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Clash of Hungry Zombies 1.0
Clash OF Hungry Zombies the most funandchallenging game.Get ready to defend your home as a mob of zombies is about toinvadeyour town!Those undead creatures are back, and it's up to you to keepthembrainless.Use your finger to tap on the zombies to smash and eliminatethembefore they break down your door.How to Play:- Simply touch the zombies to kill them- tap the zombies to smash it.Use 3 special powers- can help you up the level.*fozen road* (the zombies move very slow)*circular saw* (kill zombies who touch the saw)*cannon shot*(shots that kill all enemies in the area)killing zombies you earn blue crystals.at the end of the level you will get the red crystals.depending on the earned blue crystals.tap the princess or miss 3 zombies the game will be over.Game Features:- Specific graphic design and animations- multi- touch function;- Story Mode (60 levels and moretocome)- 4 totally terrifying enemy zombie breeds- A dark adventure full of chills and thrills, face off withtheundead!- Amazing visuals & immersive CD quality audio- Intense zombie-blasting action game play for anytime !Download and play this free Clash of Hungry Zombies gamenow.
Happy Bakery Shop 1.1
Welcome to Happy bakery Shop on theappstore!In the bakery shop your dream bakery is decorated and designedtobake sweet foods to keep your customers happy,Be prepared tobakerand complete the 400 mission levels in this Happy Bakery Shop2016free game. - it's a fun!Happy Bakery Shop 2016 game features:- Casual Games for Free- FREE to download and FREE to play.- Simple game play and Challenge your ability to think- Game cheat sharing forum for gamer to help each others.- Baker Games – Your bakery shop comes to life in colorful- Beautiful graphic assets such as biscuit, cake, pasta, breadsandmore.- 400 mission levels to become master bakery chef in thecity.- New Bakery Shop game added regularly. Do come back often tocheck.Download Happy Bakery Shop 2016 today and start to run yourownbakery shop. it’s one sweet baking game!
Slither Racing 1.1
SIMPLE PLAY and FULL OF RACE ACTION!! Anewmilestone in the genre of endless Clash of Racing game.Pickyourfavorite car and join the ultimate challenge!Slither of Racing - Drive your race car through highway roadandcollect point to earn scores.Challenge you driving skillandovertake all the car on the road without hitting them. Alwaysbecareful to place obstacles.Game features:- 100% free to play- Skill based slither adventure game- Simple and fun- A lot of challenges- A lot of obstacles, test your reaction- Amazing graphic and sound effects- Upgrade your racing car to different colorful skin- 5 types of color cars- Suitable for kids that love to watch real car racingBurn up the street with the fastest and most exhilaratingracingaction in Slither Racing now!
Tank Assault 1.0
Tank Assault is free easy tank battlewarcasual games.Control your tank to avoid being attacked and try the besttosurvive as long as possible.avoid the bombs fired by the enemy.Plan your combat strategy and collect the military medals inthisTank Assault game.strive for your tank with the medals collected in Tank Assault.Tank Assault game features:- Easy control with no lag!- Skill based slither stimulate and adventure game.- Upgrade your tank to different colorful skin.- 4 types of color tanks with different attackingarmorability.- sidestep all the rocket and bombs to reach enemies base.Install it right now, play with friends!
Air Fighter Slide.io 1.1
Air Fighter Slide.io is free color Fighter war casual games. *Thisgame is soundless , you can play anywhere at any time!* Have youever imagined that you could use clever strategy in air combat gameto get much more fun and stimulate? Control your Air Fighter toattack enemies base and try the best to survive as long aspossible. Not only you could show your clever fighting way to yourenemy but also Challenge your control skill! Defeat them and avoidthe bombs fired by the enemy, Plan your combat strategy. AirFighter slide.oi game features: - Easy control with no lag! -Challenge with other airfighterio player. - Skill based slitheradventure game. - Attack enemy fighters to reach enemies base.Download and play this free Air Fighter slide.io game now.
Tank Battle Go! 1.1
Experience the new best action game:TankBattleGo!*This game is soundless , you can play anywhere at any time!*Have you ever imagined that you could use clever strategy inLandcombat game to get much more fun and stimulate?Shoot and destroy tanks and other enemies base to earn the score,weapons and abilities!Control your Tank Battle to attack enemies base and try the besttosurvive as long as possible.Not only you could show your clever fighting way to your enemybutalso Challenge your control skill!Defeat them and avoid the bombs fired by the enemy, Plan yourcombatstrategy.Tank Battle Go! game features:- Easy control with no lag!- The challenge with another player.- Skill based slither adventure game.- Attack enemy fighters to reach enemies base.- Small file size and without internet needed to play.Download Tank Battle Go! now 100% FREE!This is the verybestadventure you'll find for your mobile. Pocket Game
Slither Balls Go 1.0
Enjoy this easy to play Slither Balls GoGamewith Various expressions slither balls!Complete each mission to make them powerful!The Bad slither ball are not harmful; just make sure you don'ttouchthem while growing!Do not touch the Bad slither ball while growing!Instructions for Slither Balls Go!-This Slither Ball is sick and it is infectious!you have to grow big to be healed。-Push the Ball and turn them into your friends!-This ball is mush stronger than usual ones!-Nice and cute graphics-Create a high score in your friends circle.-You have collected out of 90 stars.- To challenge 30 mission level!- Small file size and without internet needed to play.Download Slither Balls Go,now!!! Dream it, make it and getapowerful slither ball!!!
Roll the Ball 1.0
Roll the Ball, which is a rolling gamethatpushes the sky boundaries of your speed and reaction. You canfeelin this game!How to play?Drag the ball forward and Beyond all the obstaclesonthe way, did not hit them.Instructions for Roll the Ball:• Skill based rolling ball adventure in the sky• A lot of obstacles, test your reaction• One-touch control with simple operations• Always be careful to obstacles• Amazing graphic and sound effects• A challenge to test your ultimate speed and fast reflexes!Your real Challenge begins as you set Roll the Ball onyourphone.
Sweet Candy Bears 1.0
Sweet Candy Bears is the most fantasticandlovely candy match game in the world.A simple fun that you may play during your childhood.More of the same color candies together, more amazing effectstherewill be. Come on and use your hand to smash them all!Match all the candies and sweets to complete the mission.Sweet Candy Bears 2016 game features:- Simple game play but hard to master.- 100% free to to play.- Beautiful graphic assets,such as Sweet and shining candies,verydelicious!- interesting mission levels!- Game cheat sharing forum for gamer to help each others.- Create a high score in your friends circleDownload Sweet Candy Bears 2016 free game now and Began to enjoythedelicious sweet candy dream.
Mobile Hunter 1.0
Mobile Hunter-This game challenges your responsiveness andpatience!to prevent hunter to capture you. Introducing MobileHunter,possibly the best free to download ever. Enjoy a rich! Becareful tobump Mobile Hunter, to avoid being attacked, try to runas far asyou can,in order to get more points, the further you runthe saferyou are. Get the right speed to pass Danger and Full ofstimulating! Control time with the tip of your finger! Just tapthe screen toSlow Down, Avoid hitting a Mobile Hunter !keep thesafe ! You are incontrol... But how far can you go? Mobile HunterFeatures -Free toplay -Easy control -Smooth and nice physics -Goodgraphics Are youup for challenge? Mobile Hunter waiting for youever and ever.
Modern Battle Balls 1.0
How to play Modern Battle balls, you need to transform theothertype of enemy to your own. You can do that by hitting them.But becareful because,Hit your enemy to become stronger, or canbeweaker. You can grow by tapping the battle ball and releasingitwhen the other battle ball are near. If you are growing andtouchthe other battle ball you lose your big size and you becomesosmall that a single touch with the enemy battle ball willtransformyou. You need to gain points on an endless game and try tonottouch the obstacles. Just tap to start the game and bepatient.That is the most important thing to get a big score in thisgame. Ihope you like these Modern Battle balls. Featuring: *100%free toplay,simply game play but hard to master! * Tons of levelswithincreasing difficulty levels * Nice and fun graphics * Easy toplayfor everyone * Various monsters Planet * Modern Battle ballswithArcade games interface * Create a high score in your friendscircle* Amazing Lighting and Special Effects So download ModernBattleballs today!