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Free WiFi Connect Internet Connection & Speed Test 3.0
Free WiFi Connect Internet Connection & Speed TestBest freewifi network manager have a function free wifi analyzer manager appfor android phone. Free wifi ethernet bandwidth speed checker easyto use freewifi connect. Free WiFi auto connect with no root,without data or internet connection network. Be able to pick a freewifi booster connect download upload speed booster by check signalinterference strength graph. Wifi Free Connection Everywhere withyou free wi-fi connect internet enables any android smart phone tosearch for open WiFi network wi fi the one that automaticallyconnect to wifi easy n fast. Free wi-fi finder app will findhotspot wifi connectors open connect network and free auto connectfaster, find access manage connection networks master. wifi mapscanner available for free wifi wlan connect open network masterfree wifi anywhere, anytime, everywhere, on the go for you andeveryone forever, connect to WiFi passwords for FREE internetaccess free zone connect free open wifi no password.SPEEDTEST &Internet Speed Booster optimizes your Internet acceleratorconnection !Check Wifi Internet Speed Booster Test can testingspeed for cellular, WiFi hotspots, GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE, DSLand ADSL modem with just one tap boost speed, accurate report,tests WiFi autoconnect speed in seconds fast master version islite. Wifi Connection FEATURE - Search WiFi connect SSID name. andshow Password for easy viewing and sharing with others- Auto switchbetween different AP.- Static IP settings support.- Scan yourwireless network for access points.- Sort WiFi hotspot by name orlevel.- Show the wifi signal strength in history graph.- Fast Freewireless or AP Scanner.- easy for 1 tab Turn on and turn off WiFiConnect.- hold text for Copy WiFi Password to Clipboard.-Automatically login to AP around you , including secure hotspots.-Switch between saved networks when signal is not ideal.- FreeAnalyze function : , overlapping, latency.DNS resolving, WPS-Support for Android 4.0 or above devices. and Tablet support.- WifiBooster function 1 click for Booster you signal.Speed Test FEATURE- Discover your Download, Upload and Ping.- tests download speed(downlink).- tests upload speed (uplink).- History Record ofresults speed test show time ping upload download speed.- SupportsMBPS/KBPS.- show IP address display.- Easily share your results.-Help make finding free WiFi Hotspots with fast networkconnections.- Compare your different 3g, 4g, LTE cell speedtests.**Please note this Free WiFi Connect Internet Connection& Speed Test Checker app is not a wifi password hacker or WIFIBooster Signal. only tools for finder show you available networksif there is any. It doesn't connection to secured network. It takescare of only open networks in your area.
Speed test internet 4.1
Speed test appInternet Speed Test app is an Internet speed meter.It can test speed for your mobile cellular connections includingWiFi hotspot, LTE, 4G, 3G networks. With WiFi speed test andinternet speed test, one tap speed test makes it possible to gettest results within 20 seconds. In addition, it can also scan wifisecurity of the connecting WiFi hotspot.It could check environmentof the connecting WiFi.Speed test Main Features:-Real-time metershow connection consistency for your cellular Network on 3g, 4g,LTE connections to improve your coverage-One-click speed test ofdownload, upload and ping-Save the past results of Wifi speed testautomatically-Display IP address -History of all speed tests savedto your device-Easy sharing of speed test results-Wifi Speed Testis compatible with a wide array of Android devicesTest the wifispeed test Download and Upload Speed and Ping of WiFi Hotspots ondsl, adsl, cable connections.Internet Speed Test will test yourinternet speed through thousands of servers worldwide.
Update software latest 3.5
Update Software Latest will help you to update your downloadedapps, system apps & Android OS at regular bases. You can choosethe latest software according to user reviews and know which is thebest and suitable for you.You can choose the latest softwareaccording to user reviews and know which is the best and suitablefor them. for this you don’t need to check multiple times for appsupdate on play store. You can simply get all the list of newupdated apps using Pending Updates feature.In most cases theseupdates will show up on your phone when the time is right, but forthose of who are not willing to wait a second longer than necessarythere is a way to check for these upgrades manually.You just needto open the application and click on the app you want to updatefrom the app list. The list is divided into installed application,system application & pending updates. The app will also helpyou to update the phone's android version (OS).These software canbe updated on a regular basis and accordingly new software and beinstalled. Make your android awesome! Discover the latest androidtips, top apps, new features, android updates, accessories andmore. Join millions of users getting the latest. App will keepchecking the updated version for all your installed apps and willnotify the app having updates on play store.App features : updatesoftware latest- Get the list of update pending apps at onejunction.- View Updates for Downloaded Application.- Check SystemApplication updates.- Check Android OS version Updates. - UninstallApplication - View the play store version of installed apps- Checkall the list of permissions taken by any app- Smooth UI UserInterface- Easy to Use - Free App with full Feature- Small ApkSizeSo, what are you waiting for? Download Update for yoursmartphone right now to stay on top of the latest software Androidversion updates for Samsung devices and all Android OS firmwareversions.Easy Uninstaller or Apps & System Software Update isan easy way to organize your phone. With user friendly design thisapp is sure to impress you.Thank you..
CPU Cooler Master 3.0
Professional temperature monitoring and controlling app thatdetects and closes heavy resource consuming apps to reduce CPUusage and lower phone temperature. Device Cooler Master and CPUCooler Master is a professional temperature monitoring andcontrolling app. CPU cooler master that detects and closes heavyresource consuming apps to reduce CPU usage and cool down yourphone. Now multitasking with ease and comfort, without having toworry about device heat and cooling functions. CPU cooler Masterfor android in other word cool master cooling android phone andheat minimization algorithm is very effective to reduce CPU usageand increasing battery life for devices in heavy usage, reduce CPUusage and better performance in multimedia and game usage.CPUcooler Master Features:- Real Time Device Temperature Monitoring-Dynamic Overheating App Detection- One Tap to Cool Down-Overheating Prevention and Protection- Cooler Master is very lightweight- Free for phone cooler applicationThis CPU Cooler Masterapplication will help you to not have to worry about your devicespeed and performance during multitasking and experience the realtime optimized performance. Best CPU cooler cool down the phonetemperature and Cooler Master is the best choice to monitor yourphone temperature.Please leave your comment and review if you likeCPU Cooler - Cooler Master, it will help us so much in improving ofproducts in the next version. Thanks you.