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Dying Will 1.0.2
Dying Will has collected diversifiedoriginalcharacters for manga Reborn. You can be the boss ofVongola, Varia,Mil Fiore and so on, match guardians freely forRings Battles. Youjust cannot stop playing with these coolgraphics!Free! Tons of items, guardians, rare equipment and benefits areallfor free! Just log in the gameGuardian training, box weapons and treasure fight are integratedtodeliver you impressive experience!Strongest PVP and the most stunning PVE! Let's experience thefiercebattle in Namimori Middle School! Fight for your famiglia!Come,boss![Game Features]---Recollection---All players become mafias to fight for their famiglias---Featured Dungeon---Rings Battle in the fictional world---Four Factions---Match freely with various partners---Original Dubbing---Original dubbing provided by the great dub team---Featured Battle---Guardians joint attack, experience cool battlesIgnite the flame on your head, you will be the strongest boss!Boss,come on! Let’s start a glorious journey of the most powerfulmafia!The ring on the finger will always mark the ourjourney![Contact Us]Please feel free to contact us.Website: