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R2Mail2 2.41.277
IMPORTANT SECURITY NOTICE To mitigate efail please consider thefollowing: - Install Version >= 2.40.264 - Disable HTML view(Settings->Display->View HTML content by default->off) -Do not download remote content R2Mail2 is an email client forAndroid OS which provides cryptographic capabilities, such asDigital Signatures and Digital De- and Encryption based on personalSoft-Token keys (.p12 format), as for example provided by a TrustCenter or generated by PGP applications. Even though we focus onthe best cryptographic experience in the Android email world, wetry to provide a full functioning mail client with correspondingsafety features in general. Since some people do not understanddifficult sentences: THIS IS DEMO WHICH DISPLAYS ONLY THE NEWEST 10MAILS! The unlimited edition of this app will be available via theGoogle Play Store in form of a purchasable key. The free version ofR2Mail2 is also a replacement for our established and also free appX509Tools - so the ability to decrypt or verify content (in form ofp7m-files) is even available without creating a mail account. Tounlock the R2Mail2 and see all messages please install "R2Mail2License" from Google Play( * E-Mail Server: IMAP (incl. pushmail/idle), POP, SMTPand Exchange (>2007 SP1) * SSL with X-509 client certifiateauthentication * An database in which the mails are storedencrypted * Special Attachment View (browse your attachmentswithout checking single mails) * Unified Inbox and E-Mail Threading* Peak Options for check intervals * Search Function for messagesper Folder * IMAP shared folders Main Cryptographic Features: *Private keys and passwords are stored in an encrypted database(Key-Store) and protected by a Master Password. * The securitysettings allow the configuration of encryption parameters,signature and certificate validation methods (OCSP and LDAP). *Full S/MIME and PGP Plain and PGP MIME support * Automaticselection of S/MIME or PGP for each recipient * Full support ofAndroid Root Store * Certificate import of .crt, .pem and .ascformats * Certificate/Key import from KeyServer LDAP or HKP (HTTP)The application needs the following Android permissions to run: *Full Internet Access - required to send and receive emails *Modify/Delete SD card content - required to access the private keystore, download attachments and to write log-files * Read Contacts- required to suggest email addresses from your contacts * NetworkState - required to check if an Internet connection is present *Vibrate – required for notification purposes * WakeLock - to allowservice to check mails in background PLEASE DO NOT REPORT ERRORS INCOMMENTS! We cannot react on that! If you get errors please use"Menu -> Report Error" on the start-screen to send us thelog-file information in your preferred way! Informations aboutPrivate Key and Validity Handling: The application comes without apersonal key pair (the users private and public key) - so it isfully functioning in the sense of sending and receiving emails asany other mail client and provides the correct usage of validationif the mail you receive is signed by the sender. For signing orencrypting a message it is necessary to use a private key you own.Turn to a Trust Center of your choice as a source of supply. Youcan find a list of trust centers, which are trusted within theAndroid world, in the Certificate Store (CA section) of R2Mail2.Please be aware that this app can only support Soft-Token in formof P12-files and will not work with smartcard-based certificates.For more information visit