Ruangguru - One-stop Learning Solution 3.3.5
Ruangguru is your one-stop learning solution app! Watch learningvideos, take practice exercises, and review course summaries inruangbelajar Highly qualified teachers and consultants ready toanswer your questions in ruanglesonline; Find private tutors foracademic and non-academic purposes in ruangles Take mock exams forUN SMP, UN SMA, SBMPTN and many more in ruanguji Based on anationally standardized syllabus specially designed by our highlyqualified Master Teachers, Ruangguru provides a complete learningsolution for grade 6-12 to assist students with both their dailystudies and preparation for large exams. Download the Ruangguru appnow and Make Learning Extraordinary! -----------------------FEATURES & USE Make Learning Extraordinary with Ruangguru!ruangbelajar: ruangbelajar provides study materials to help youbetter understand what you learned in school by completing learningjourneys with our Master Teachers. 1) Watch thousands of learningvideos for grades 6 to 12, including materials to prepare you forUN and SBMPTN 2) Test what you’ve learned! Take thousands orpractice quizzes and exercises with different levels of difficultyto ensure you stay sharp 3) Download and save visual aid summariesto help you remember important materials and formulas from class 4)Share and compare study notes with your friends! This feature isespecially useful on days where you missed some notes in class(coming soon!) ruanglesonline: Stuck on a homework question? Wantto know the best solution to all your academic dilemmas, like whichlearning methods are best for you and choosing majors? Feelingunsure the day before your big exam? Worry not - our highlyqualified teachers and consultants are ready to answer all of yourquestions! Just snap a picture of your question and you will beconnected with a teacher via chat under 3 minutes. Yes - it’s thateasy. FREE for first-time users! ruanguji In ruanguji, you can takea number of online mock exams, including mock exams for UAS, UN,SBMPTN, and UKG. Not only will you receive a prediction grade and acomplete discussion of questions, you will also receive a personalanalysis of your results, including a breakdown of your timemanagement and your understanding of the questions. ruanglesEnhance your ability to be an expert in any field! Find teachers tohelp make you great, wherever you are, whatever you want to learn -only in ruangles. With more than 70,000 tutors throughout Indonesiacoming from leading universities in Indonesia and abroad, Ruangguruwill help you improve both your academic and non-academic skills -from preparation for big exams such as UN and SBMPTN, to becoming achampion in various fields such as recreational and competitivesports, and other hobbies. Get the personalized learning experienceby studying whatever, whenever, wherever you are! Find the teacherand schedule that best fits your learning style. Be great insideand outside the classroom! What are you waiting for? DownloadRuangguru and Make Learning Extraordinary!
Ruanglesonline for Teachers 2.1.1
PENTING: Untuk dapat menggunakan aplikasi ini untuk mengajar, Andaharus terlebih dahulu mendaftar dan mengikuti proses seleksi tutorruanglesonline di Raih penghasilantambahan dengan mengajar murid via aplikasi Ruangguru! RuangguruTeacher App didesain untuk mempertemukan guru-guru terbaikIndonesia dengan murid-murid yang membutuhkan bantuan dalambelajar, seperti saat mengerjakan tugas latihan, persiapan ujian,atau mengerjakan PR yang dirasa sulit. Dengan menjadi guru di fiturruanglesonline, Anda dapat mengajar murid-murid dari seluruhIndonesia di mana saja dan kapan saja langsung dari handphone Anda.IMPORTANT: To be able to use this application to teach, you mustfirst register and participate in the selection processruanglesonline tutor at Earn extra incomeby teaching students via application Ruangguru! Ruangguru TeacherApp is designed to bring together the best Indonesian teachers withstudents who need help in learning, performing chores such asexercise, test preparation, or doing homework that is considereddifficult. By becoming a teacher in ruanglesonline feature, you canteach students from all over Indonesia anywhere and anytimedirectly from your mobile phone.
Ruangkerja 0.9.8
Ruangkerja is a mobile based learning app which offers certifiedonline courses for professionals and students. Ruangkerja isdeveloped by Ruangguru, Indonesia’s largest tech-enabled educationprovider. Professionals and students in Indonesia now are able toaccess various certified online courses offered by their respectiveorganization or employer and other content providers. The coursesare designed by using journed-based learning and micro learningapproaches, combining the use of animated video, quiz,infographics, articles, and other interactive formats. Users canalso discuss and interact with other participants andsubject-matter experts. High Quality Training Straight from YourSmartphone Various Training Materials Numerous Professionaltraining materials from Public Speaking, Design Sprint, toMicrosoft Excel Tricks taught by experts in their fields Free forEveryone Upgrading your skills doesn’t always require much monetaryinvestments. All Public Courses on ruangkerja are available forfree for everyone! Interactive Training Material Trainings onruangkerja use a fun micro-learning approach that combines excitingvideos, quizzes, and infographics, designed by Ruangguru’s premierinstructional design experts. Engage in Discussions with ColleaguesStill in the dark with some training materials, or left withunanswered question? Worry no more. Ask your questions and getanswers by others or by Subject Matter Experts who are always happyto help Be the Top Rank! Find out where you stand among your peersand be the number 1!