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Defense RPG 3.0.8
[Game outline]Defense RPG is the simulation RPG which repulses the monster whichstrengthens a country with the system of a turn system strategysimulation game, and is called Evil Beast with the combat system ofRPG of a turn system.A unit is composed and raised from nine occupations, it defendsby strengthening a rampart, the income is raised in strengtheningof the country by internal affairs, and the more powerful equipmentfor a unit is purchased by dealings.All Evil Beast periodically attacked to a castle are the bosscharacter classes, and are 30 or more kinds.Evil Beast more powerful as it repulses, of course attacks.In order to repulse, a unit must be raised and 100 or more kinds ofitems and 60 or more kinds of skills must be utilized.Evil Beast cannot be won only by advancing the turn.For what is the gold which enters when the income and Evil Beast ofevery turn are repulsed used?The timing to which Evil Beast attacks whether a rampart isstrengthened for whether it uses in order to increase an incomemore, or a unit is strengthened must be chosen at its owndiscretion, and a country must be strengthened.Moreover, taking advantage of a unit's characteristic, it isnecessary to perform sortie retreat and to oppose strategically ina battle.can bear how far Evil Beast attacked obstinately, or the attack ofEvil Beast continues how far -- the fate of the Gendum country --you -- it is order.[How to play]A country is strengthened with a main screen.If a turn is advanced with an advance button, gold will increase bythe income of every turn.Since Evil Beast will attack if the turn is advanced, pleaserepulse.An easy tutorial can be seen if it starts with a new game.[About advance mode]In an advance mode, it is the mode which usually added thefollowing change to the mode.- The physical strength of Evil Beast is strengthened for awhile.- It will become game over if repulse of Evil Beast goes wrong 3times continuously.- If it succeeds in repulse of Evil Beast, the material item forconverting arms and a protector can be obtained.- The arms and protector which are possessed from the warehouse ofa dealings screen are convertible.[About bug report]When a bug etc. are discovered, it will be saved if you can connectwith the way of the bulletin board (BBS) installed in a nekosukosite ( corresponds as promptly as possible.
でか株 1.0.1
でか株は画面いっぱいに大きい文字で株価を表示する、ファイナンスアプリです。でかい大文字で一社のみの株価を表示するアプリなので、目の悪いお年寄りの方などにも見やすいようになっています。また、操作もシンプルで簡単。銘柄コードを入力してボタンを押すだけです。アプリの操作が苦手な老人でも簡単に操作でき、誤操作しにくいようになっています。画面サイズの大きい端末であれば、そのまま大判アプリとなります。もちろん、表示中の銘柄の株価はリアルタイムに更新するようになっています。[使い方]画面左上の「銘柄コード」と表示されているところをタッチします。数字を入力するモードになるので、銘柄コードを入力します。画面右上の「株価の表示開始」と表示されているボタンをタッチします。銘柄コードが正しければ、株価が表示され一定の時間で更新されます。[注意事項]日本国内の株式市場にのみ対応しています。株価の表示、更新にはネットワーク接続が必要となります。また、定期的にネットワークに接続するため、バッテリーが消耗されやすくなります。このアプリはYahoo!JAPANファイナンスの情報を加工して表示しています。このアプリの情報を用いて行う判断の一切について責任を負うものではありません。Todisplaystock in large characters in full screen, big share isfinanceapplication.Because it is the application that displays the stock priceofonly one company in big capital letters, it is now easy tosee,such as the elderly poor eye.The operation is simple, too simple. Just press a button toenterthe brand code. Operation of the app easy to operate even aweakold man, it is now difficult to erroneous operation.If a terminal large screen size, it becomes the application as itislarge.Of course, stock prices of stocks you are viewing now updatedinreal time.[Usage]I will touch a place that is shown in the upper left of thescreenand the "ticker".Because it becomes a mode in which you enter a number, andthenenter the brand code.I touch the button that says "display start stock" at the toprightof the screen.Stock code is correct, it will be updated in constant timestockprices are displayed.[Note]It supports only the stock market in Japan.You will need to network connection display of stock prices,theupdate. Further, in order to connect to the network on aregularbasis, the battery is likely to be exhausted.You can display the by processing the information of Yahoo!JAPANfinance this app.It is not responsible for any decisions you make usingtheinformation in this app.