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RUN and FLY+ 1.1.003
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Run & FlyHigh-speed, multiplayer running game!Experience the ever-increasing speed![HOW TO PLAY]Sign-in with your Google Plus account.Do not fall off.Increase your combos by continuously getting Lightning.Dash through wall obstacles.Fly and Dash.Increase your stats.Play with your friends!
Last Gunner 1.0.3
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[Feature] ● Stage - Stages of 2 different modes. - Survival anddefense! ○ Survival - A stage where you have to eliminate a certainnumber of creatures. - You have to dodge creature attacks and hitback to clear the stage. ○ Defense - You have to defend your basefor the given time. - The only thing left for you if you cannotdefend the base is death! ● Weapons - You get weapons, traps, hpsfor killing the red monsters. ○ Machine gun : Rapid fire, endlessammo! ○ Shotgun : A wide range of attack. ○ Rocket launcher : Astrong damage to many enemies. ○ Railgun : Hits enemies in a linevery quickly. ● Traps & Etc - Machine gun trap : Helps players.- UFO : Slows down creatures. - Health potion : Increase HP. [Howto play] - Move : Drag the left bottom. - Dodge (Roll) : Double-tapthe left bottom. - Attack : Drag the right bottom. (Attacksautomatically if enemies spotted.) - Change weapons : Tap theweapon Icons - Set traps : Tap the trap icons
Stylish Sprint 2: Returned 1.1.1
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◆ The latest sequel of Stylish Sprint franchise that reached #1 in30 countries including the US, Japan, China, and Germany. ◆ Thebest runner game out there! Now, it's time to run with style! Full3D high quality graphics runner game! Get absolutely enthralled byJumping, Flying,and controling Action to feel its addictivegameplay! ◆ Run towards an explicit goal! No more running towardsscattered missions! Complete quests and enjoy the mission-orientedrunner game! ◆ Feel the rush! Diverse characters with distinctiveand unique skills! Upgrade and become even more powerful! ◆ New andexciting changes! No more boring and repetitive stages! Enjoy newstages and new in-game items for every gameplay! ◆ Play withfriends! Login using your Facebook account to play with friends!
BASEBALL 9 1.7.8
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Enjoy fast-paced, realistic baseball game, featuringcompactgameplay and informative stats. Play BASEBALL NINE to becometheLegend League Champion! ★ Game Features - Lean and fastgameplay! -Casual characters and serious game mechanics! - Pitchingandfielding as fun as batting! - You can play base runningmanually! -Comprehensive player stats! - Improved Autoplay withselectiveautomation of player, inning, watching, and quick result.- Rename,gear up, and customize your players! - Offline modeavailable! ★Fast, compact gameplay! - Enjoy a speedy, streamlinedplayingexperience. - Hit massive dingers and get thrillingstrikeouts. -Specialized auto functions by game, by inning, and byplayer are agiven! ★ Enjoy realistic baseball! - Experiencegameplay withrealistic baseball rules. - Simulated results based onactual gamestats. ★ Recruit and develop your roster! - Recruitplayers anddevelop them by raising stats of your choice - Equip andupgradeskills to develop them into specialists. - Raise the playertiersto turn them into hall of famers. ★ Customize your players!-Rename them and set them as left-handed or right-handed battersorpitchers. - Change their faces, pick body types, andchoosedifferent batting and pitching motions. - Try equipping arange ofbats, gloves, and glasses to customize your players inunique ways.★ Manage your team and get promoted to higher leagues!- Renameyour team and change its emblem and uniform. - Expand intonewstadiums and manage the team’s cumulative stats. - Advance tothepostseason and win for promotion to a higher league. ★Supportstablets.
Baseball Star 1.7.2
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■ Features 1) No need to connect to the internet. 2) Enjoy the gamecomfortably with plentiful daily free bonus like player cards,items, game points etc. 3) Enjoy a real full 3D baseball game withplaying mode and management mode. 4) Create your team and build upyour roster as you want by editing features. 5) Make your team andplayers more powerful and win the Legend Championship. 6) Supportfor Tablet PC ■ Game Mode 1) League Mode - Compose the season withthe number of games as you want. (16, 32, 64, 128 games) - Selectthe number of innings you want. (3, 6, 9 innings) 2) Challenge Mode- 5 leagues (Minor, Major, Master, Champion, Legend) - Win thechampionship and battle with more powerful teams of the higherleague. 3) Event Match - It is held once a day and rewards is paidaccording to victory and defeat. - It is based on automaticprogression, and you can intervene in the game through direct playat important moments. ■ Game Play 1) Play : Play all innings inperson (some innings can be proceeded automatically if you want) 2)Auto Play : Proceed each game automatically 3) Auto Season :Proceed whole season automatically (Challenge Mode) ■ Training andUpgrade 1) Make you team more powerful by training your players andrecruiting more powerful players. 2) Equip your team and playerswith various items. 3) Upgrade your stadium and hold more goodplayers. ■ Caution When you change your phone device or delete thegame, all game data is initialized. Please use option Data>Saveto save all game data and use option Data>Load to restore.
Stylish Sprint 2.0
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Endless Dash! Jump! Flying! The powerful action runninggame,Stylish Sprint! Stylish Sprint is an action running game thatyoucontrol a stickman who travels around the world in order tofindtreasure. You will experience extremely delightful andgratifyingactions, such as jump, run, fly, roll, and smashobstacles throughunique and adventurous stages all the time. Threadyour way throughthe obstacles with jumping, flying and smashing! ★Selected asWhat’s Hot/What We’re Playing on the App Store! (USA,China,Canada, Australia) ★ Ranked #1 action genre on the App StoreinJapan! ★ Ranked #1 entertainment category on the App StoreinKorea! ★ Won the Korea mobile award 2011 forentertainmentcategory! ◆ Features ▶ Play stylish actions on theunique andvaried stages! - Amazon, China, Egypt desert…there are11outstanding and detailed graphics stages - Run and jump! Jumpandbeat!! Speedy running action!! - Go further, run longer, andbreakthe best record!! ▶ Get boost items, costumes and extracharactersto be stronger!! - There are varied necessary boost itemswhichraise ability for improving record - Enjoy making yourowncharacter with gorgeous costume items! - Choose one between fatboyand girl character instead of hero! ▶ A variety ofenjoyablecharacteristics and easy control - There are extra twomini gameswhere stimulate your spirit for adventure - Challenge thecrazymode if you try to attempt to reach the highest goal! - Easyandintuitive control system! You need only two buttons! Easy beginbutvery addictive running action Stylish Sprint!! Are you readytoendless run right now?