAY ★Your goal is to guesswhat WORD all 5 clues have in common! Letters are provided for youto type with. Tap the letters to place them on the game board.Tapping letters again will remove letters from the game board.Becareful! Some puzzles are tricky! Can you unlock all levels? Acceptthe challenge five clues and only one word.use your brain whenpuzzles become tricky. Don’t use cheats ;) Use your brain! Eachpuzzle consists of 5 Little Clues: synonyms, popular expressions orword association. Can you guess the word?If you love to solveproblems and consider a good puzzle to be fun then you’ll loveGuess The Word. All of the 4 clues will have one word in common,and it’s up to you to figure it out what that is!!
Wifi Walkie Talkie Free Call 1.0
Wifi Walkie Talkie - Free Call is a best app to communicate free onsame wi-fi network, you can transfer your voice data to all devicesthat are on the same network or to any device you know its IPaddress. Multiple people can download and use it same time as realWalkie Talkie with in the same WIFI zone. Wifi Walkie Talkie - FreeCall is a broadcast utility when you are in a single Wi-Fi Network,How amazing if you can communicate freely with your family andfriends or with colleagues who are connected with same Wi-Finetwork who are in different floors, if you are searching some freephone call applications to talk with friends and families thendon't use phone calling applications. just Push to speak button,hold and speak.The main feature of the Wifi Walkie Talkies - FreeCall aplication:- Broadcast Audio on all the devices.- Multi CastAudio on Devices which are registered on particular IP Address youhave chosen.- Unicast Address which will get audio only for onedevice.- Touch to Talk or Just Tap on Walkie.- Free to use.How touse it :all the devices you want to communicate with must all havethe same application and are connected to the same wifinetwork.Download this Free application now !
Ninja Jump Delux Free 1.0
☆☆☆☆☆ Ninja Jump Delux Free ☆☆☆☆☆- Simple but super fun andaddictive;- Bright, vibrant graphics and effects;- Worlds mostbeautiful and levels coming soon.The goal of the game is to run asfar as you can without slamming into obstacles or finding yourpainful demise in a terrible accident! Watch out for what’s comingand react quickly with your extra cool ninja skillsninja jump deluxfree is a arcade game it's like a rooftop jump game that is aboutan american ninja warrior run through the night in hide in theshadows trying to avoid doom obstacles and do same bolt jumpsJointhe action are the new characters of the wonderful world ofFruitasia. Katsuro and Mari will guide you through the game as itgrows from a relentless bully novice fruit slicer!Slice fruit, donot cut the bombs - that's all you need to know to start withjumping addictive Ninja Action! From there, explore the nuances ofClassic, Zen and the fan favorite arcade mode to expand theirskills. Slice for a high score, use special power-ups, and go crazyin multislice Granada.Metro Ninja Action App meet the challenge andbattle your way to greatness!- Lots of acrobatic maneuvers- Tens ofdangerous traps- Tons of special skills and advantages- Pass toescape obstacles- Jump to avoid the blocks- DUCK to avoid beinghit- RACE as fast as possible!- CONTROLS easily (swipe and touchscreen)RUNNER play the game more exciting in the Play Store. Be aNinja Action jump by one day and the city RACE!v Achievement systemto stimulate that game.v Great sounds and stunning graphics,particle systems and animations.v exciting and simple control.
Rec Screen Recorder 1.7
Rec Screen Recorder Now available in google playRec Screen RecorderPRO is a FREE app to record your android phone screen, Rec ScreenRecorder PRO give you the user experience and power in screenrecording unlike other competitors app. Rec Screen Recorder app iseasy to use and can produce a High Quality videos that ou can useit for making you own game screen recorder.Our app is the best foreveyone who want to record their game play and create videotutorial, and this video screen does not required no root, maybeyou chatting live with you family and friends and you want torecord it to replay it later, you came to the right place, thereare a lot of things you can do with REC Screen Recorder.★★★ RECScreen Recorder Features: ★★★• screen recorder hd with facecam andyou can upload it to youtube• free screen recorder no root at fullscreen resolution• screen video recorder with audio and with noroot• screen recorder video with editor options• game screenrecorder where you can play and put on youtube• capture videoscreen and stop it at anytime• screen recorder snapchat and forphone and tablet• you can configure the resolution, orientation,and bitrate• screen recorder with audio good quality and no timelimit• video and audio Screen Recorder for Capture LollipopDownloadit Now available from google play store
Easy Uninstaller Remover 1.0
Easy Uninstaller Remover App is a tool to uninstall app for androidphones. It is quite easy to use, you can select multiple apps thatyou want to be deleted. It’s the perfect way to recycle your phonespace.If you want to remove app simply and easily, it will help youto save your time and manage the remover of applicationseffectively, save phone memory and increase the speed of it's workto move forward.This app cannot remove pre-loaded or pre-installedapps in the system because it is limited by the system mechanism.itis most efficient and easy to use.The perfect app to remove all theapp that you don’t want any more.Note: if you want to remove appsystem you need root permission, and we do not provide root method.Compare to other similar products, System app remover:If you wantto uninstall app you just downloaded.■FAQ-----------------------------Q: How to uninstall app?Check theapps that you want to delete, then tap the uninstall button.■ Whatdoes not include • Move apps to SD card• Move apps to phoneinternal storageFeatures:☆ Manage .apk files: delete, install,install as a system app (PRO)☆perfect way to show all you APK fileslist.☆description application by name, icon, package name☆ Excludesystem applications.☆ Single click for all app to be deleted.☆Support large screen (ex. tablet) views.☆View appdescription☆Search all duplicate APKs to be deleted.☆ Two uninstallmodes: single and multiple uninstall
Life Hacks 5 Minute Crafts 2.1
Life Hacks 5 Minute Crafts is for learn some quick and cool LifeHacks that are easy to do, We will help you become a Life Hacker bygiving you with some interesting life hacks that help you make yourlife a lot easier. 1000+ Life hacks, tips and tricks to optimizeyour life are available in this small mobile app. It contains LifeTips, hack tips, tricks & tips that are easy to share and saveto favorites. If you are searching for whatsapp tips, hack forwhatsapp, life hacks for home & travel hacks you can find herein this app. You can be tricks master by answering the mind tricksquestions in the questions section. 100+ Life hacks is here to helpyou with the simple life hack with smart phone problems in life.Posting Life hacks daily to help you get through life slightlyeasier than the rest, How to do things, More than 1000 Life hacks,and life tips and tricks to use for optimize your life all in oneapplication. It have Life Tips & Tricks that are easy to shareand save to favorites. 1000 Life hacks, tips and tricks , savemoney, cool apps, DIY projects, hacking vending machines and othertips... live life to the fullest! You are curious by nature. Youtry to find better, faster, cooler ways to do things and solve themessy problems of everyday life. If this is you, then welcome toLifeHack, the Gold Mine of productivity! What you’ll find here isthe most curated collection of life hack, tips and tricks to makeyour life easier. This Application provides you with daily hacks,tips and tricks to optimize your life. We provide you with mosteffective ideas of simple DIY tricks and life hacks to help witheveryday life. Application will be updated regularly with morehacks and tips. quick and easy Life Hacks that are easy to do, lowcost and saves you time? Life hacks, tips and tricks to optimizeyour life are available in this small app. It contains Life Tips& Tricks that are easy to share and save to favorites. theLifehacks, Learn life hacks, New Life hacks, Inspiring Hacks, Lifehacks, Girls Hacks, We have collected 1000+ of these practical lifehacks into this one big list that is easy to digest because they’reall images. Awesome Life hacks are little ways to make our liveseasier in 5 minute. These low-budget tips and hacking trick canhelp you organize and life hacks for daily use, prolong andpreserve your products; or we will teach you something (e.g., tie afull Windsor knot) that you simply did not know before. FEATURES: -more than 1000 Life Hacks with DIY life hacks. - Copy to Clipboard.- Save hacks to favorites - Share it your Friends and Family. -Hack of the day - Everyday notification for a new hacks. HacksCategories : - Hack for Technology Tricks - Hack for Brainy - Hackfor Daily-life Solutions - Hack for Food & Drinks - Hack forHealth & Fitness - Hack for Life Tips - Hack for Money Savers -Hack for Parenting - Hack for Party Hacks - Hack for Relationship -Hack for Survival Life Hacks 5 Minute Crafts are meant to simplifyyour life... Some are a little more ridiculous than others, butthere are quite a few that are pretty brilliant. Get a sample offree "Life Hacks - Tips & Tricks" and enjoy it today! Thankyou!
Currency Converter Exchange Rates and Calculator 1.5
Currency Converter Exchange Rates and Calculator is bestcurrencyconversion application for money exchange, Easy currencyconverterfor every world currency with live currency exchange rates- free.View important currencies at the top like US dollars,pounds, euro,INR, Saudi riyal, Malaysia ringgit, krona, naira etc.CurrencyConverter Exchange Rates and Calculator Create your owncustom listof the currencies that you convert more frequently,andit haveWorld currency converter rates, Instant conversion just bytypingthe numbers,also It’s is free and always accessible, youcanCalculate foreign exchange rates, and Track Currencies fromaroundthe world, with Multi conversion feature live, See the fulllist ofall the currencies, and Get exchange rate amount up to 4decimalplaces, Monitor currency fluctuations according to therecentmarket prices, and Function to switch currencies with asingleclick, it’s All famous currencies on one page, and Foreignexchangerate Calculator, with Friendly and intuitive userinterface, Wholeworld currencies and precious metals. Currencyeasyconverter realtime exchange rates get the world currency orcurrency recognitionapp money exchange rate calculator currencytrading app andexchange rates. The Best Currency Converter ExchangeRates andCalculator in the world with live rates of the followingcountries:USA - Dollar - American Dollar Iraq - IQD - Iraqi DinarAustria -Euro Russia - RUB - Russian Ruble Singapore - SGD -SingaporeDollar Switzerland - CHF - Swiss Franc India - Rupee -Indian RupeeAustralia - Dollar - Australian Dollar Saudi Arabia -SAR - SaudiRiyal Iran - IRR - Iranian Rial Japan - JPY - JapaneseYen Denmark- DKK - Danish Krone Brazil - BRL - Brazilian RealMalaysia - MYR -Malaysian Ringgit Indonesia - Rupiah - IndonesianRupiah Canada -CAD - Canadian Dollar Europe - Euro China - CNY -Chinese RenminbiSweden - Krona - Swedish Krona New Zealand - Dollar- New ZealandDollar Argentina - Peso - Argentine Peso Italy - EuroHong Kong -HKD - Hong Kong Dollar Belgium - EUR - Euro UK - Pound -BritishPound Norway - NOK - Norwegian Krone Nigeria - NGN -Nigerian NairaSouth Africa - ZAR - South African Rand Finland - EUR- Euro Fiji -FJD - Fijian Dollar Germany - EUR - Euro Netherlands -EUR - EuroBangladesh - BDT - Bangladeshi Taka North Korea - KPW -NorthKorean Won Pakistan - PKR - Pakistani Rupee Philippines - PHP-Philippine Peso Congo - XAF - Central African CFA Franc Egypt -EGP- Egyptian Pound Ghana - GHS - Ghanaian Cedi Poland - PLN -PolishZloty South Korea - KRW - South Korean Won Sri Lanka - LKR -SriLankan Rupee Thailand - THB - Thai Baht Kenya - KES -KenyanShilling Kuwait - KWD - Kuwaiti Dinar Taiwan - TWD - NewTaiwanDollar Indonesia - IDR - Indonesian Rupiah France - EuroSpain -Euro United Arab Emirates - AED - UAE Dirham Ukraine - UAH-Ukrainian Hryvnia Netherlands Antilles - ANG - Dutch Guilder Cuba-CUP - Cuban Peso Gold (oz) - XAU - Gold Ounce Oman - OMR -OmaniRial Tonga - TOP - Paanga Peru - PEN - Peruvian Nuevo SolNepal -NPR - Nepalese Rupee Mexico - MXN - Mexican Peso Silver -XAG -Silver Ounce Bitcoin - BTC - Bitcoin International MonetaryFund -XDR - IMF Special Drawing Rights Uganda - UGX - UgandanShillingTurkey - TRY - Turkish New Lira Bermuda - BMD - BermudianDollarZimbabwe - ZWL - Zimbabwean Dollar South Sudan - SDG -SudanesePound Libya - LYD - Libyan Dinar Most popular currencyexchangerates: - Dollars to Pounds - USD to INR - Riyal to Peso -Euro toDollars - Pounds to Dollars - GBP to INR - Indian Rupee toUSDollar - BDT to USD - LEK to Euro - INR to Peso - THB to INR -PLNto Euro - Dollars to Pesos
QR Code and Barcode Scanner and Generator 1.0
QR Code and Barcode Scanner and Generator, a powerful QRreader& Barcode Scanner that supports all kinds of majorbarcodeformats and QR code. Try it and you will find scanning hasneverbeen more convenient like that. Generate new QR Codes ofdifferentcontents. Your own QR codes can be of items in clipboards,URLs,Wi-Fi information, phone numbers, emails, text messages etc.Usethe private QR Codes to transfer information is more secured.QRCode and Barcode Scanner and Generator is the fastest solutionforscan qr codes and barcodes. Download this QR code scanneringenerator on the google play market for free NOW! Enjoy QRCodeScan and generate feature on your Android device. QR CodeandBarcode Scanner and Generator is an all in one tool forAndroidphone to scan QR Codes and barcodes, and recognize the textin theimage and translate it. It also has powerful filemanagementcapabilities that make it easier to manage content. Toscan the QRcode or barcode, simply use the scanner that can readboth of them,align the code. code reader will automaticallyrecognise any QRcode or barcode. When scanning the qr code orbarcode, if the codecontains a URL, you can open browser to thesite by press browserbutton . If the code contains only text, youcan instantly see.Generate and Scan codes with the one of the bestQR code generator- Barcode generator, Scanner Qr code generator -Barcode generator,Scanner is an qr code reader and barcode readerthat allows you toscan barcodes and scan qr codes. Also, you cangenerate your owncodes ( generate qr code and generate barcode ).All in one: ScanQR codes and barcodes to get Links, Text, Contactinfo. etc. allthe formats code can be scanned by one-touch. You canalso searchfor it on Google and can also share qr code and barcodescannerwith friends. You can use Multiple options for your QR scanresult.Reading, opening, sharing and so on, just in your touch. Inorderto use the qr code and barcode scanner, your device must haveabuilt-in camera. - Generate QR code for a piece of text, a weblink- Create QR code for the message you want to send to yourfriendsor relatives - Generate code for the directions map whereyou willgo and share it with everyone. - Create QR from contactsorbookmarks for your friend to scan it on their device -BarcodeScanner allows you to view detailed product information byQRcodeat stores, ✡ Flashlight supported ✡: Turn on the flashlightwhilescanning to avoid the invalid scan in the dark. ✡ ScanBarcodes ✡:You can scan the barcodes of all products. QR CodeReader extractsthe product info from the barcodes that you maydirectly forward toShopping web to learn more about the productprices, reviews, etc.,or to Google to search for more details. ✡View history ✡: The scanhistory will be well saved, you can easilyview your scan historyat any time. You can share and save QR imagein your phone or sharevia Gmail, Facebook, etc ... features of QRCode and BarcodeScanner and Generator : • Internet connection isnot required forscanning QR code • Bar Code Reader • Qr codescanner • Barcodescanner • Qr Code generator • Barcode generator •Qr code maker& Barcode maker • Qr code reader & Barcodereader •generate q code and scan qr kod • Free qr code • All-in-onescanner& reader app:(including almost all QR code and barcode)•Simple & easy to Use QR Code and barcode Scanner • Qrcodescanner • Barcode Scanner. • Quick Response • Flashlightsupportedfor low-light environments. • Instant scan • Scanner •Scan URL •Scan UPC