RK3066 HeadUnit 2.18
Service app for RK3066 car HeadUnit family. Android 4.2 and4.4Features: - Call via bluetooth from Android apps request. Bestusage with True Contacts app! - Media buttons remap from CAN/Keyinputs to andorid (all custom players support) - Direct control ofmedia players - Media button emulation, PCradio app direct control(root required) - Auto start music app on boot or on Phone headunitkey - Tune volume on speed (steps: 60, 100, 120 km/h) - Backgroundvolume change (no stock or system UI) - Safe volume level set onstart/stop headunit - Supprot of both old and new Headunit versions- Call History widget included - Media keys correctly sorted andhandled on headunit boot-upIF CALL DO NOT WORK: Change BT Apiversion in settings.App is full open-source: headunits on Rockchip RK30SDK platform: RK3066 (Android 4.2.2 and4.4.X) - Klyde (KLD) - Roadmaster (RM) - Hui Fei (KGL) - Microntek- SMARTY - TWIN - Many other brands on RK3066 chipsetBetatestingNow app uses open beta testing model. To become tester andsubscribe to the newewst updates visit
Ownice RK3188 HeadUnit 0.1
Service app for RK3188 car HeadUnit family, Android 4.4 OSFeatures:- Media buttons remap from CAN/Key inputs to andorid (all customplayers support)Supported headunits: - C200 RK3188 headunit runningAndroid 4.4 OS by Ownice,