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Turn Off Screen (Lock Screen) 2.4.4
***** Features ***** - Turn screen off and lock your device/lockscreen without power button. - Works with fingerprint sensor andSmart Lock (bluetooth, trusted devices, trusted face, trustedlocation, on-body detection...). - You can turn screenoff fromnotification panel and notification won't show in lockscreen. -There are many icon types and you can adjust icon size to fit yourlauncher. - You can even provide your own icon if you don't likedefault icons. - Support Widget at home screen or lock screen. -Adaptive icon on Android 8 onwards. - Turn screen off and lockIMMEDIATELY and can still be able to unlock with fingerprint whenusing Android 9 onwards. ***** NOTE ***** - If you use fingerprintsensor, please tick I do use fingerprint sensor at Step 2. -Because this app uses admin privilege to lock screen so you can'tuninstall it the normal way. Please go to Settings page, tapUninstall button to remove admin privilege and uninstall it. *****PERMISSION ***** This app uses the Device Administrator permissionon some devices to turn screen off and lock screen. For some otherdevices this app requires Accessibility permission to turn screenoff and lock screen as pressing power button. You need to grantasked permission in order to use this app with full functionality.***** Feedback and bug report please send *****
Rock Roll 1.3
Links to Rock Roll videos and clips from around the world.Watch the top rated, most viewed and newest hard rock videos orlet you surprise by the random video function.With the "My Clips" function, you can easily create yourpersonal playlists and customize your app. You can search for anykeyword you want and enjoy the results.ENJOY!This App is a collection of youtube links.
Tính Lương 1.1.0
*** This app is for Vietnamese only ***Ứng dụng tiện ích giúp bạncó thể tính lương gross (lương gộp) từ lương net (lương thực lãnh)và ngược lại.Từ khóa: tinh luong, gross, net, lương gộp, lương thựclãnh, gross sang net, net sang gross, tính lương, kế toán, thuếtncn, thuế thu nhập cá nhân, phí bảo hiểm, bhxh, bhyt, bhtn, bảohiểm xã hội, bảo hiểm y tế, bảo hiểm thất nghiệp, pit, tinh luong,thu nhap truoc thue, tntt, thuế, hr, human resource, bao hiem, baohiem that nghiep, bao hiem y te, bao hiem xa hoi, doi luong*** Thisapp is for English only ***Application utility can help youcalculate gross salary (gross salary) from net salary of (consularfood) and vice versa.Tags: salary, gross, net, gross salary, salarymanagement, gross to net, net to gross, payroll, accounting,personal income tax, personal income tax, insurance, socialinsurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, socialinsurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, pit, payroll,income before taxes, injury prevention, tax, hr, human resource,insurance, unemployment insurance, health insurance, socialinsurance occasions, the amount of
Permission Manager (4.3) 1.0
For Android 4.3 onlyThis is just a shortcut to open a secret app in Android 4.3 tomanage permissions of all applications.This app is free, ads-free and requires no permission.keyword: permission manager 4.3, permission 4.3, android 4.3