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Memory Trace - Memory games 1.3.2
Memory trace is a collection of three fun memory games. MemoryTrace, Memory Stack and Memory Match. All games are absolutelyfree.MEMORY GAMES::Memory Trace:Memory Trace is a brain game basedon image sorting. Player sorts the images by choosing images one byone which was displayed on the screen and then the screen getsrearranged and player needs to sort the images in the same orderagain. A fun addictive sorting game to test and improve your memoryskills. A brain game to exercise your brain for both kids andadults.Game modes in memory trace: Fun Play mode :- - Playerchooses one of the image collection and the number of images toremember from the 12 image set. - Screen always displays 12 imagesand once player sorts the number of images , images are rearrangedon screen and the player needs to sort the images in the same orderas earlier. - This mode is a brain training / Memory exercise modewhere player can improve their memory skills and choose the numberto trace based on their comfort level. Easy, Hard and Challengemodes:- - Multilevel modes where game difficulty and number ofimages increases with the level and player needs to complete eachlevel within specified time limit - This brain Game offer rewardsand scores based on performance - More variety of collection ofimages than in Fun Play mode. - Great way to challenge your memoryskills - Easy Hard and Challenge mode differs in time limit anddifficulty Memory Match:: - Fun memory match game where acollection of pairs are hidden on screen and player needs to matchthe pair. - Memory match game is Time limited - Three differentmodes are available Easy, Hard and Challenge - This memory gameoffer rewards and scores based on performance - Very good memorypair game for kids and familiesMemory Stack::- A brain game tochallenge your memory skills.- Images gets displayed on screen andplayer needs to remember the positions- Images are cleared andplayer needs to position images one by one in the right position.-Three different levels Easy, Hard and Challenge based on the numberof images to memorize- This game is a real challenge for yourmemory and is a real brain game. Related keywords:Like us on facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/onclickgames/For any issues andfeedback please reach us at [email protected]