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myGate 2.0.08
Security and convenience go hand in hand with myGate. Whether youwant to know what time the cook came in, or you want to let the cabenter the premises or to raise a security alert - myGate is therefor you. As a resident you can use the app only if your communitydecides to become a part of the myGate safe community. Features:-Invite friends and family: You send an invite through the app.Guest would receive a unique passcode with the invitation throughSMS. Guest enters the passcode at your gate and gets seamlessentry. No need for visitors to step out of your car and enterdetails in the register! Saves time and is 100% safe. -Manage dailyhelps (maid, cook, driver, electrician, plumber, etc.): You can nowhire domestic helps after viewing ratings and comments at yourfingertips. You can also find out if your maid has come to theapartment but is yet to visit you. -eIntercom: This featurereplaces the traditional wired intercom with a pocket-friendlysolution. A simple feature that allows the main gate to get intouch with you no matter where you are. When your visitor is at thegate, first you will get a mobile notification, and in case of noresponse to the notification, you will get an automated phone call.-Message to Guard & Security Alert: These features enable youto have a digitized communication with the gate, eliminating theneed to reach out for an intercom. e.g: You want to let thesecurity know, if the lift in your apartment is not working etc.'Security Alert' feature enables you to raise a security alert toguards in case of emergency. -Pre-approve entries (cabs ande-commerce deliveries): You can pre-approve the entry and have aclear track of the expected visitors for the day. You can alsoreschedule or cancel a pre-approval. -Community: You can read yournotice board, raise complaints, make dues payment ,find contactdetails of committee members, your neighbours and get emergencycontacts. -Household: All your household stuff at one place.Quickly add you family members to get them started on myGate. Usethe passcode to access facilities in you community. -Activity Feed:You’ll never have to go multiple place to find who entered yourhouse, did that parcel come or when your community pushed aimportant notice. You can find and search all the activities here.Available cities: -Currently available in Bangalore, Hyderabad,Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR, Chennai and Kolkata. Security: -We arecompliant with proposed public safety act -All data flowing in andout of the app is encrypted with 128 bit SSL Permissions: We know,it can be a little scary to see applications requesting permissionto access areas of your device functionality, so we're trying to beas transparent as possible. Here are the key permissions added tothis release and how we are using them to enhance your experience.All of these are optional and are only requested if you wish to usea feature which needs permissions: -Contacts (optional): To invitefriends and relatives to your home -Camera & Gallery(optional):To enable user's to add their photographs to the user profile. Alsoto add pictures when you give something to your domestic helps orvisitors -Storage (optional): To save the picture you set as yourprofile -SMS (optional): To validate the user's phone and send/receive OTP to authenticate the transaction. Welcome to safe andsecure myGate community experience….
Vivish app updater 4.0
This app is used to update myGate devices.