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Have your diabetes under your control today, it's quick and easy!For 3 times the Top Diabetes App by Healthline. Featured in Forbes,TechCrunch, The Washington Post. The mySugr Diabetes App is yourloyal and free diabetes logbook which keeps your diabetes dataunder control. With one app you'll have: • Blood sugar tracker •Carb logger • Insulin calculator (EU only) • Estimated HbA1cmySugr: make diabetes suck less ❤️ Adding the mySugr Diabetes Appto your daily routine with diabetes (Type 1 or Type 2, gestationaldiabetes) will make your life easier. It auto-logs the data and youcan collect your daily therapy data such as: • Meals • Diet • Meds• Blood glucose • Insulin • Carbs ☆ WHAT OUR USERS SAY • “In lessthan 3 months my A1C dropped from 7.7 to 6.7! Using this app helpsme keep track of my glucose readings. I and my doctor can easilyspot trends.” • “Great app for tracking blood glucose levels aswell as food and exercise which really helps me see how my bloodsugar is affected by them.” • “This is the most complete diabetesapp there is!” ☆ APP FEATURES • Easy and personalized dashboard(diet, meds, carb intake, meals, blood glucose levels and more). •Clear blood sugar level graphs. • Estimated HbA1c at a glance, nomore surprises. • Motivating challenges and feedback. • Daily,weekly and monthly medical analysis. • Detailed reports to yourdoctor. • Secure data backup and registered medical device (builtwith regulatory compliance, quality, and safety). ☆ INTEGRATIONS •Steps, activity, blood pressure, CGM data, weight, and more; •Accu-Chek® Aviva Connect; Accu-Chek® Performa Connect; Accu-Chek®Guide (activate mySugr Pro for no charge! Please see our FAQ on thewebsite for the latest information); ☆ PRO FEATURES Take yourdiabetes therapy to the next level! mySugr Pro can be activated atno charge with some Accu-Chek®; devices or with a monthly ($2.99)or yearly ($27.99) subscription. • Smart search: build your ownsearchable database of places, meals, activity, tags, etc; •Insulin Calculator (EU only): calculate your insulin dose,corrections, and meal shots. • PDF & Excel reports: save orprint all your data for you or your doctor; • Blood glucosereminders: you won't forget to check and log; • Meal photos: snapyour meals to improve your carb counting. • Basal rates: for pumpusers Get it now! The best logbook to monitor, control and manageyour diabetes: all your medical information right on yoursmartphone and ready to be used! Stay in charge of your health,monitor your diet, manage your medicine intake, avoid hypers /hypos and have control of your health every day! SUPPORT: We'realways working to make the mySugr Diabetes App better, and we needyour feedback! Have a problem, criticism, question, suggestion, orpraise? Get in touch at: • • • • ### The mySugr App: freemySugr Pro: $2.99/month or $27.99/year Upgrading to mySugr Pro willcharge your Play Store account. Your subscription automaticallyrenews unless canceled at least 24 hours prior to the end of thecurrent period. Cancellation of the current active subscriptionperiod is not allowed. Your subscription and auto-renewal optionscan be managed in Account Settings in the Play Store settings afterpurchase.
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The mySugr Junior App is a diabetes logbook app specially made forchildren. It makes it possible for children to learn to managetheir diabetes in a playful way. At the same time, it helps parentsto feel confident and gives them control over the therapy.Diabetes therapy can be quite complicated and troublesome. Youmust evaluate your blood glucose levels, always have the amounts ofcarbs in mind and calculate your insulin dose. Many children oftendon't know how to handle that.The mySugr Junior App was developed to make managing diabeteseasier for kids. It also enables parents to keep control over thetherapy, even when they're not around and their child is at schoolor out with friends. The app resembles a game in which the childrenget points for every entry. The goal is to score a particularamount of points every day. This encourages kids to take care oftheir diabetes regularly.A little diabetes monster accompanies the kids through the appand gives feedback on their entries. The child can enter data suchas blood glucose levels, food and insulin or take a picture of hismeals, but they can also request help whenever the parents are notaround. All entries can be sent as a push message or email fromwithin the app to the parents' phone. This way, the child can askfor feedback on calculating carbs or the insulin dose.mySugr Junior not only enables children to be more independent,but it also helps them to get along with diabetes more easily andlearn to be engaged with their therapy.Features:- enter blood glucose levels, carbs and insulin units in a simpleand easy way- take photos- send data and photos via email- get feedback from a funny diabetes monster- collect points and have tame the diabetes monsterWe would also love to hear your feedback:-, my sugar, mysugar, diabetes, diabetic, logbook, diabetesmanager
mySugr Monster Selfie 1.0.1
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Make diabetes suck less with monster selfies& laughter! Pick a diabetes monster, flash your best ColgateSmile, and share your photos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, &more! Don’t forget to pick the spinach from your teeth and fix yourhair; it’s picture time!What can you do with the Monster Selfie App?● Take fun selfies with mySugr diabetes monsters● Pose alone or with a friend● Share single pics or a photobooth collage on Instagram, Facebook,Twitter, etc.● Gift a friend mySugr Logbook and mySugr Pro – 3 months forfree!Laugh out loud to raise awareness for oral health and diabetes!The Monster Selfie app is brought to you by Colgate Total andmySugr to help raise awareness of the potential link between oralhealth and diabetes as part of its “30 Days of Laughter”(#30DaysOfLOL) campaign.Support:We’re always working to make mySugr apps better, and we’re countingon your feedback! Have a problem, criticism, question, suggestion,or praise? It’s all super important to us, and we’d love to hearfrom you.Reach out to us