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GCC plugin for C4droid 9.1.0
WARNING! It's not a standalone application and it doesn't containany activities to launch. Make sure to use latest version of mainapp installed from Google Play. Don't write a review if C4droidwasn't installed from Google Play - it will be ignored anyway. Listof issues that you shouldn't report by email without providing yourvalid order number of C4droid: 1) C4droid can't find plugins. 2)"arm-linux-androideabi-g++: not found". 3) C4droid still asks toupdate plugin, but it is already updated. Due to a huge amount ofspam, these emails (without an order number) will be silentlydeleted. Thanks for your understanding. This plugin makes C4droid afully functional C++ compiler & IDE using GNU GCC (C and C++compiler). It contains GCC 9.1.0 with Bionic (Android libc), emailme to get the source code. To download this app you must haveC4droid installed (other usage is prohibited). Android is atrademark of Google Inc. Some executables in this app package arelicensed under (L)GPL, email me to get the source code.
PascalGUI is a GUI/small-IDE for freepascal compiler. PascalGUIsupports devices with ARM, x86 and MIPS processors (MIPS doesn'tsupport graph at the moment). You can write your own applicationson the Android phone, and run them. This app uses Freepascalcompiler, so it is full-featured. PascalGUI can be used foreducational purposes or to practice in Pascal language. Somebinaries used by PascalGUI are GPL-licensed, you can download usedsource code of Freepascal on Freepascal SVN. (If you think thatthere is GPL violation in PascalGUI, email me at n0n3m4@gmail.com.I'll provide to you source code from Freepascal SVN, if you can'tdownload it yourself) PascalGUI includes Android Terminal Emulatorso you can to run your application as good as you running it onyour Linux PC. Quick manual: If you have found a bug or app is notworking, email me. You can export result of compilation (APK orbinary), long-click compile button for that. Long click save buttonto "save as", long click run to run with arguments, long click openfor recent files menu. Report bugs at n0n3m4@gmail.com Android is atrademark of Google Inc. Some components of this app are licensedunder (L)GPL, email me to get the source code.
com.n0n3m4.droidsdl 3.1
WARNING! It's not a standalone application. Make sure to use latestversion of main app installed from Google Play. Don't write areview if C4droid wasn't installed from Google Play - it will beignored anyway. This plugin allows to run SDL / SDL2 /NativeActivity / Qt / SFML / FLTK / Allegro apps. To use it, justinstall it, nothing more is needed. To compile programs you needGCC/G++ compiler selected (TCC is not supported). To download thisapp you must have C4droid installed (other usage is prohibited). Qtis a registered trademark of Digia.
com.n0n3m4.droidc 7.00
C4droid is the most powerful C/C++ IDE + C/C++ compiler forAndroid. Features: • Offline C/C++ compiler: create your ownapplications on Android device and run them even without Internetaccess • Qt, SDL, SDL2, Allegro, SFML, FLTK and NativeActivitysupport for graphics • Export & share your programs as APK orbinaries • Debugger with breakpoints and watches • CMake andMakefile support: use the same build scripts as on your PC (BusyBoxis included) • Source code editor with syntax highlighting, tabs,code completion, code formatting, file association and undo/redo •No root required (but C4droid can use it for your programs if youwant) • Full ANSI C and ISO C99 support with TCC (Tiny C Compiler)+ musl libc • Fully-functional C++ compiler, complete C++11 supportwith GCC • Git integration • Customizable GUI, choose where toplace tabs and buttons by yourself, themes are also supported •Semi-automatic open-source library porting feature for enhancedprogramming & education C4droid is designed to be user-friendyout-of-the-box, but nothing is perfect, so here are some answersfor questions that can appear: How to use Makefiles, multifileprojects, etc? Long-click compile button (or select "compilationsettings" if buttons are hidden/moved) and configure currentdirectory to use the mode you want. Note that C4droid will create.c4droid configuration file when you press Ok. Some modes (likemakefile) require to enter result executable file name, don'tforget to do that. After doing that all use compile and run buttonsto build and run your app as regular. How to use graphics librariesin single-file mode? Just install SDL plugin and select G++compiler in C4droid preferences. Note that C4droid chooses app modeusing a very simple source code analysis: every graphics mode isdetected with corresponding include string (e.g. SDL is detectedwith #include "SDL.h", check bundled examples for more info).Commenting out these lines will not have any effect. If you arecompiling a single-file Qt app, you should also add #include"yoursourcefilenamewithcpp.moc" to the end of source code filealso. How to install C++ support manually? C4droid will ask you toinstall C++ support at first startup and will configure itself insemi-automatic mode. If you want to do that manually, you need: 0)Enough (100MB+) internal memory 1) Install GCC plugin 2) Select G++compiler in C4droid preferences Note that if you want to useC4droid as a C compiler, it is better to select GCC, not G++. Howto build and install libraries? Almost the same way as regularMakefile building except for that most probably some patching maybe required. Currently tested libraries are gmp, mpfr, mpc,libxml2, neon, sqlite, SDL_gfx (--disable-mmx required). Whichgestures/keyboard shortcuts does C4droid support? Long-clickgestures: New button: delete current file. Save button: save as.Open button: recent files. Run button: run with arguments. Compilebutton: configure current directory. Tab: close tab. Keyboardshortcuts: Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-X for Copy, Paste and Cut Ctrl-S,Ctrl-O for Save/Open Ctrl-Z, Ctrl-Y for Undo/Redo. Ctrl-L for "goto Line" Ctrl-F for Find Ctrl-A for select All Ctrl-B forBuild/compile Ctrl-R for Run Ctrl-Space/Ctrl-D for autocompletion(Ctrl-Space may be reserved by Android) Report bugs atn0n3m4@gmail.com. C4droid stands for "c for android" (or "c++ forandroid"). C4droid is not an online compiler, so it uses realbinaries. Some binaries in APK are licensed under (L)GPL, email mefor the source code (Tiny C compiler, GCC, BusyBox, etc.) Androidis a trademark of Google Inc. Qt is a registered trademark ofDigia.