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Crappy Bird 5.13
Fly as far as you can over the quietsmall-townof Cleanlyland passing obstacles and dropping nastybrown bombs onthe town’s citizens to collect points! Don’t forgetto eat pizza andother food along the way to refill yourcrap-supply or you’ll fallto the ground and die. Some foods willeven give you craptasticpower-ups! What are you waiting for?Download Crappy Bird today andsee how far YOU can crap!Key Features:-Challenging and entertaining game-play-Sweet power-ups to help you crap farther-Google Play leaderboard and achievements to unlock new birds-Whimsical graphics and sound effects-#THUNDERTACO
Pizza Planet 1.5
It's a bright and sunny day amidst the greatest economic growth theworld has ever seen. Just a normal college student, you're young,inexperienced, and... a little bit hungry. And like everyone elseon the planet, you want nothing more than to get rich quick. Buthow? Your stomach grumbles and you decide to think about it over asnack. Remembering that there should be some leftover pizza fromlast night, you check the fridge. Alas, no pizza! Your idiotroommate must have finished it earlier that morning. And of course,there aren't any pizza delivery places on campus! That's when ithits you... why not start your own pizza company so that no oneelse needs to suffer like you did? Following your new-found dreams,you drop out of college, move back home, and start making pizza inyour mother's kitchen. Was that a good decision? Probably not.Either way, it's now up to you to turn your life around and puttogether the best pizza company on the planet!*Grow your youngstart-up into a bustling pizza empire by making and selling yourcheesy gooey goodness to an endless supply of hungry invisiblebuyers. *Put your money back into the company and watch it grow asyou hire more employees, upgrade your facilities, and move to newexciting locations. *Keep expanding until you build up anintergalactic pizza empire centered around your own Pizza Planet.
Random Card Deck 1.1
Features:•  Randomly deal up to 5 cards at a time•  Choose to showor hide previously dealt cards•  3D animations•  Simple andintuitive user interface What Random Card Deck is good for:•  Cardgames•  Drinking games•  Workouts using playing cards•  Betting• Learning to count cards
Orbit Simulator (Unreleased)
Features:•  Create unlimited planetary bodies of various sizes•  Observe realistic gravity between planets, moons, and suns•  Drag back to launch planetary bodies across yoursolarsystem•  Lock bodies in place and automatically create simpleorbitsaround them•  Manually edit position, velocity, and mass of bodies forspecificand/or advanced simulations•  No boundariesGreat for:•  Physics students wanting to better understand gravityinspace•  Teachers looking for a fun way to teach students•  Casual play and entertainment