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Antares Pro 1.08
Medieval adventure visual novel **NOT Localized - English ONLY**The PRO version includes: 1. Ad-free experience 2. Option to skipbattles 4. My gratefulness for your generosity <3 Follow me onTwitter! @ninedux http://ninedux.comYear 317. The war rages on for a decade between Antares and Barianempire. In the midst of turmoil and death, a young guard of asmall, northern fortress sets off to turn the tides of anever-ending war. Details: > 100% free, full game > NO in-apppurchases Please review to support future sequels! Full attribution
Stellaren Pro 2.08
50+ CHAPTERS!! of space science fiction visual novel! **NOTLocalized - English ONLY** PRO version includes: 1. Ad-freeexperience 2. Option to skip battles 3. Default unlocked endings 4.My gratefulness for your generosity <3 Year 2340. Space isdivided into two systems. The inner system, centering around Earthis controlled by NGC, the successors of a previous galactic war.The outer system, composed of space colonies and deserted planetsis occupied by CRF (rebel forces) and other deep space creatures.In the distant outer systems, M is a simple mechanic scraping aliving in space colony NGC-13. After his parents' mysterious deaths8 years ago, he survives by stealing and swindling NGC pilots. Oneday, he sees a strange girl in the colony shipyard and decides tofollow her... Details: > 50+ chapters of a galactic journey >3 endings driven by accumulating decision points > All chapterselections unlocked > 100% free, full game > NO in-apppurchases Please rate and review to support future sequels! >Stellaren: Acrux now available! Follow me on Twitter! @ninedux Attribution
Stellaren II 1.0.41
Space science fiction visual novel Two investigators of aspacemining colony discover a series of murders. With a loomingaugmentthreat, their planet's survival now depends on their lead.Sequelof the original Stellaren & Stellaren: Acrux series. =Proversion removes chapter ads, allows skipping combat, plusotherbenefits = === Contains offensive language and depictions ofgoreand violence, for mature audiences only === Join our smalldiscordcommunity -