nctam Apps

This app will help you to Scan the SINGAPORE TOTO 4D numbers andCheck the last 5 years results (Including new TOTO 6/49 rule and 4DiBet). Never worry about losing money by mistake again!!!It alsohas following features:- TOTO keyboard and 4D/SWEEP smart manualinput can help you to type faster than ever!- QuickPick generatorfor TOTO and 4D.- Frequency tables and statistical charts.- TOTOcommon Triplets.- New result notifications.
Kết quả Vietlott 3.0
Ứng dụng giúp bạn tra kết quả xổ số Vietlott Mega 6/45, Max 4D& Power 6/55 nhanh chóng, dễ dàng với những chức năng chính: -Nhận thông báo kết quả xổ số. - Quét số Mega 6/45, Max 4D &Power 6/55 để tra. - Thống kê kết quả bằng biểu đồ. - Sinh số ngẫunhiên. - 'Vé của tôi': tự động dò và thông báo trúng thưởng. Appsto help you investigate Mega lottery results Vietlott 6/45, 6/55& Power 4D Max quickly, easily the main functions: - Receivenotifications lottery results. - Scan the Mega 6/45, 6/55 Max 4D& Power to investigate. - Statistics results in the chart. -Born random number. - 'My Tickets': automatically detect and notifywinners.
Bill Ninja 2.4
David and Tom paid for hotel, David paid for dinner, Jane and Davidpaid for car rental. Tom lent David some money. How do they allcalculate who-pays-who in the end?Bill Ninja to the rescue, splityour bills hassle-free!This app also supports for multi-currenciesof trips, and send results via Email/SMS/WhatsApp/Viber.
SoundViz - Sound visualizer 2.2
Use phone or tablet as a visualizer of surrounding sounds. Profeatures: - More effects. - Supports for 2 fingers interaction.
SoundViz Lite 1.4
Use phone or tablet as a visualizer of surrounding sounds