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Lock Screen Wallpaper HD 1.0
Now protect your phone's privacy with easytoremember 4 digit passcode lock and High quality HD backgrounds.Choose background from our multiple HD background collectionandset as lock screen background. you can also set backgrounds ashomescreen wallpaper too.Features:***** Set lock screen with one tap***** Slide to unlock***** Enable passcode lock with ETR 4 digit passcode***** Enter passcode to unlock***** Multiple High quality HD backgrounds***** Use background for lock screen***** Set background as home screen wallpaperUnlock your phone with style. Try Now!!
Butterfly Photo Frames 1.0
Create amazing pictures withbutterfliesand create a cool photo album of you and yourfriends in the cutestbutterfly photo frame.Butterfly Photo Frames is a fantastic photo editortoolthat helps you to create top photo album instantly byaltering withunique and innovative Photo makeup!Create dazzling and beautiful single butterflyframepictures of yourself or dual butterfly framepictures withyour loved ones, add emoji's & stickers, writeyourpersonalized messages and share it instantly with your familyandfriends on social media directly from the app.Features:***** Select single or dual butterfly frame***** Select pictures from your gallery***** Adjust pictures in frames through multi-touch***** Add stickers & emoji's***** Write your personalized text***** Save your creation on SD-card***** Share your creation on social media directly from the appMake a wonderful composition of your precious moments andnaturewith beautiful butterflies frames. TRY NOW!!
Auto Photo Cut Paste 2.3
Auto Photo Cut Paste is a NextGen Cut Paste Photo Editor app bywhich you can cut out any part of image automatically with AutoSelection tool and paste it on another image or background. AutoPhoto Cut Paste provides a fast and easy way to create amazingcustom pictures. Just touch the area of picture which you want toerase and Auto Cut Paste will automatically detect the entire areathrough color detection AI and it will erase that area for you sothat you can paste that image on any other picture or on ourexisting 30+ HD backgrounds. Auto Photo Cut Paste comes with manyprofessional photo editing tools like: - Auto Erase: for one touchbackground removal - Manual Erase: for finger rub (traditional)background removal - Lasso Erase: for area selection backgrounderase - Restore: for finger rub background retrieval - Undo, Redo& Zoom: for accurate result Features: ***** Perform Face Swap-Cut one face and paste it on the other ***** Remove photobackground and replace with any background you wish ***** Cut thepeople out and put them on another background ***** Crop animalfaces from one photo and place it over your friends photo *****Save and share your creation with friends and family on any socialnetworking sites Ideal for: Cut Paste Photos, Face Swap, PhotoEditing, Photo Background Changer, Photo Background Eraser, CopyPaste Photos.
Superimpose Pictures 1.2
Superimpose is an advance Photo Blender app to mix two or morepictures together and create a perfect double exposure effect. TryNow!!Make your image look creative in seconds without using aprofessional editor, Just select two or more pictures and blendthem together with the help of Photo Mixer, Photo Blender and PhotoEraser to get double and multi exposure pictures. You can also usePhoto Editor tools like Enhancer, Effects, Overlays, Crop,Orientation, Border, Frames, Sticker, Text and more to get perfectresult every time.Features:***** Mix and blend two or more imagewith advanced blending tools.***** Edit pictures like professionalswith many editing tools.***** Enhance photos to make then HD.*****Apply effects to make pictures even more beautiful.***** Applyoverlay to give double exposure.***** Crop photos for social mediaor other use.***** Adjust orientation to get perfect view ofphotos.***** Apply Border, Frames, Sticker, Text and many more togive photo your personal touch.***** Save your creation on SD cardand Share any social networking platformGive an artistic look toyour pictures and share it to any social network. Try Now!!
Tattoo My Photo 1.3
Make your photos look amazing with "Tattoo My Photo". Tattoo MyPhoto is a whole new virtual body modification app. You can trydifferent type of latest tattoos like Black Tattoos, GlitterTattoos, Metallic Tattoos and Color Tattoos on your body withoutpain through your pictures. Try Now!! Place tattoos on your picturewith the help of multi-touch and blend tattoo to make it realistic.Share your pictures with tattoos on social media like Facebook,WhatsApp etc., directly from the app and check out if your friendslike it. Features: ★★★★★ Select or capture picture ➤ Select picturefrom gallery or capture from camera ★★★★★ Choose from a variety oftattoos ➤ Choose tattoos from different type of latest tattoos likeBlack Tattoos, Glitter Tattoos, Metallic Tattoos and Color Tattoos.★★★★★ Make Tattoos REAL ➤ Adjust tattoos with multi-touch and blendtattoos with slide-bar ★★★★★ Save and Share ➤ Save your creation onSD-Card and share on any social media directly from the app. Addtattoos virtually on your body part. Try Now!!
New Year Photo Frames 2017 1.1
Wrap your pictures in wonderful new yearphoto frames.Send new year wishes to your friends and family with your photoand amazing HD New Year Frames. Beautify your picture withmultiple Photo Effects and write your personalized messages withmultiple beautiful fonts and colors.Share your created New YearCards and New Year Greetings on any social networking site directlyfrom the app.Features:★★★★★ Select or capture picture➤ Select picture from gallery or capture from camera★★★★★ Choose New Year Frame➤ Choose New Year Frame from multiple amazing HD New Year Frame★★★★★ Adjust image➤ Adjust image with multi-touch★★★★★ Apply Effect➤ Apply one of the multiple photo effect★★★★★ Write wishes➤ Write your personalized text and wishes★★★★★ Beautify Text➤ Beautify text with the help of multiple cute fonts and color★★★★★ Save and Share➤ Save greetings on SD-Card and share on any social media directlyfrom the app.Happy New Year 2017!!
Diwali Photo Frames 1.0
Wish your loved ones, family andfriendsDiwali greetings by creating amazing HD Diwali photoframes andwrite your personal wishes on your greetings withmultiplebeautiful fonts and colors. Tons of High Quality DiwaliPhotoFrames to choose from. Try it now!!!Celebrate the festival of lights with Diwali PhotoFrames.The Diwali festival spiritually signifies the victoryof light overdarkness or good over evil, knowledge over ignorance,and hope overdespair.Celebrate the victory of light over darknessby sendingDiwali greetings to your friends and family.Features:***** Easy Photo Selection-Select image from your gallery or capture from camera***** Many High Quality Photo Frames to Choose From- Select one of the multiple HD Diwali Frame***** Easy Adjust- Adjust picture in frame with multi-touch***** Apply Effects- Apply effect to beautify your picture***** Create Personalized Wishes- Add your personalized pictures with multiple beautifulfonts***** Easy Save and Share- Save your greetings on SD-Card and Share Diwali greetingsonsocial media directly from appConvey your Diwali wishes with beautiful frames. Easy to shareonWhatsApp, Facebook and other social media. Try Now!!
Photo Wonder Pro 1.1
Create marvelous pictures withPhotoWonder. Just select the picture and apply photo wondereffectsto give your pictures a stunning look.Create wonderful photos with Photo Wonders and decorate themtoshow off to your friends and family.Make attractive photo looks by performing extraordinaryphotocompositions of your favorite photos with various trendyphotoeffects & filters such as Magic PhotoEffects,Shiny Photo Filters, Color PhotoFilters,Seasons Photo Effects, Out of WorldPhotoFilters.!➤ Features :★★★★★ Easy to use.★★★★★ Choose your pictures from the gallery or capturefromcamera.★★★★★ Choose double exposure photo wonder effect.★★★★★ Rotate, scale, zoom or drag pictures to blend them intooneperfect.★★★★★ Save to the gallery of your smartphone or tablet.★★★★★ Share pictures on social networks directly from the app.Edit your beautiful photos with quick and easy way.TryNow!!
Photo Focus - Blur Effects 1.0
Turn your normal pictures into amazingfocuspictures with just one tap.Create DSLR like focus images by applying one of themultipleblur effects like Motion Blur, Gaussian Blur, Line Blur,Box Blur,Pixel Blur and adjust the focus area and blur intensitywithslide-bar."Photo Focus - Blur Effects" is a fast and easy to use apptocreate spectacular focus photos on the go.Features:***** Select picture from gallery or capture from camera***** Choose from multiple blur effects like~ Motion Blur~ Gaussian Blur~ Line Blur~ Box Blur~ Pixel Blur***** Tap to apply focus***** Adjust focus area with slide-bar***** Adjust blur intensity with slide-bar***** Save your creation on SD Card***** Share your creation on social media directly from appMake focus photos like professionals. Try Now!!
Love Photo Frames 1.0
Show & Share your Love by creatingamazingpictures using Love Photo Frames.Create single love frame pictures of yourselfordual love frame pictures with your loved ones, addemoji's& stickers and your personalized love messages andshare onsocial media directly from the app.Features:***** Select single or dual love frame***** Select pictures from your gallery***** Adjust pictures in frames through multi-touch***** Add stickers & emoji's***** Write your personalized text***** Save your creation on SD-card***** Share your creation on social media directly from the appBeautiful HD Love Photo Frames to beautify and glorify yourlovephotos. TRY NOW!!
Romantic Photo Frames 1.0
Make your loving memories fadelesswithRomantic Photo Frames.Create dazzling and beautiful single romanticframepictures of yourself or dual romantic frame pictureswithyour loved ones, add emoji's & stickers and yourpersonalizedromantic messages and share on social mediadirectly fromthe app.Features:***** Select single or dual romantic frame***** Select pictures from your gallery***** Adjust pictures in frames through multi-touch***** Add stickers & emoji's***** Write your personalized text***** Save your creation on SD-card***** Share your creation on social media directly from the appBeautiful HD Romantic Photo Frames to beautify andglorifyyour romantic photos. TRY NOW!!
Christmas Photo Frames 1.1
Create amazing Christmas cardswithChristmas Photo Frames and share with your friends andfamily.Celebrate the special day of year in special way.Createbeautiful Christmas Greetings with multiple HD Christmasframes andwrite your personalized messages with multiple snowyfonts. Shareyour created Christmas Greetings/Cards on any socialmedia likeFacebook, Whatsapp etc directly from the app.Features:★★★★★ Select or capture picture➤ Select picture from gallery or capture from camera★★★★★ Choose Christmas Frame➤ Choose Christmas Frame from multiple amazing HDChristmasFrame★★★★★ Adjust image➤ Adjust image with muti-touch★★★★★ Apply Effect➤ Apply one of the multiple photo effect★★★★★ Write wishes➤ Write your personalized text and wishes★★★★★ Beautify Text➤ Beautify text with the help of multiple cute fonts and color★★★★★ Save and Share➤ Save greetings on SD-Card and share on any social mediadirectlyfrom the app.Merry Christmas!! Spread the joy!!!
Piercing Photo 1.0
Get the most realistic piercing with Piercing Photo Editor.Piercing Photo allows you to set the piercing in any angle so itwill look realistic.Try piercing on photo before you really getit.1000's of piercing accessories and jewelry styles to try all forfree!!! ► Ball Closure Rings ► Barbells Accessories ► CircularBarbells ► Ear Studs ► Flesh Tunnels Plugs ► Labret Studs ► NavelAccessories ► Nose Studs ► Scaffold Jewelry ► Tongue TicklersGetyour own piercing studio for free and add some jewelry to yournose, eyebrow, lip, tongue, wherever you want with no pain orcomplications.Special Features➤ A huge number of cool piercingideas!➤ Easy to use virtual piercing booth!➤ Body piercing photoeditor for boys and girls!➤ Perfect piercing salon photo stickers!➤Easy to adjust piercing stickers for photos!along with that you canedit jewelries with your own.➤ Multiple earrings, nose studs,eyebrow and belly rings available!➤ Take a photo or selfie or use apic from the gallery!➤ Choose your favorite piercing and put it onyour nose, ear, mouth, navel!➤ Save your work of pics art in aphoto gallery!➤ Explore this safe piercing app and create funnycards!Embellish and decorate your selfie pics with the works ofpiercing art and start a photo editing adventure right now!
Braces 2.0 1.0
Braces 2.0 gives you the most realistic Braces on yourPhotos.Braces 2.0 is not just braces sticker app, but a BracesEditor that allows you to set the Braces in perspective of yourface and with erase options to make your photos look realistic.Tryon now and see how you look with Braces.100+ best bracket stickersfor your perfect braces booth photo!Braces 2.0 allows you to addbrackets on photo and create photo with braces booth on your teethand make people look funny with braces on photo. Braces photocamera is free! Create best braces photo with beautiful bracesstickers in few seconds with Braces camera!★★★★★ Braces has a tonsof super braces stickers for the best selfie photo♡ Gold bracesstickers♡ Man braces stickers♡ Woman braces stickers♡ Funny bracesstickers♡ Glamour braces stickers♡ Hipster braces stickers★★★★★Most REALISTIC Braces makeup is very easy to use1. Take a new photoor select one from your gallery on which you want to add braces:2.Select bracket from Braces stickers collection3. Edit braces toalign with your teeth - Make it look realistic.4. Share your photoswith braces with your friends and family in Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, WhatsApp and other social networks.5. Add braces to yourfriends photos!
Poster Maker Flyer Banner Cover Thumbnail Designer 1.1
Create promotional posters, advertisement, offer announcements,cover photos on the go with amazing backgrounds, texture, effects,fonts, sticker and get the attention you want. Poster Maker is anextra-ordinary tool that will transform your regular posts intocreative posters within seconds. This app has got the mosteffective tools that can transform an empty background to anattractive posters within seconds, it is an all-in one app whichprovides you with 120+ background choices and with customized sizein different ratios.share your own designed poster through easysharing options on social media, let everyone know your creations.Poster Maker is an easy to use app, just select the background youlike in the ratio as per your need and add your text with posterdesign fonts, add wonderful stickers (specially picked for postermaking), add your pictures from gallery and create perfect posterevery time. Poster Maker makes art simple. - Write Text On Photoswith tons of amazing Fonts - Create Posters - Create AdvertisingMaterials - Create Flyers - Create Promotional Creatives - CreateBrouchers - Create Quotes Poster - Create Invitation Posters -Create Social Media Posts Poster Maker is a complete Photo Editorwhich cover all your Poser, Banner and creative art needs. AndPoster Design is best for Banners Etsy Banners Facebook CoversTumblr Banners Thumbnails Quinceañera Invitations Twitch BannersCards Postcards Save the Dates Thank You Cards Covers Album CoversBook Covers Magazine Covers Covers Brochures Flyers Business FlyersChurch Flyers Club Flyers Grand Opening Flyers Real Estate FlyersInvitations Baby Shower Invitations Birthday Invitations GraduationInvitations Party Invitations Wedding Invitations Layouts CollagesMenus Pamphlets Channel Art Headers Other Designs An easy way todesign creatives for all your business and social needs. DownloadNow for FREE!!
PostLab: Designer Collages, Posters, Layouts 1.2
Instantly turn your photos into Spectacular Posters in seconds! Mayyou want to promote your business or your self, Postlab will helpyou BRAND & make your Posts GREAT!!!!! Theprofessionally-designed poster templates allow you to createeye-catching posts. So post in style!!!! Post Lab allows you tocreate professional looking designs with normal photos in minutes.Postlab offers • Poster Templates - 100s of templates to createamazing Posters, Travel Docs, Social Posts, Collages, Grids andLayouts. • Photo Editor - A complete photo editor to apply Effects,Overlays, Crop/Resize, adjust contrast, brightness, saturation andmuch more. • Exclusive frames, masks, designs, fonts & filters• Art - Premium Art and Stickers with editing tools like changeColor/Hue. • Text- Impressive text editing tool is designed forcreation of nice-looking messages on your photos with richcollection of customizable fonts, color, textures and shapes. PostLab is ideal for creating • Social Media Posts Instead of justposting your regular photos, PostLab will make the regular photosstylish. Turn your photos to designer photos. • Scrapbook Shareyour stories with style. Create great-looking Collages and Grids.Add Text, Art and Effects. • Magazine covers Put yourself on amagazine • Movie posters Be the superstar in these stunningHollywood-style posters. • Gourmet ads Share your favorite food bycreating tasty-looking food-ad style posters. • Travel documentaryTell your travel stories and share your memorable journey. • PhotoCollages and Grid Create beautiful collages with ready madetemplates. Post Lab allows to combine several photos into amazinglylooking photo collages with a wide variety of frames, shapes,customizable backgrounds, templates and stickers. Tons of postertemplates Hundreds of fantastic posters of various styles. Try itnow!
com.psma.videomerge 1.3
Want to merge or join two videos together? Merge/Join your favoritevideos together into a single video and make it even moreappealing. You don't need to rely on any complex software to mergeyour videos. Video Merge allows you to merge your videos right fromyour phone. Video Merge is a simple app to merge and join videofiles into one file. It supports different video formats withdifferent frame rate, same frame size and same audio rate. VideoMerge - Side By Side is a unique app which lets you make creativevideos. Take two videos and merge them into one video and see themplaying side by side. By using Video Merge you can: - Video MergeSide by Side: Select two videos and the videos will merge in sideby side style. - Video Merge Up Down: Select two videos and thevideos will merge in up down style. - Video Merge Sequentially:Select two videos and the videos will merge one after one style.Video Merge works in background and let you do other things whileyour video is processing. Video Merge is a very powerful videomerging app using which, you can merge or join your favorite videosinto a single large video. Use Video Merge to combine 2 videos.This app supports options for merging videos and Join two videos.Share the merged video with your loved ones directly from the app.Video Merge also lets you to choose Quality of your video i.e.Sharing, Normal, SD, HD or ultra HD+. If you have two differentvideo of an event from different angle and you want to play themsimultaneously then this is the app for you. You don't requireexpensive softwares, you can merge these videos side by side or up& down style and you will get your desired result easily onyour phone. How to USE?: ● Select videos from your Gallery ● Choose"Pattern" for your video i.e. ► Side by Side Merge your video sideby side. ► Sequence Join your videos one after another. ► Up andDown Merge Your videos up and down. ● After selecting Pattern.Click on Save button. ● Choose Quality for your video i.e. Sharing,Normal, SD, HD or Ultra HD+. ● Wait for process to complete orchoose 'Notify me when completed' option. ● 'Notify me whencompleted' feature enables you to process your video in backgroundand notify you when completed. ● Notification Feature show younotification with process(i.e. how much is done) even if your appis not opened. ● Save your time because you need not to wait forthe process to complete if once started. ● Easily Share your mergeVideo With your Friends on any social media platform directly fromthe app. Key features: ✔ Simple, smart and powerful. ✔ Easy to usewith user friendly UI. ✔ High Quality video generated(also dependson quality of videos processing). ✔ Supports MP4 and major formatin Videos ✔ Merge two videos into one file. ✔ Join videos in oneplace. ✔ Join different frame rate,same frame size and same audiorate video files. ✔ Easy mode selection i.e. Video Merge Side bySide, Video Merge Up and Down or Video Merge Sequentially. ✔Background process feature. ✔ Notification feature. ✔ Access fromnotification, when completed it notify you. ✔ Share your MergedVideo with your friends or on social media directly from app. ✔Delete or View Merged Video directly from app. ✔ No Watermark onvideo. No matter the reason, there will come a time when you needto combine videos. Video Merge will be the best option for thattime. Try Now!!
Swift Logo Maker Logo Designer 1.1
Make custom logos in minutes. No design skills needed. Create aBusiness Logo, personal logo or product logos. Your logo is theface of your brand, an immediately recognizable image that tellsthe world what you’re all about. You can easily create your ownUNIQUE logo to convey the personality of your business or product.Logo design is easy with Swift Post Brand identification depends onpowerful graphics, and you have only a few seconds to capturepeople’s attention and make an impact. With Swift Logo Maker, youcan create eye-catching Logos with ease. Features 1. Build up yourLogo - Build your unique logo using sub components shapes,artpieces,drawing 2. Brush Tool - Draw Freely or use Circles andRectangles to draw 3. Colors Use color pallets to change colors ofbackground or individual components 4. Layers Manage Layers makesit easy for creating your Logos 5. Text Typography is at the heartof many logo designs. Tons of free Fonts available to choose from.6. Erase Use erase function to edit individual Art pieces Whetheryou’re looking for something casual, formal, antique or futuristic,our SWIFT LOGO MAKER LOGO DESIGNER has you covered. Customize yourlogo to add some personality. Let SWIFT Logo Maker be your LogoDesign Expert!!!
Baby Pics - Pregnancy & Baby Milestone Photos 1.1
Capture your precious pregnancy & baby milestone photos bymarking them with beautifully crafted artwork & personalizedtext. Share & treasure forever! Add our adorable artwork &treasure the special moment forever. Parents-to-be & newparents, this adorable app is made for you!Capture your weekly babybump growth, bubs first kick, first steps, messy moments or firstday at school. Capture your precious moments and turn them intoever lasting memories. Baby Story App makes your pregnancy, babypics, and baby milestones into beautiful visual stories. APPFEATURES: • MILESTONE DESIGNS - Categorized beautifully craftedexciting baby milestones designs. • MILESTONE ARTWORK - 1000+beautifully crafted artwork overlays to mark your little onesexciting milestones & special moments. • PERSONALIZED TEXT -Add sentimental text to personalize. Select from our adorabletypography to write babies name, measurements, dates & quirks •EDITOR - Edit pictures with professional photo editing tools likeEnhance, Crop, Orientation, Border, Frames and lots more • EFFECTS- Enhance the beauty of your pictures with amazing effects •FILTERS - Add gorgeous filters to highlight special moments • SHARE- Share your precious Baby Pics with friends and family in secondsvia social media. Capture your precious pregnancy & babymilestones today. Download Now!!
Dynamo - Animated Video Watermark 1.1
Get desired attention of audience by adding Animated Watermark onyour Videos. Create your own brand identity(Logo) and watermarkyour videos on social media. Protect your Videos by addingwatermark. Dynamo is best for - TELL PEOPLE WHO YOU ARE Adding yourlogo or watermark & text to the videos you share on socialmedia will help potential customers easily recognize you and becomeloyal customers HELP PEOPLE CONNECT WITH YOU Adding contact detailsto your videos will help people reach out to you. Easily add yourwebsite, phone number, email or any other detail to your videosPROTECT YOUR VIDEOS This will prevent illegal miss-use of yourVideos BRAND AWARENESS Easily get great brand awareness throughoutall social networks Make your day to day activity count byconnecting people to your products and experiences. For the firsttime ever, you can easily add your logo and brand to any video, andinstantly share them on social media. HELP POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS FINDYOU EASILY Social networks are a jungle. Millions of pictures andproducts continually flood the minds of users across the web. Makeit easy for potential customers to find you and buy your products.Add your website, email, phone number or any other details to yourvideos. ADD TEXT MESSAGE TO VIDEOS Easily add text to videos, andchoose your font out of a verity of free fonts - handwriting fonts,fancy fonts, girly fonts, stylish fonts and many other cool fontsDYNAMO VIDEO WATERMARK FEATURES 1. Background Processing : VideoWatermark works in background and let you do other things whileadding watermark on videos, just select the option 'Notify me whencompleted' while processing and it will notify you when videoprocessing is completed. 2. Animated Watermark: Apply Multipletransition of watermark, adjust speed and start time, adjustOpacity, Color, Hue 3. Create Watermark: Create your own brandidentity(Watermark/Logo), apply your watermark on your videos andget your desired attention from others by sharing your eye catchingwatermarked videos on social media. 4. Doesn't Change OriginalVideo Quality: Dynamo doesn't change the Original VideoQuality.Supports MP4 and major format in Videos. 5. Preview YourVideos: You don't need to create videos until you are satisfiedwith the animation and watermark positions. Dynamo - The UltimateWatermarking solution for videos - TRY IT NOW FOR FREE!!!
com.psma.invitationcardmaker 1.4
Are you looking for an Invitation Card Maker app to createbeautiful Invitations / ecards with minimum effort? If Yes, thenthis is the end of your search. The next-gen Digital InvitationCard Maker is here. Create professional Digital Invitation Cards /Invites for every occasion using hand crafted Templates or use ourAutomated Invitation Card Maker tool i.e. Designer. Invitation CardMaker gives you multiple options to create your personalizedInvitation Card. You can create your invitation card - Using'Designer': A fast and easy to use Invitation Card Maker tool tocreate amazing invitations in seconds. Just enter some informationabout the event and ready to use Invitation Cards are created in notime which you can further edit if you want or share as it is. -Using 'Templates ': Hand Crafted pre-build Templates to createcustom invitation cards. Just select invitation card design youlike, edit information about the event and your invitation card isready to share. - From 'Scratch' Convert your ideas in Invitationsusing Stickers, Text, Backgrounds and Images. Create beautifulinvitation cards for every occasions like Wedding, Engagement, BabyShower, Birthday Party, House-warming Party, Graduation Party etc.and invite your friends and family by sending invitation cards RSVPvia Email or any other social networking platform directly from theapp. Invitation Maker is a perfect combination of Simplicity,Beauty and Functionality. and its loaded with many features andassets to create your Digital Invitation Cards RSVP perfect everytime. Invitation Maker comes with: 1. Beautiful HD BackgroundCollection. - Hand picked HD backgrounds for invitations 2. Variousartistic Texture Collection. - Artistic textures to choose asbackground 3. Option to choose color as background. - Choose coloras background from color picker 4. Option to use own images fromgallery as background. - Use your own image as background for yourinvitation card 5. Multiple aspect ratio for invitation cards. -Different aspect ratio option to create cards for every socialmedia platform 6. Occasion wise categorized sticker collection. -Categorized stickers to make invitation cards look professional 7.Write text with multiple professional fonts & colors. - Inviteyour friends and family in your own words 8. Add own images on cardfrom gallery or camera. - Add your image or venue image on cardsfrom gallery or camera 9. Save & Share - Save your InvitationCards and share on any social networking platform directly from theapp. Invitation Maker app is ideal for: Anniversary Party, AnytimeParty, Baby shower, Bachelor Party, BBQ Party, Birthday Party,Bridal shower, Brunch, Christmas Party, Cocktail Party, DinnerParty, Engagement, Family reunion, Graduation Party, HalloweenParty, House Party Housewarming & New Home Party, ProfessionalEvents, Business milestone, Job Promotion, Diwali Holicelebrations, Response cards, Retirement, Sleepover, Sports &Games, Reunion party, Summer & Pool Party, Thanksgiving,Wedding and others
Video Splitter for WhatsApp Status, Instagram 1.1
Split and Post your complete stories by splitting long videos intoparts of 30 second videos or custom duration videos. You don't needto use multiple apps to Split videos for updating your WhatsAppstatus. With Video Splitter you can split your videos and directlyupdate status or post to WhatsApp and other Social Media. VideoSplitter allows you to do 1. WhatsApp Split - Split your video into30 seconds slice automatically. 2. Custom Split - Customize timeduration of videos to be split. 3. Single Split - Select start& end time and cut your video. Video Splitter works offline, sono data waste or needed by this app. Split/trim videos forWhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and many others. VideoSplitter splits your videos with simple steps and save files toyour phones memory(Gallery). Video Splitter/Slicer maintains theoriginal quality of the video after processing. Features: ★ Onemobile application to update video status on all social mediaplatforms or chat messengers like: WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook,IMO etc. ★ Very useful when you need to share large video in socialnetwork in small parts. ★ WhatsApp Split option Automatically splitvideo into 30 second parts to share as WhatsApp status. ★ By CustomSplit option You can split the videos to the length you need. ★Option to set the duration manually. ★ Single Split option providesyou awesome video status cutter. ★ Video Splitter provide to splitvideo as same size that you want. ★ Split video store into filestorage. ★ Trim your video right on your device ★ Split the videointo any parts based on the duration you set for each part. ★Preview the video result from the App directly. ★ No watermark inoutput. ★ Share single or multiple video directly from the App. ★No time limit in 'Video Splitter'. How to Use: ➤ Select Split VideoOption. ➤ Select videos from custom gallery ➤ Choose option fromSplit Video page i.e. Whatsapp Split,Custom Split, Single Split. -WhatsApp Split : This option split your video into 30 seconds sliceautomatically. - Custom Split : Select time(in seconds) of videoslice as you want. - Single Split : Select in between time (inseconds) of video you want to trim. ➤ Save Split video ➤ Wait forcomplete process or choose "notify me When completed" option whenprocess is running. ➤ "notify me When completed" option providesyou to let do other things. ➤ Notification feature also shows youprogress of your video processed. It will automatically notify youwhen splitting completed. ➤ Select single or multiple files toshare on any social media networks. If you struggle every time forspliting video while posting your videos to social media, thenVideo Splitter is the perfect app for you. It is very quick, easyapp for sending BIG VIDEOS to Whatsapp and other Social MediaNetworks.TRY NOW!!!! Disclaimer: The "WhatsApp" and "Instagram:name is copyright of WhatsApp Inc and Instagram. Video Splitter isin no way affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by WhatsApp, Incand Instagram. If you notice that any content in our app violatescopyrights, then please inform us.
DSLR Blur Effects: Photo Focus, Blur Background 1.0
DSLR Blur Effects app provides the best blur tools to quicklycreateDSLR Camera effect on photos. Easy BLUR Tools and PhotoEffects: ➤Circular Blur - To create Focus on circulararea(Adjustable Radiusand Position) ➤ Linear Blur - To createFocus on lineararea(Adjustable Size, Position and Rotation) ➤ AutoBlur using colorAI - To create Focus to color matching on imagebackground area ➤Free Hand drawing (Choose area) - To create Focuson imagebackground area ➤ Point Focus (Touch to Focus) - To createFocus onfinger touch area(Adjustable Brush Size and with Undo,Redo) ➤ PointBlur (Touch to Blur) - To create Blur on fingertoucharea(Adjustable Brush Size and with Undo, Redo) ➤ShapeBlur(Multiple shapes like Heart, Star and many more..) - TocreateShapes on Photos with Blur Effects DSLR Blur effects givesyoudifferent options of Blur Types ➤ Motion Blur ➤ Gaussian Blur➤Line Blur ➤ Pixel Blur You can use DSLR Blur for ➤ Blurimagebackground. ➤ Shallow focus photo in the background of theimage. ➤Blur the unwanted part of your picture. ➤ Blur imagebackgroundeffect. ➤ Use brush to blur where you want. ➤ Sharefreely onsocial network. ➤ Blur or pixelation ( All or part ). DSLRis easyto use and provides quick tools like ➤ Apply Photo Filters ➤ZoomIn/ Zoom Out for precise blurring Try Now!!!!
Story Maker for WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram 1.0
Story Maker can help you create beautiful designs and storyimagefor you to quickly share on Instagram, Snapchat,WhatsApp,Facebook, and other social media. Story Maker is an easyto usestory maker that has dozens of well-designed templates andlayoutsfor you to create beautiful stories to share. Choose one,two andthree pictures layout to make story, make collage art. StoryMakeris the one of the best app to create & design stories.Createyour stories in style 1. Travel Stories 2. Parties 3. Mood4.Birthdays 5. Adventures 6. Weather Stories 7. Holiday Stories8.Wedding Stories Features: - Choose from dozens ofbeautifultemplates to create story. - Multiple backgrounds,Textures andcolors to make beautiful designs. - Easy and intuitivelayout tomake story. - Multiple pre-build templates and Free Styleto createstory and design story. - Save your story in high qualityand sharedirectly from the app. Story Maker is a one stop shop forall yourstory creation needs: - Templates: > Multiplecustomizabletemplates style to make your personalized story &collage. -Art: > Tons of backgrounds and art to make beautifulstory. -Sticker: > Categorized stickers helps you to customizeyourtemplate. - Filters: > High quality filters. - Text:>Awesome fonts collection to write your story description.-Enhancer: > Enhance photos to make then HD. - Effects:>Apply effects to make pictures even more beautiful. - Overlays:> Apply overlay to give double exposure. - Crop: >Cropphotos in square for social media or other use. - Orientation:>Adjust orientation to get perfect view of photos. - Border,Frames,Sticker, Text and many more > To give photo your personaltouch.- Save your creation and Share any social networkingplatform. Afast and easy-to-use app to create beautiful stories,just selectdesign and choose images from your gallery or camera,and make yourstory and collage art on the go. Try Now!!
Animated Stickers On Video - Valentine Special 1.1
Add lively effects on your videos and make them special. AnimatedStickers on Video app provides tons of prebuilt Animated stickersto add to your videos. Apply Animated stickers on Video easily.Provides various animated effects of animated sticker on video.Have variety of graphics and animation effects to give freshness toyour Video.Make Video With Animated Stickers like Valentine,Romantic, Emoji, Food, Funny, Cat. Make movie style video usingAnimated Stickers On Video. Many animation effect for AnimatedStickers on Video: → Animate Left to Right → Animate Right to Left→ Animate Top to Bottom → Animate Bottom to Top → Diagonal Left →Diagonal Right → Diagonal Bottom Left → Diagonal Bottom Right →Animate Zig Zag → Animate Zig Zag Reverse Many beautiful andattractive Animated Stickers for Video: ❤ Valentine ❤ Romantic ❤Emoji ❤ Food ❤ Funny ❤ Cat How to Use: -Wish "happy valentine" withthe latest Animated Stickers On Video. -Select Video from customapp gallery. -Select Animated Stickers for various category foryour videos. -Apply Animation of Animated Sticker as per yourchoice. -Save your love videos and Share to any Social Media or toyour friends easily. Animated Stickers On Video FEATURES: 1.Background Processing : Animated Stickers On Video works inbackground and let you do other things while adding AnimatedSticker on videos, just select the option 'Notify me whencompleted' while processing and it will notify you when videoprocessing is completed. 2. Animated Sticker: Apply Multipletransition of Animated Sticker, adjust speed and start time, adjustOpacity. 3. Preview Your Videos: You don't need to create videosuntil you are satisfied with the animation and watermark positions.4. Apply Animated Sticker on your videos and get your desiredattention from others by sharing your eye catching videos withanimated Stickers effects on social media. 5. Doesn't ChangeOriginal Video Quality: Animated Stickers On Video doesn't changethe Original Video Quality.Supports MP4 and major format in Videos.So go ahead, make your videos Special. Try Now!!!
com.psma.videoinvitationmaker 1.0
Are you hosting a party and searching for invitation makerapp?Photo Invitations seems old fashioned? If yes, then thisVideoInvitation Card Maker app is for you. Create impressive andlovableVideo Invitation cards in seconds using occasion wisecategorizedpre-build templates. If you have your own ideas aboutyourinvitation card you can edit templates according to your needsoryou can create your invitation card from scratch. You can alsouseour Premium Designer feature to create invitation card withveryminimum effort by filling some information. Video InvitationCardMaker gives you multiple options to create yourpersonalizedInvitation Video or Card. You can create yourinvitation - Using'Designer': A fast and easy to use VideoInvitation Maker tool tocreate amazing video or card invitations inseconds. Just entersome information about the event and ready touse Invitation arecreated in no time which you can further edit ifyou want or shareas it is. - Using 'Templates ': Hand Craftedpre-build Templates tocreate custom invitation video or cards. Justselect invitationcard design you like, edit information about theevent and yourinvitation video or card is ready to share. - From'Scratch':Convert your ideas in Invitations using Stickers, Text,Backgroundsand Images. Video Invitation Maker is a perfectcombination ofSimplicity, Beauty and Functionality. and its loadedwith manyfeatures and assets to create your Invitation Cards orVideo.Invitation Maker comes with: 1. Beautiful HD BackgroundCollection.- Hand picked HD backgrounds for invitations 2. VariousartisticTexture Collection. - Artistic textures to choose asbackground 3.Option to choose color as background. - Choose coloras backgroundfrom color picker 4. Option to choose Gradient asbackground. -Choose start and end color for background as agradient 5. Optionto use own images from gallery as background. -Use your own imageas background for your invitation 6. Cool Effect.- Use multipleeffects with background image for your Invitation 7.Multipleaspect ratio for invitation. - Different aspect ratiooption tocreate cards for every social media platform 8. Occasionwisecategorized sticker collection. - Cool sticker collectionandstickers Categorized to make invitation look professional 9.Writetext with multiple professional fonts & colors. - Inviteyourfriends and family in your own words 10. Add own images oncardfrom gallery or camera. - Add your image or venue image oncardsfrom gallery or camera 11. Save & Share. - Save yourVideoInvitation or Cards Invitation and share on any socialnetworkingplatform directly from the app. Video Invitation Makerapp is idealfor: Anniversary Party, Anytime Party, Baby shower,Bachelor Party,BBQ Party, Birthday Party, Bridal shower, Brunch,Christmas Party,Cocktail Party, Dinner Party, Engagement, Familyreunion,Graduation Party, Halloween Party, House Party Housewarming&New Home Party, Professional Events, Business milestone,JobPromotion, Diwali Holi celebrations, Response cards,Retirement,Sleepover, Sports & Games, Reunion party, Summer& PoolParty, Thanksgiving, Wedding and others Create more thana card,create Video Invitation Card, and make your special occasionevenmore special.
com.psma.audioextractor 1.0
Extract Audio from One Video and apply to other. Audio ExtractorandAudio Changer allows you to easily Extract, Cut, Change andConvertaudio or video files. You can cut your favorite part andextractaudios in any Format like .mp3, .aac or .wav format. AudioExtractor( MP4 to Mp3 Converter) is easy to use and allows you topreciselycut audios. You can apply audios to your Favorite Videoswithlooping option. Main Functions: ► Audio Extractor - Video toAudioConverter Want to take out the audio from a video? AudioExtractorprovide you to extract audio from video. It allows you toveryeasily extract high-quality audio files from videos. Itconverts anyvideo to multi audio formats like .mp3, .wav and .aacformat. Youcan easily extract full audio from audio or can extractaudio withinspecific time. ► Audio Cutter - Audio Trimmer EasilyTrim or ChangeAudio format from any format to mp3, aac and wav. Itallows you toeasily trim your audio by changing start and end timeof audio andchoose any format from .mp3, .aac and .wav to saveyour trimmed filein specific format and can easily apply thistrimmed audio on othervideos. ► Change Audio Change Audio featurelet you to change audioof your video and you can easily edit theoriginal video's Audio andcan apply on video easily. You can loopyour trimmed audio on video.Audio editing feature in Change audiolets you to trim audio betweenany time range and then can apply onVideo and also you can previewyour video with audio selected.Easily save Video and Share. How toUSE? - Choose a video or Audiofrom select video or Audio option. -Select time range or choosefull video's by seek bar or NumberPicker. - Convert audio in anyspecific format like .mp3, .aac,.wav. - Save the extracted audio,Trimmed Audio, Change Audio ofvideo and change the name of file ifyou want. - Wait for process tocomplete or choose 'Notify me whencompleted' option. - 'Notify mewhen completed' feature enables youto process your audio or videoin background and notify you whencompleted. - Notification Featureshow you notification withprocess(i.e. how much is done) even ifyour app is not opened. -Save your time because you need not towait for the process tocomplete if once started. - Can easily applyextracted audio onother videos by "Change Audio" feature. - EasilyShare your Audioand Video With your Friends on any social mediaplatform directlyfrom the app. Features: • Simple and easyoperation. • QualityAudio Extractor and Converter. • Quality AudioTrimmer andConverter. • Change Audio of Video File Easily. •Convert OriginalVideo to .mp3, .wav and .aac. • Change Format Andtrim AudioEasily. • Supports Different types of videos and audios.• Veryfast extractor and converter. • Preview the audio or videobeforesaving it. • Background process feature. • Notificationfeature. •Access from notification, when completed it notify you. •Shareyour Audio and Videos with your friends or on social mediadirectlyfrom app. • Delete or View Audio and Video directly fromapp. • NoWatermark on video.