sameerc Apps

World General Knowledge 6.1
This application allows you to gain the basic General Knowledgeeverybody must know about the world we live in.The applicationconsists of different topics related to our world and for eachtopic there is book for study and quiz to test your knowledge. Youcan also track your progress on each topic.Currently followingtopics are included in the app.1. Planet Earth2. Solar System3.World Continents4. World Oceans5. Largests & Smallests6. Contryflags7. Contry - Capital8. Contry - Currency9. Contry - Continent
Image Annotator 1.4
This application can be used to write any text on image. You cancreate greetings, memes using this application. The application isvery user friendly and easy to use. Various operations supported bythe applications are as follows.1. Select background Image - Usercan take a picture using camera or can select any image fromgallery.2. User can write any text in the given edit text box.3.User can change text size, font, color, opacity, location as perrequirement.4 User can also rotate and outline the text.Theapplication is in early evolution phase and any suggestions toimprove the application or any bugs reporting will beappreciated.*Image *Annotator*Greetings Maker*Meme Maker
2048 ZoooM! 1.1
This 2048 game is a simple, fun, and addictive number puzzle game.Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!HOW TO PLAY: Swipe (Up,Down, Left, Right) to move the tiles. When two tiles with the samenumber touch, they merge into one. When 2048 tile is created, YouWin!Start play this 2048 game, compete with your friends to see whocan make the best score.Please give us good rating and feedback incomments, we will make it the best 2048 game!This 2048 puzzle gameis based on fun on 2048puzzle!
Pehchan Kaun? - Bollywood Game 1.0
Pehchan Kaun is a Bollywood game in which user is challenged torecognize the hidden face of a Bollywood Star. The picture of anyBollywood Star is hidden behind a square of 3*3 tiles. A smallportion of the middle tile is kept open at the beginning. If userrecognizes the actor or actress looking at the small revealedportion the user gets the full points. Customer can open tiles toreveal more part of the picture which will help to recognize theface of the Bollywood Star at the cost of some points.Thechallenges in game are time sensitive too. All the best! Go andplay the game... It's a great fun!!!
Indian Desktop Clock 1.0
It is a very well designed digital clock which supports number ofIndian Languages. We are working on increasing the language supportand many other features to be added to this clock. Currently theClock supports following languages in alphabetical order.1.Bengali2. English3. Gujarati4. Hindi5. Kannada6. Malayalam7.Marathi8. Nepali8. Tamil9. Telugu.If you have find any issues orhave any suggestions please contact us using 'Contact Us' button inapplication. Thanks for your support.
Pakya's Flappy Riksha 1.0
This is a fun game in which user need to help a flying rickshaw topass through buses without colliding. User taps on the screen tofly the rickshaw.The Hero of this game is Pakya Rikshawala.Pakya isawesome! Pakya has some special powers. Pakya can fly hisriksha(rickshaw).Be like Pakya!The Competition: Pakya hasparticipated in a competition which is being conducted just besidethe city road. Pakya needs to fly his riksha through a series ofunlimited walls. Walls have gaps through which Pakya needs take hisriksha safely. When pakya crosses one wall he gets one point. Aspakya starts crossing the walls one after the other speed of hisflappy riksha starts increasing. But Pakya doesn't mind it. Pakyais a skilled flappy riksha rider and can control it at any speed.Also there are falling coins which Pakya can catch and collect inhis treasure. If pakya hits any wall and damages his riksha he canpay coins to repair and revive himself in thecompetition.Achievements you can achieve with Pakya:• Bronze Medal:You get bronze medal when you manage to get 10 points! This is theeasiest achievement of this game still not everybody is capableenough to earn it.• Silver Medal: You get Silver Medal if you canmanage to score 50 points! If you have already earned it that meansyou are born to ride the Flappy Rickshaw and save this world!• GoldMedal: You get Gold Medal when you manage to score 100 points! Ifyou earned it that means you are the one of the best FlappyRickshaw rider in the world.• Platinum Award: You get PlatinumAward when you manage to score 50 points without any revival! Ifyou have earned it.. Congratulations!!! You are certainly anoutstanding Flappy Rickshaw Rider. Keep playing and be a proudFlappy Rickshaw Rider.• Diamond Award: You get Platinum Award whenyou manage to score 100 points without any revival! It's not aneasy task. Some people say it is one of the toughest task on PlanetEarth. It's kind of a impossible task for ordinary people. Onlybest of the bests can achieve it.• Flappy Riksha Altimate Trophy:You get the ultimate Flappy Riksha Trophy when you manage to score500 or more points with or without revivals. You need your ultimateskills, patience, management skills, you analytical power and yournever to die attitude to all to get together to achieve this task.