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Cooking Game Make your Cake 1.0.0
Cooking Game Make your Cake quickly and easywith this Funny game for girls only , You will have a great cookingexperience moments that will make you feel like a real chef.wonderful application will help you master the cooking skills athome easy way for adults prepare delicious and tastiest freshcuisine, meals, desserts, prepare pizza Several levels of gameplayinclude amazing cuisine and serve. Delicious challenge of deliciousburgers, crispy fries, chicken, fruit juices, coffee, burgers,salads and much more. Claim that you are the master cook top andmanage the restaurant on your own. Do you have what it takes to bea master chef? Show your skills as a master of the kitchen andraise the heat setting with the kitchen fever. Be the chef to maketasty dishes for your customers. They rush with fast food orders soquick to deal with themFeatures:• quick and easy recipes• Suitable for all ages, for entire family• Great cooking experience• well explained in several stages• Educational game that develops skills• Chocolate Chips Cake• White Chocolate