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Punjabi Status (Funny Status) 2.7
Find Some Awesome Punjabi Status In This App.. Status Updated DailyAnd Status Are Sent By People On Our Website Or Via This App..Share Your Status With us..Key Fetaure:Push Notification For NewStatusShare Status Direct On WhatsAppUpload Status ToFcbkCategories:Punjabi 2 Line StatusPunjabi Attitude StatusPunjabiBoliyanPunjabi Dhokha StatusPunjabi Dialogue StatusPunjabiFriendship StatusPunjabi Funny StatusPunjabi Insult StatusPunjabiMiss You statusPunjabi Rajneeti StatusPunjabi ReligiuosStatusPunjabi Romantic StatusPunjabi Sad StatusPunjabi ShayariStatusPunjabi Songs StatusPunjabi Whatsapp StatusStatus Are FromWebsite Named WahStatus.com
Sikh Pictures 2
Browse Some Awesome And best Pictures Ofsikhi,Share Your Pictures With us,This App Is To Provide Sikh InfoTo AllPunjabi's And Sikhs, Please Share And Comment On this App,Thanks Alot
Japji Sahib Ji With Audio 1.3
Japji Sahib Path In Punjabi HIndi And English With Audio AndOffline Access no Ads In Japuji Sahib Path,
gurudwara photos 2
awesome gurudwara's photos, large collectionofpictures submitted by people, share your nearestgurudwara'spictures with us
Hindi Kahaniya (Hindi Stories) 2
the huge collection of true hindi lovestories,share your love story with us.. if you love this app thenpleaseleave a comment and rate this app. thanks..any suggestions ? please visit www.punjabidharti.com
GurBani (English Translation) 2
Guru Bani Is app for all those sikh peoplewhodont know punjabi or want to know guru bani's meaning inenglish,please give us good review and like so we can work more onthis,please leave comment,,Feature:Guru Bani In Punjabi Along With English TranslationGuruBani:Anand SahibArdaas With English TranslationAsa Di Vaar With English TranslationDukh Bhanjani Sahib With English TranslationKirtan Sohila With English TranslationLaanva (Anand Karaj) With English TranslationRehraas Sahib Ji In EnglishSri Chaupai Sahib With English TranslationSri Jaap Sahib With English TranslationSri Japji Sahib English TranslationSri Sukhmani Sahib With English Translation
Hanuman Chalisa With Audio 1.0
Hanuman Chalisa in Hindi and English with Audio on the market.Thishymn was written by Goswami Tulsidas in the sixteenth century.Tulsidas wrote these forty verses in the praise of Lord Hanuman.Forty in Hindi is called 'chaalees' and the hymn containing fortyverses is called 'chaaleesa'.It is extremely popular among Hindusand is generally recited on Tuesday and Saturday (considered a holyday for devotees of Lord Hanuman). Hanumanji is also known as “Pavan Putra ”.Shri Hanuman is regarded as the God of power,strength and knowledge. He is known as the ‘param bhakt’ of lordRama and is the incarnation of Lord Shiva. He was born to Kesariand Anjani on the Chaitra Shukla Purnima (Chaitra Shukla Purnima isthe Full Moon Day on the Hindu Calendar Month of Chaitra) that iswhy, he is known as ‘KESERI NANDAN’ and ‘ANJANEYA’.This app has anextremely simple and user friendly interface.Salient Features:1.English text of Shri Hanuman Chalisa2. Hindi / Devnagari text ofShri Hanuman Chalisa3. Will work without an Internet connection(completely offline version)4. With Audio Chalisa5. Text ZoomOption6. Shri Hanuman Ji's Picture As Background Of App7. You CanShare It With Your FriendsHanuman Chalisa in Hindi and English withthe market's audio.This was written BS Goswami Tulsidas in habitatwere Hyamn Sikstinth Century. These Forty Verses Lord Hanuman inthe press OF Tulsidas rot. Forty of these Hindi called the 'forty'and this was called Hyamn Contaning Forty Verses' Calisa'kIt isextremely popular among Hindus and is generally recited on Tuesdayand Saturday (Knsidered Devotis OF A Holy Day for Lord Hanuman).Hanuman The non ALSO Us "Wind sons."Regarded Us Excluded were thepower of God Shri Hanuman, Strength and Knowledge. Hey were the NonEs 'devotee' Excluded were the Lord Rama and Lord Shiva OFIncarneshn. So were born Kesari and Anjani s O habitat ChaitraShukla Purnima (Full Moon Day's were Chaitra Shukla Purnima was theHindu Calendar Month of Chaitra) Why under, O the Non Es KesariNandan 'and' Aanjney '.Simple and user friendly interface is thisapp Akstremeli Un Huss.Sliant FEATURES:1. English text of ShriHanuman Chalisa2. Hindi / Devanagari text OF Shri Hanuman Chalisa3.Will work without an Internet connection (Completely offlineversion)4. With Audio Chalisa5. Text Zoom Option6. Shri HanumanJi'S APP OF Background Picture Us7. You Can Share It With YourFriends
Hindi Kahaniya (kids Kahaniya) 1.1
this app contains hindi timepaas, kids, stories in hindi language,if you are getting bored then this is the brest app for you, hindibest kahaniya, pinch to zoom so you can read all text easliy. wewill add more stories in our next update, you can also share yourstory with us,, plz rate nd comment this app, and give us anysuggestions if you want to add in this app :)) thxFeatures of thisapps-: 
* Use this application without internet.
* Easy and userfriendly interface.
* All content give in Hindi language so easy tounderstand and read.
* Share Your Kahani With Us
Punjabi Songs Lyrics 2.0
punjabi lyrics app is for punjabi musicloversand lyricsts, find latest punjabi songs lyrics in this app,if youare lyricst then you can also share your songs with us viathis appor you can visit our site punjabilyricst.com you can alsovisitsite for songs video, because of copyrights we cannot sharesongsvideo on this app..this is our first ever app , we will make it much better inourupcoming updates,,features:Push Notification for new songspinch to zoomcopy songsshare your songsif you like this app please rate and comment
Sikh Status And Photos 2.2
large Collection Of Sikh Status , Sikh Photos And History OfGurudwara's , Status Photos updated daily ,
Nitnem With Audio 4.0.5
Read Nitnem Now With No Ads In All Bani's , Please Share This AppIf You Like Our Efforts Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Shri Wahguru Ji KiFateh ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ , ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਿ ਫਤਿਹ Read NitnemWhenever You Want And Whereever You Are. This App Contains:Categories: * Japji Sahib (morning) * Jaap Sahib (morning) *Tav-Prasad Savaiye(morning) * Chaupai Sahib (morning) * Anand Sahib(morning) * Rehras Sahib (evening) * Kirtan Sohila (night) *Sukhmani Sahib * Asa di var * Aardas * Sikh Status * Sikh PhotosKey Feature: There Is Ten Gurus Pictures In Every Page And GuruGranth Sahib Ji On Home Screen You Can Also See Sikh Status andshare on whatsapp Sikh Photos Also Included You Can Change FontColor : Blue Red Gree Magenta Black You Can Change Font Size SmallMed Large x Large You Can Change Font Style Font1 To Font5 And AlsoShare This App With Your Friends We Make This App Size Small SoEvery Mobile User Can Install This App. The language of thisapplication is Punjabi(Gurmukhi). Please Contact Us If You Spot AnyMistake Or Have Suggestion About This App, Visitwww.punjabidharti.com/contact-us/ Please Give 5 Ratings If You LikeOur Effort.. Thanks
Nitnem - Gurbani (ਨਿਤਨੇਮ) 3.6
Nitnem Gutka , Application Nit-Nem means Daily Naam is acollaboration of different banis that were designated to be read bySikhs on daily basis. The Nitnem bani's usually include the Panjbania (5 bani's below) which are read daily by baptised Sikhs inthe morning between 3:00 am and 6:00 am (this period is consideredas Amrit Vela or the Ambrosial Hours) and Rehras Sahib in theevening 6pm and Kirtan Sohila at night 9pm Feature: You Can ReadNitnem In Punjabi Even If Your Phone Dont Support Punjabi LanguageYou Can Set Font As You Want Dont Know How To Read Punjabi ? HereWe Have In Englsih (Roman) Language Too Please Leave Comment AndRate Us !! Waheguru JIO * Japji Sahib (morning) * Jaap Sahib(morning) * Benti Chaupai (morning) * Anand Sahib (All 40 Shabads)(morning) * Rehras Sahib (evening) * Kirtan Sohila (night) *Sukhmani Sahib * Ardaas The language of this application isPunjabi(Gurmukhi). please let us know about mistakes @www.punjabidharti.com/contact-us/
Punjabi Photos (Desi Photos) 1.1.0
This App Is All About Punjabizm, Find Some Great And AwesomePunjabi Pictures, Graphics And Shayari Submitted By Punjabi PeopleFrom Around The World. Share Your Graphics, Pictures With Us.. YouCan Find This Type Of Categories In This App: Punjabi Graphics,Desi Pictures, Punjabi Funny, Punjabi Troll, Punjabi Sad, PunjabiDharti, Punjabi Covers, Pure Punjabi, Yaadan Please Rate And ShareThis App !!! Visit Our Website: www.punjabidharti.com
Sohne Sardar 2
Sohne Sardar Is Just App For Sardar Boyz.. AllPictures Are in This App Submitted By Sardar Boys. if you Want ToShare Your Picture With us Feel free To Upload Your Picture Withturban (Pagg) .. We Will Happy To Upload Your Image In this App..Please Like Rate And Comment On This App :)
Flip Text - Upside Down 1.1
Just For Fun Flip Text Easy To Use ǝsn oʇ ʎsɐǝ ʇxǝʇ dı1ɟ unɟ ɹoɟʇsnظ Flip your Text and send to your friends on your social siteslike Whatsapp , Facebook And Other Social Site, You Can Also CopyPaste
Hindi Status 2018 2.5
Hindi Status 2017 Is Best Online Status App, Status Are Sent ByPeople Names Under Every Status, You Can Browse Cagegories By NameIn Menu Folder, We Are Trying Our Best To Make It More Easier, WeWill Send You Push Notification When New Status Are Published, YouCan Also Share Your Status With Us. If You Have Any ProblemRegarding This App Please Contact Us On Our Websitewww.wahstatus.comPlease Give Your FeedBack , Comments AndSuggestions.Feature:Push NotificationPinch To Zoom Share Status OnWhatsappShare Status On FacebookCategories :Hindi 2 LineStatusHindi Attitude StatusHindi BoliyanHindi Dhokha StatusHindiDialogue StatusHindi Friendship StatusHindi Funny StatusHindiInsult StatusHindi Miss You statusHindi Rajneeti StatusHindiReligiuos StatusHindi Romantic StatusHindi Sad StatusHindi ShayariStatusHindi Songs StatusHindi Whatsapp Status
Rehras Sahib Ji (With Audio) 5.2
Rehras Sahib Ji With Audio And In Punjabi, Hindi And EnglishFormat, Listne Or Read Rehras Sahib Without Internet Connection.Rehras Sahib Ji Is Evening Path. App Also Contains Sikh Photos AndSikh Status Which You Can Share On Whatsapp Easily Key Feature PushNotification Font Size Font Colour Font Style Share App Onwhatsapp, Viber , Enjoy !!! Please Rate And Comment
Ardaas With Audio (Offline) 4.2
Satnam Shri Waheguru, Please Install Our App To Encourage Us ToMake More Apps Of Waheguru, You Can Read And Listen Ardaas WhenEverYou Want Without Having Internet Connection, Please Give Us ReviewAnd ratings,, Thanks,
Hindi Songs Lyrics 1.0
Hindi lyrics app is for Hindi music loversandlyricsts, find latest Hindi songs lyrics in this app, if youarelyricst then you can also share your songs with us via this apporyou can visit our site punjabilyricst.com you can also visitsitefor songs video, because of copyrights we cannot share songsvideoon this app..this is our first ever app , we will make it much better inourupcoming updates,,features:Push Notification for new songspinch to zoomcopy songsshare your songsif you like this app please rate and comment
Hindi Love Stories 4.0
True And Real Love Stories. Find Awesome Untold Stories SubmittedBy People From india, Pakistan & Nepal.stories Are In 3Languages Hindi,Punjabi And English. This App Is From Website Namedwww.punjabidharti.comWe Have Already 1700+ Love Stories AndCounting..You Also Can Share Your Love Story Via App Or Visit TheSite. We Hope You Will Like Our App. Plz Rate and Comments For MoreLove Stories.Key FeaturePush Notification For New StoryYou CanComment On StoryShare Your StoryPinch To Zoom ServicePlease RateAnd Comment
Funny Photos 1.3
find funny hilarious photos around the world, if you want to shareyour funny pic with us visitwww.punjabidharti.com
Love Stories 2
Best Collection Of Real Love Stories SharedByPeople In Our Site.. Leave Comment If You Like Our App andPleaseShare Your Story With Us.. Visit www.punjabidharti.com formoreinfo..
Pinoy Status 1.0
Find The Best And Newest Status In Tagalog, Status UpdatesDaily,You need active internet connection to open this app, thisapp willnot work offline. you can also share your status with us..we aretrying our best to bring you a very fresh and better status,soplease give us ratings and comments if you liked ourworkFilipinoStatusFilipino Pick Line StatusFilipino LoveStatusFilipino SadStatusFilipino Funny Statuspinoy Statuspinoy PickLine StatuspinoyLove Statuspinoy Sad Statuspinoy Funny Status