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MTestM: Create your own exams and tests 1.2.87
MTestM is an exam creator application that allows you to create,publish and share exams. Creating an exam has never been easier.You can add different types of questions on an Excel spreadsheet.MTestM is used by educators, trainers, non-profits, businesses andother professionals who need an easy way to quickly make exams,tests, and quizzes online. You can create and publish your firstexam in a few minutes! 1.Create exams easily Excel is a greatprogram for creating questions. Exams can be created offline usingExcel. By taking a tour, it’s easy to understand the MTestM formatand add your own questions in the spreadsheet. MTestM allows you touse Excel to write multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank and matchingquestions in a simple format that can be imported. When creating alarge numbers of questions, MTestM can provide a quick way of bulkimporting questions. 2.Advanced question types MTestM allows you tocreate single choice, multiple choice, fill in the blank andmatching questions. MTestM supports case sensitive answers andquestions having more than one correct correct answer. You can alsocreate questions that are based on the same material or based onthe same stem. You can also specify HTML, MathML, image, audio andvideo for the question. 3.Publish exams After you have created anexam, you can publish it. You can mark your exams as private if youdo not want others to see your exams, otherwise your exam can beseen by others. In order to create high quality exams, we recommendyou to update your exams regularly. MTestM allows you to updateyour published exams. If an exam is not the current version, itwill be kept for 30 days on the server. 4.Share exams Anyone canshare public exams with others. Only you can share your own privateexams with others. Others cannot share your private exams. If youare a teacher, sharing exams is an alternative way to assignhomework to your students. If you are a student, share your studyquiz with your classmates and test each other as much as possiblein order to discover even more details and areas you may haveoverlooked. 5.Organize exams into folders Organizing exams is veryimportant. You can organize exams into folders and subfolders.Exams are saved locally on your phone, so you can search examsquickly using keywords. You can also find the exams and questionsyou recently took. 6.Take exams offline MTestM allows you to takeyour exam anytime, anywhere at your convenience. You do not need tobe connected to the internet while you are taking the exam. Afterthe exam is scored, you can review the grade report and see whichquestions you got wrong. You can re-test yourself on the questionsyou’ve missed and you can re-test yourself on your favoritequestions.