pUnlockStd Apps

g2600 (A2600.EMU) 7.2.0
g2600 is a fast Atari|2600 game emulator.Faster and Smoother game emulator.
ggNDS (D|S) 7.2.0
Free and powerful N|D|S(Nintexndo|D.S) gameemulator.1. Save and resume game states2. Emulates dual touchscreen interface3. GameShark/ActionReplay/CodeBreaker cheats4. Support game file .rom, .ds, or .zip, just put them into yourphone…etc
gGens(MD) 7.2.0
Great M|D game emulator, supports all|GENESIS|MD| games with best compatibility.Very powerful game engine that lets you play games verysmooth.Quick save and restore games you will never get lostVery powerful game controls keyboard, giving you the best arcadegame experience.
gGBC (Game Emulator) 7.2.0
gGBC is a fast Gameboy|Color gameemulator.Faster and Smoother game emulator.You can enjoy Gameboy games on Android phone and tablet.