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DIY Locker - DIY Photo
The world’s first DIY screen locker, allowing you to lock yourphone with photos. Smooth, lite, and ready to increase your privacysecurity. The world’s first DIY pattern locker in the style ofmaterial design. DIY Locker adds fun and personality to yourunlocking patterns. DIY Locker provides you with spectacularwallpapers and lock screen themes with unique unlocking styles, aswell as application shortcuts to make your phone easy to use. Youcan even set your idols as your screen lock, so make your celllocker different right now! ★Highlights: Photo Passcode You can usea photo as part of the phone's passcode Pattern Passcode You canuse cute or cool cartoon pictures as your passcode Passcode StyleYou can customize your own passcode interface Widgets Notifier,music player, and app quick start Beautiful Wallpapers Moreselection of wallpapers ★Styles: 1. 【Photo Lockscreen\9-PhotosStyle\Custom】edit photos of yourself as well as your idol into thecode of your lock. 2. 【9 Box Style】use the cute app recommended 9box style to customize your unlock pattern 3. 【Slide Style】DIY thetext in the slide lock screen. 4. 【Love Style】photo styleheart-shaped lock screen. 5. 【My Name】use your name as your ownunique lock screen. 6. 【Family】make a screen lock from your familyand friends. 7. 【My Love】DIY photo screen lock of your darling. 8.【Number Style】custom the color of your number style lock screen 9.【Applock】AppLock can lock apps,such asFacebook,Snapchat,whatsapp,LINE,Messenger,SMS,Contacts,Gmail andany app you choose.Prevent unauthorized access and guard privacy.Ensure security! 10.【News】Super Locker let you quickly browse theworld's most hot latest news information. The news you subscribedwill push to you immediately , you can also share with friends,they can join the real-time reading and sharing. 11.【Weather】SuperLocker provide 4 days weather temperature data, you can preparewell in advance of your traveling, it will draw your attention tothe temperature change timely every day. ★Functions: 1.【Widgets】lock screen widgets including date and time, quotes,timing and countdown. 2. 【Wallpapers】set wallpapers from yourgallery and camera, easily choose unlock background and manage yourwallpapers. 3. 【Music】automatically search local music files, andsort play list by yourself. 4. 【App Shortcuts】quick access to yourfrequent apps on the right of your lock screen. 5. 【MessageNotification】show notifications on the lock screen and let youcontrol it by yourself. 6. 【Lite】saves your battery and storage.★Notice: 1. 【Disable】disable your system lock screen in case youhave to unlock your phone twice. 2. 【Notice】please set the securityquestion and the back up code. 3. 【Important】in order to ensurewell functioning please add Solo Locker to the white list of yourclean applications. 4. 【Importan】Solo Locker can only functioningin Android 4.0 or above. 5. 【Importan】please restart before usingSolo Locker. ★Authority: 1. 【Authorize the popup windows】mi usersplease turn on the popup windows function before use SoloLocker 3. 【Authorize the Contacts/Messages】to show you missedcalls, messages and even more notifications on your lock screen.Please feel free to let us know if you have encountered anyproblem, or have advice over Solo Locker, Thank you for yoursupport! ★Follow us: LINE ID:lockerheadlines Wechat ID: lockerheadlines