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OTO Free International Call 2.5.7
★ Ranking First in International Phone Call Division of 2014 AppAward Korea★ ★ 2015~2018 Master Consumer Confidence of Korea BrandAwards ★ Did you know that the 2002 legendary figure of World Cup,Coach Gus Hidink, used OTO?! OTO Free International Phone Calls appis used by more than 10 million people. [Main Functions] ★ FreeInternational Phone Calls - You may place free international phonecalls to the United States, Canada, Japan, etc. to 94 countries inKorea. (However, free phone calls are available according to thepayment plans of smart phones.) ★ Why OTO Free International PhoneCalls? 1. OTO Frree International Phone Call is free because itdoes not incur cost for any international phone calls placed. 2.You may use international phone calls via the local voice phonebills, so no worries. 3. Unlike other services that offer freeservice to a limited range of countries, OTO offers free phonecalls to all 94 countries. ★ Even if it is not one of thedesignated countries for free service, you're in good hands as longas you're using global OTO app! Install the global OTO app if thecountry that you would like to call is not listed as one of thecountries under free of charge service areas. You can useinternational phone call service for around 250 countries worldwideof the highest quality for the lowest price imaginable. OTO GlobalApp offers voice all service to 45 countriies worldwide, and aslong as your data is connencted, you may call any country anywherein the world. If you encounter any inconveniences using ourservice, please do let us know. We are always all ears for yourvaluable opinions. - website : - call center :+82-2-16000546 Free International Call, Free,Call,Smart, Intlcall,Prepaid international call,Global,OTO, Cheap, low price 5.0.5
OTO Global is your ultimate app for communication with friends andfamily! Highest quality international calls at the lowest rates,unlimited free calls to OTO users, purchasing real phone numberswith OTO Number service and multimedia messenger are just some ofmany features you can enjoy with OTO Global app. Key features: 1)OTO international calls Over 10 million people are already usingOTO to make the crystal clear quality international calls at thelowest rates. 2) Free calls to OTO users Enjoy completely free highquality unlimited calls to OTO users anywhere in the world usingyour WiFi or data connection. 3) OTO Messenger OTO messenger letsyou send text, voice, photo and video messages, share your locationand much more. Enjoy communicating with your friends and familywith OTO messenger. Contact us Do not hesitate to contact us withany inquiries or suggestions. We are always happy to hear from you.Message Board -> More > Question and Answer Homepage: CustomerService Center: +82 2 1600 0546
OTO 무료로밍서비스 4.2.2
[중요공지] 현재 Android OS 9.0이상에서 앱 동작이 원활하지 않은 현상이 발견되어 수정 중입니다. 최대한 빠른시일 내에 업데이트하도록 하겠습니다. 업데이트 이전까지는 앱 사용 중 오류에 대해 잠시만 양해를 부탁드립니다. 해외 로밍시, 통신사의 자동 로밍 서비스를 이용할 경우 걸려온 전화를 받기만 해도 분당 1천원이 부과되어, 요금 폭탄을 맞을 수밖에 없는 구조입니다. (미국을 기준으로 20분 통화 수신 시 9만원 가량의 로밍 통화 요금이 부과됩니다.) 그래서 항상고객에게 필요한 것이 무엇인지 고민하는 OTO가, 로밍 요금 폭탄을 해결하기 위해 OTO 무료로밍서비스를 런칭했습니다.OTO 무료로밍서비스는 수신요금이 전혀 부담되지 않는 무료 서비스입니다. 이제 해외여행이나 어학연수, 출장 등 해외에서로밍 요금 걱정 없이, 한국의 가족/친구들과 마음껏 통화를 즐기세요. ※ OTO 무료로밍서비스 200% 활용하기 ※[해외 유학 보낸 자녀가 걱정되는 부모님] 자녀들 걱정에 밤잠을 설치며, 비싼 로밍요금과 국제전화 요금까지 걱정해야 하는당신. 이제 마음 놓고 자녀분들과 통화하세요. 자녀의 번호 그대로, 국내 통화료로 통화가 가능하답니다. [해외 출장이잦은 슈퍼 비지니스맨] 해외 출장 중, 로밍 수신요금이 두려워 벨이 울리는 휴대폰을 보고만 있는 당신. 이제 중요한전화인지 덜 중요한 전화인지 추측하지 말고 해외 출장 중에도 요금 폭탄 걱정 없이 자유롭게 통화하고 신속 정확하게 업무를처리하는 진정한 프로가 되세요. [어학연수/유학을 떠나는 꿈 많은 대학생] 유학 갈 땐 휴대폰은 무조건 해지해야 하는 줄알았는데.. 내가 쓰던 그 번호 그대로 한국의 가족, 친구들과 편안하게, 더 저렴하게 통화하세요. [해외 여행을 계획중인 히피 감성 여행자] 무작정 떠난 배낭 여행. 내 발이 닿는 어느 곳에서든.. 자유롭게 통화를 즐기는 당신이 진정한자유인. 여행지 현지 유심과 함께 이용하면 더욱 저렴합니다. [Important Notice] We arecurrently working on Android OS 9.0 and above, and we are workingto fix this app. We will update it as soon as possible. Please beaware of any errors while using the apps before updating. Whenroaming overseas, when you use automatic roaming service of acarrier, even if you receive a call, you will be charged a W1,000per minute. (If you receive a 20 minute call from the US, you willbe charged a roaming call fee of about 90,000 won.) So OTO, whoalways thinks what the customer needs, has launched the OTO freeroaming service to solve the roaming charge bomb. OTO free roamingservice is a free service that does not incur any charge. Now youcan talk to your family / friends in Korea without worrying aboutoverseas roaming charges, such as overseas trips, language trainingand business trips. ※ Using 200% of OTO free roaming service ※[Parents who are worried about their children who are studyingabroad] You need to worry about expensive roaming charges andinternational phone charges. Now feel free to talk to yourchildren. You can call with your local number as your child'snumber. [Super business man who frequent overseas business trip]During a business trip abroad, you are only looking at a cell phoneringing bells afraid of roaming charges. Now do not assume thatit's an important phone or a less important phone. I can talkfreely without worrying about the charge bomb while I traveloverseas Be a true professional who can handle your businessquickly and accurately. [Studying abroad / dreaming collegestudents] I thought I had to cancel my cell phone when I wasstudying abroad. My number is the same as my family, friends andTalk comfortably and cheaper. [A hippy sensible traveler planning atrip abroad] Backpacking trip that I left without thinking.Wherever my feet reach ... You are truly free to enjoy yourconversations freely. It is cheaper to use it when you travel witha local wanderer.
PlayOTO-SNS 2.1.8
PlayOTO connects you to your friends all over the world with themost advanced multi-messaging and social networking service…freely.Come on! Let’s PlayOTO!• Keep up with your friends 24x7.• Text,chat and have group conversations in a variety of ways.• Call otherPlayOTO users any time with HD quality audio - free of charge on3G, 4G (LTE) or WiFi networks.• Use PlayOTO’s multi-media homepage
 to share personal updates via text, voice messages, video,photos, locations and emoticons. • Call your friends or set up talkgroups with PlayOTO’s crystal clear Push-To-Talk (PTT)walkie-talkie service.• Create a Group Pages to convenientlycommunicate with groups of friends.• Comment on your friend’s postsand receive notifications when friends comment on your posts• Needto call an international acquaintance that doesn’t PlayOTO? UsePlayOTO’s international calling service with the lowest rates andthe highest call quality. More than 3.5 million people trustPlayOTO for international calls.• Free international calls to 94countries from Korea and Japan.■ We recommend you to sign up for aflat rate plan for data service because you may be charged forcommunication on data in non-WiFi environment.■ We recommend you touse a device run Android OS 2.1 or older for the effective use ofour services.We assure you that we will introduce better and moreinnovative services by way of updating our services continuously.
Project Y.G - 영화배우 구하기 프로젝트 1.0.8
Project Y.G - 영화배우 구하기 프로젝트는 영화, 드라마, 광고속의 영상 컨텐츠 주/조연 및 단역 엑스트라배역에 맞는 연기자를 캐스팅디렉터 및 감독님들에게 연결해드리는 서비스입니다.유명 배우보다 신인, 무명배우, 지망생들이많은 시장에서의 배우 개개인들의 경쟁력을 어필과 더불어 소속사 여부에 따라서 좌지우지 되는 시장 내에서 보다 형평성 있게캐스팅 될 수 있는 플랫폼을 제공합니다.각종 드라마, 영화, 뮤지컬 오디션 소식에 대한 정보를 제공하며 이에 관한 소식을웹과 월간지로 출간합니다.“캐스팅디렉터들이 쏟는 시간을 혁신적으로 단축시켜줄 뿐만 아니라, 다양한 연기자를 발굴할 수있는 서비스이다” - 이영주[주요기능]• 배우들의 프로필 정보• 현역 감독들의 프로필 정보 • 배우 및 연기자들의스타일리시한 화보사진• 배우 소개 및 인터뷰 영상• 웹진 서비스• 나만의 관심배우 목록Project Y.G 는 무료로다운로드하여 사용할 수 있습니다.——이용약관 :개인정보보호정책:공식홈페이지(에서 Project Y.G에 대해 자세히 알아보세요.
My Smart international call 1.0.1
My Smart international call is a LG U+ is a dedicated servicelaunced by OTO with over 6.5 million users worldwide. Premiuminternational call service for LG U+ users only. Outgoing callsfrom Korea only. Supported language : Korean, English, Japanese,Chinese, Indonesia, Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian (Khmer) can be usedand other languages are expected to be added gradually. 1. Searchfor My Smart international call in the Store and install. 2. Aftermobile phone verification, receive free credits. (350 creditsprovided) 3. Select the country to call and insert the telephonenumber. 4. After checking the charges per minute indicated in theCall button, make the call. 5. Once the call ends, charges used canimmediately be checked. Note: Only available to LG U+ users.Outgoing cOutgoing calls can only be made from Korea and cannot beused overseas. The credit can be topped up using LG U+ postpaidadditional service for use. (included in the following month'sbill) All calls are made with data calls and the data consumptionamount per minute is approximately 700KB.