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SuperDamageHero 1.0
Is the boss's HP beyond 2,000,000,000,000(2,000,000,000,000)?DO finish shaving astonished HP with flashy attack andwitchcraft.The character, a screen, the refreshing tap RPG which movesaround.My company is strengthened using the coin which collects by thedamage to which it was given!When using the acceleration power 1 per 30 minutes collects, moredamage is accelerated.They attack automatically, but brave men can give damagecontinuously by a tap's doing a monster.When a tap sometimes makes the treasure chest which showssomewhere on the screen, you can have various bonuses.A treasure chest goes off in 13 seconds.If it's found, I'll do a tap immediately.The bonus effect is 4 kinds.※ It was released as a new application because the previous"super-damage brave man" wasn't put on any more by a rise date byseveral circumstances.The rough contents are same as the previous one.Main change pointBug fixThe boss monster additionItem additionDamage addition during a secondThe time of an acceleration mode BGM change以下の素材を使用させて頂いています。臼井の会:ド:ぴぽや:http://piposozai.blog76.fc2.comSPIERAL WIND:http://spieralwind.tuzikaze.com魔王魂:http://maoudamashii.jokersounds.com煉獄庭園: