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mysms – GPS Location Sharing 1.1
Share your GPS location via a text message to let your friends knowwhere you are. Use this plugin in addition to the mysms Androidphone app to share your location with whomever you want. *** PLEASENOTE: This is not a standalone app, you need to download the mysmsapp in advance to use this plugin. mysms – GPS Location Sharing isonly supported by our Android smartphone application.*** How to setup the plugin: 1) Install mysms Android app on your smartphone andset up an account: Install this plugin 3) Now you’re ready to share your locationvia the mysms phone app (New message – Add attachment – Location)By using this plugin you can share a Google Maps link with yourcurrent location via SMS. It is only possible to share informationby using the mysms Android phone app. Third party apps do not haveaccess to this location sharing feature. MYSMS AT A GLANCE: mysmslets you send and receive texts on your computer or tablet – justlike on your phone. Your SMS inbox is synced with your Androidphone and uses your existing mobile number, contacts and textmessages from your phone. Texting to other mysms users is free. Youcan send as many texts, pictures, files as you want at no charge.OTHER MYSMS FEATURES YOU’LL LOVE - Send and receive SMS textmessages on your computer, tablet or a browser - Sync all textsbetween your Android phone, tablet and computer - Remote SMS: textonline via your mobile carrier - Unlimited free texting to othermysms users - Group Chat: Add up to 50 contacts to a group andstart texting right away - Automatic SMS Back-up - Multimedia:Sending pictures and files, MMS sync_______________________________ We’d love to hear from you! Do youhave a suggestion, question or comment? Just get in touch with oursupport on We’re trying to reply within24 hours during weekdays. You can also reach us on Facebook at, Twitter @mysms and Google+
SMS Texting from Tablet & Sync 4.4.2
MYSMS TABLET - TABLET SMS & TABLET TEXTING! Leave your phone inyour pocket and send/receive SMS text messages on your tablet. YourSMS inbox is synced with your phone. Your benefits with mysmsTablet Texting App: - Send and receive text messages on your tablet- Automatically sync SMS and MMS between your smartphone, tabletand computer (pc & mac) - Answer, dismiss, mute or dial a callon your tablet (note that you still need to talk on your phone)* -Free texting / SMS to other mysms users *** PLEASE NOTE: This appis not self-contained.To be able to use mysms tablet, you have tohave mysms installed on your Android smartphone. *** IT’S THATEASY: 1) Install mysms on your Android smartphone and register: Start the mysms Tablet Texting App and log in using your numberand password. ***** ANDROIDCOMMUNITY.COM: “mysms Tablet will allowyou to sync all text messages between your smartphone, tablet andcomputer. You can also send an unlimited amount of free messages toother mysms users” MYSMS TABLET FEATURES: - Tablet texting: Sendtext messages / SMS on your tablet - Receive text messages directlyon your tablet - Sync SMS text messages between smartphone, tabletand computer (pc & mac) - Sync messages and calls between twosmartphones (-> download mysms mirror) - Unlimited free texts toother mysms users - Remote SMS: Send SMS text messages online onyour tablet via your mobile carrier - Phone calls: Answer, dismiss,mute or dial a call on your tablet* - Call logs: Display thehistory of your missed calls, incoming calls and outgoing calls -Notifications on incoming messages on your tablet - Multimedia:Send pictures and files - No new number: mysms uses your existingphone number - SMS backup - MMS Sync - Save texts to Evernote* Thisapplication is your text messenger or messaging app on your tablet.No more annoying typing on your smartphone! Download mysms on yourtablet and phone and start texting from your tablet. mysms usesyour existing mobile number, contacts and SMS text messages fromyour mobile phone. mysms is not only a great SMS texting app, youcan even make voice calls on your tablet (Bluetooth headsetrequired). Dial on your tablet, talk on your phone.* Connect mysmswith Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive or Email. Forward yourmessages to Evernote, Dropbox and Google Drive or save your SMS andMMS in your email account. mysms serves as an SMS backup andarchive. * This is a Premium feature We’d love to hear from you! Doyou have a suggestion, question or comment? Just contact us at We’re trying to reply within 24 hoursduring weekdays. You can also reach us on Facebook at, Twitter @mysms and Google+
mysms SMS Text Messaging Sync 7.0.4
★★★Featured on Google Play in 130+ countries.★★★ As seen on by TheTimes, PCWorld, TheNextWeb, Gizmodo, All Things Digital, AndroidCentral and many more. SMS & calls on your PC or tablet inperfect sync with your Android phone. ● Text from computer andtablet (real SMS and MMS) using your Android # ● Call notificationson your computer - when you receive a call on your phone ● The onlyremote texting app with native apps for Android tablet, Windows7/XP, Windows 8 desktop & tablet and Chrome ● Complete call loghistory from your Android on your PC & tablet ● MMS Group Chat(group messaging) ● Multimedia messages (picture messages andfiles) ● Support for any browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer,Firefox, Safari, Opera …) ● Sync your contacts and messages fromyour phone to the mysms cloud to text from any device To connectyour computer or tablet to your Android phone, download this app onyour phone and register for an account. When you then start textingfrom your computer at or use one of ournative apps, you will find all existing SMS messages and contactssynchronized from your Android to your computer/tablet. There is noadditional charge from what your carrier charges when you text fromyour computer. HOW TO GET STARTED: 1) Install this mysms app onyour Android phone 2) Start texting on your computer at or download one of our native desktop andtablet apps at mysms enables you tomanage your Android SMS notifications on your computer and tablet.You also have the choice to use mysms as default SMS app on yourAndroid phone offering you great customization options, expandablenotifications and many more features that your preinstalled stockSMS app cannot beat. When you are in the office, leave your phonein your pocket and send and receive text messages using your fullcomputer keyboard. During meetings you can use mysms as yourpersonal assistant and respond with text to incoming calls fromyour computer. If you want even more you can upgrade to Premium foradvanced management of your messages: ● Backup SMS and restore SMSto a new smartphone, or after a reset ● Sync messages and callsbetween your business phone and private smartphone (-> downloadmysms mirror) ● Dial, dismiss, or mute calls on your tablet &computer (note that you still need to talk on your phone) ● ArchiveSMS & MMS messages in your Evernote, Dropbox or Google Drive oremail account ● Full SMS export of your messages to a .CSV fileWe’d love to hear from you! Do you have a suggestion, question orcomment? Just contact us at
Forward SMS texting w/ 2phones 4.4.2
Forward SMS text messages & calls from one phone to anotherphone! mysms mirror is a handy SMS extension for everyone who usestwo or more smartphones. The mysms mirror app receives all yourSMS, calls and contacts from your first other phone. No missedtexts, no missed calls, no worries which phone to take. It willfeel like you have your other phone with you, even if you leave itat home/at the office. HOW TO GET STARTED: 1) Install mysms on yourAndroid phone you want to mirror and create a mysms account. Youneed to activate mysms Premium for this account to mirror yourtexts and calls. Android Phone: Install this app to forward texts on your phone and log in withyour previously created or your existing mysms account. FEATURESYOU'LL LOVE: ★ Forward SMS from to another phone ★ Sync SMS textmessages between two phones ★ Send & receive texts using yoursecond phone’s number ★ Text notifications for your second phone ★Notifications on incoming/missed calls from your other phone ★Phone calls: Dismiss, mute or dial a call ★ Call logs & callnotifications: Forward the history of your calls ★ SMS transfer toanother phone ★ Manage two SMS accounts on one phone ★ Save yourtexts securely in the mysms cloud storage ★ Group chat with up to50 participants ★ Share pictures and files ★ Send texts on anydevice with the mysms tablet, desktop & web applications mysmsis not only a great SMS texting app, you can even control voicecalls from your other phone. This SMS forwarding app stands forsimple and easy texting when you possess two or more smartphones.PLEASE NOTE: This app is not self-contained. To be able to usemysms mirror, you have to have the regular mysms phone appinstalled on your other Android smartphone. We’d love to hear fromyou! Do you have a suggestion, question or comment? Visit oursupport page at
Websms - mysms out Connector 1.0.3
Text for less with the mysms out connector.*** This is not astandalone app, you need to download mysms app in advance to usethis connector. ***With mysms out you can send domestic andinternational SMS for only € 0.08 (UK: £0.07). Your mobile phonenumber is displayed as the sender (provided that it is supported byyour contact's mobile carrier).How to get started:1) Download mysmsapp to your smartphone to use this connector2) Start mysms, go tosettings and configure mysms out under "Websms connectors"mysms outsupports sending websms to the following countries:See to text via mysms out you need an active data or wificonnection.You can also use mysms on your Android tablet, WindowsPC, Mac, Chrome and Facebook. Visit our website for moreinformation:
Websms: Connector 1.0.1
Nutze deine Tarife jetzt überall und jederzeit – auf deinemSmartphone, Tablet und PC.Mit dem Connector kannst du Tarife (SuperSMART, SuperPLUS, SuperFRIENDS) und dein sms.atCard Guthaben jetzt über verschiedene Geräte (Smartphone, Tablet,PC) nutzen.So funktioniert’s:1) Lade dir Connector kostenlosauf dein Smartphone2) Installiere die gratis App mysms (Phone &Computer SMS)3) Starte mysms, gehe zu „Einstellungen“ und unter „Websms Connectoren“ einDu kannst deine Paketeauch am Android Tablet, Windows PC, Mac, Chrome und auf Facebooknutzen (allerdings benötigst du dazu erst einen aktiven mysmsAccount auf deinem Android Smartphone)! Hier geht’s zum Download: unterstützt den SMSVersand in folgende Länder: SMS über diesenConnector zu senden, benötigst du eine aktive Datenverbindung oderWLAN.Use your rates now anytime, anywhere - on yoursmartphone, tablet and PC.By Connector you can all sms.atfares (Super Smart, Super Plus, Super Friends) and your credit now via different devices (smartphone, tablet, PC) use.Howit works:1) charging you Connector for free to yoursmartphone2) Install the free app mysms (Phone & ComputerSMS)3) Start mysms, go to "Settings" and set under "WebSMSconnectors" aYou can build your packages also on Androidtablet, Windows PC, Mac, Chrome and use it on Facebook (though webportal allows you to only one active account on your Androidsmartphone mysms)! Click here to download: supports SMS sending tothe following countries: send SMSthrough this connector, you need an active data connection orWi-Fi.